How to Smell Your Own Breath

Whether you are about to go on a date or are in an important meeting, having bad breath can be embarrassing. You are in your best outfit and spent hours getting ready for an important event. A single foul odor can spoil your perfect appearance.

It is fairly normal to see someone quickly checking their breath before they go in to a major event. This can be embarrassing to do, but having bad breath at an important speech is even more embarrassing. Now, you just need to figure out a way to check your own breath without being obvious about it. The following tips and tricks can help you make sure that your breath smells as lovely as you look.

How to Smell Your Own Breath

While it might not always be easy, it should not be too difficult to smell your own breath. You do not need any special tools or abilities to make sure that you do not smell bad at an important event. The following tips will help you check your breath. If it does smell bad, some breath mints, gum or a peppermint can help your breath smell great again.

1. Use the Cupping Method

One of the most effective ways to smell your breath is the cupping method. This simple technique can easily be done in public to make sure that you do not have bad breath. Basically, you cup your hands around your mouth and nose. Try to make as tight of a seal as possible so that you can completely smell your breath. Breath out slowly and gently. As you inhale, try to catch the smell that comes from your recently released breath.

While this may be the easiest method, it is not always completely reliable. Some of your breath will certainly slip out through the cracks in your fingers, so you may have to do it several times to make sure that you have accurately smelled your breath. If you are at home, you can improve your technique by using some type of container or bag. Instead of cupping your hands, you would breath out into the bag before sniffing the air. You can also test your breath at regular intervals to see if there is a certain time of the day when your breath smells the worst. Keep in mind that your breath will most likely smell bad if you have recently had a heavily spiced meal, garlic or similar food item.

2. Dental Floss and Spoons

If you do not want to be too obvious about what you are doing, there are other ways that you can check your breath. Grab some dental floss and head to the bathroom. Pass the dental floss through your back teeth where food will normally get caught. Afterward, smell the floss and you will find out exactly what your breath smells like.

If you do not have any dental floss on hand, you can always try using a basic table spoon. Flip an inverted spoon into your mouth and scratch the back of your mouth. If you look in the mirror, the right spot is where you normally have some white residue in your mouth. After you pull out the spoon, sniff the substance to see what it smells like.

3. Test Your Saliva

An easy way to check your breath is by testing your saliva. Lick a spot on your wrist before letting it dry for five or ten seconds. Next, sniff the licked spot to see what it smells like. This method will tend to be quite accurate most of the time. It is less effective after you have had a breath mint or brushed your teeth because the odor that you smell could actually be toothpaste instead of your actual scent.

4. Cheek Pulling

Pinching and pulling your cheeks can actually help you to spot bad scents. Pull your cheeks in and away from your teeth quickly. Do this several times as you try to sniff your breath. If you notice a bad smell, then it is time to brush your teeth and bust out the mouth wash.

5. Tongue Swabbing

This method is fairly easy to do as long as you have a Q-tip or cotton gauze. You can even do it with just your finger. Stick your finger or the cotton gauze toward the back of your throat, but do not go so far that you actually end up gagging. Wipe the surface of your tongue in this area. Afterward, smell the cotton gauze or your finger. This method is actually more effective than sniffing your saliva because it tests the part of your mouth where the bacteria and bad smells are actually breathing. If the cotton gauze looks yellow, it means that your mouth is producing odor-causing sulfide and you should brush your teeth.

6. Taste It

Taste and scent are inextricably linked together. If you have had a spiced meal, dry mouth or dehydration, you can often taste how your mouth smells. If your mouth tastes stale or bad, then it probably smells even worse.

What Should You Do If You Have Bad Breath?

There are certain things that you can do to prevent bad breath from becoming a major problem. Tobacco and smoking should be completely avoided because other than causing a bad odor, they can also dehydrate your mouth. If you wear dentures, take them out at night and make sure to clean them completely. You should also replace your toothbrush regularly so that it does not end up harboring bad breath-causing bacteria.

1. Rinse Your Mouth

Mouthwash is excellent at killing the bacteria that cause bad breath. Make sure to use mouthwash after each time that you brush your teeth. Small, travel-sized bottles can also be slipped into your car or purse for when you have bad breath on the go and need a quick fix.

2. Eat the Right Food

Citric acid is good at stimulating saliva production, so eating citrus can help keep bad breath under control. Other foods like mint, parsley, cilantro, cloves, mint and fennel seeds can also help with bad breath. If you are about to have a bad date, skip out on onions or garlic since they can worsen bad breath.

3. Brush and Floss Your Teeth

You should be brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice a day to remove the bacteria and food particles that cause bad breath. Floss will help you tackle spots where the toothbrush cannot reach. Baking soda can also be blended into your toothpaste to keep bacteria from growing.

4. Drink Plenty of Water

Staying hydrated will help prevent the bacteria growth and dehydration that cause bad breath. Plus, it will help to remove the food particles that can make bad breath even worse.


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