How To Start A Conversation With A Girl


Starting a conversation with your crush can be a nerve-wracking moment for many dudes. You don’t know how she will react and the fear of getting humiliated is always real. However, this doesn’t mean that you should be afraid of making that first step. After all, if you don’t speak to her, you will already have lost her to the courageous dude who gathers his courage and approach her.


When it comes to starting a conversation with a girl, the truth of the matter is that her response will mostly depend on whether she will be attracted to you or not. Just like the same way you pick her because of her looks, she will also likely judge you on the same parameters. This means that if she is finding you to be superhot, she will laugh at your bad jokes as compared to when she doesn’t.

However, we cannot ignore the importance of engaging her in the right manner. The best way of doing this is by using two important factors; context and humor. In other words, it can pay to be really funny. Context on the other hand involves saying something that relates to where you are on what you are doing. For instance,  if you are at a restaurant, you can comment about their good or bad service. On top of this, there are several other tips that you can use to strike the right cord with a girl that you are attracted to. Here are a few ways that you can use to start a conversation with a girl you are interested in.

Introduce yourself

You can take a step of faith, approach the girl, smile and say hello to her. Ensure that you are straightforward in your conversation. For instance, you can say to her, “Hi, my name is George. What is your name? This will definitely show her that you are interested in her. Watch for how she reacts as this will determine whether she is interested in proceeding with the conversation.

Ask about her day

When you ask a girl how she is doing in a polite way, it is easy to get her talking. This will also leave a good impression as it will show her that you are genuinely interested in her and you are ready to listen. You can add to the first question with another one asking her whether she had fun. This will offer her an opportunity to reply to you with more than one word.

Say something about the weather

When you make a simple observation about the weather, you will never go wrong. You can also state some other facts of a subject matter. For instance, you can make a comment on how the day is rainy, windy or sunny. This will provide you with a safe topic that you can use to break ice. After her response, you can then move to a topic that is more engaging. If you aren’t such a fan of the weather, you can try another subject topic that you are safe with.

Ask a question about class/work

To break the ice, nothing works better than finding a common ground. If the girl is your classmate, you can ask her about class. If she is your colleague, you can ask her about work. This will help to keep the conversation going.

Talk about pop culture

Referring to pop culture is a clever way to arouse her personal interest. For instance, you can ask her about the kind of music or movies that she likes. This will also offer you some important insight into her interest. This information can later prove to be quite valuable while trying to plan for a date.

Talk about an upcoming event

Another great idea is to discuss an upcoming event like an exam or music festival. This will provide the girl with an opportunity to see how much the two of you have in common. For instance, you can ask her whether she is attending the show by a certain pop musician. If there is an upcoming holiday, you can say something like” I look forward to Christmas next week”.

Ask about her opinion

We all have opinions about certain issues in life. Therefore, this can make a great conversation start. If you not sure of what to say, you can coordinate your question with where you are. For instance, if at a shopping mall, ask her opinion about a certain product.

Ask relationship advice

Do you want to understand what she thinks on matters relationship without having to show your intent? You can ask her for relationship advice. However, you don’t want to leave her thinking that you are the one who is in a bad relationship. You can tell her that it is your friend. This will make her feel helpful and valuable.

Have a unique pick up line

It is common for dudes to use some pickup lines when approaching a girl. However it can pay to be unique by using something quite different from the usual pickup lines. For instance, you can say something like “Can I touch the material of your sweater?” When she allows you to do it, add the pickup line, “Wow this is a wife material”. With such a good pickup line, not only will the girl laugh but she will be amazed with your level of intelligence.

Use a thought-provoking question

You can ask the girl a thought-provoking or unusual question to break the ice and enable her to speak her mind. This will offer her opportunity to express herself and you will be able to make that good impression when you ask an interesting question. For instance you can ask her,” If you had an opportunity to be the president, what things would you change?”Would you do mount-climbing? What are the top 5 things that you would like to do before you die?

Talk about a shared interest

When you find out that you have a common interest with a girl, this can be a gold mine for striking a conversation with a girl. This will also act as the first opportunity to bond with the girl. The interest could be something like running, rock-climbing or rowing. The most important thing is for something that the two of you love. When you find out that she loves running, ask her about her favorite race or route. If both of you love reading, ask her about her favorite author.

Compliment her

Ensure that the compliment is polite and genuine. For instance, you can say to her that you love her necklace or smile. This will ensure that she feels special. However, you must also ensure that you do use compliments that are larger than life.

Check non-verbal cues

You can communicate without saying a word by using facial expressions and body language. This will turn that non-flirtatious comment into a romantic undertone. Ensure that your body remains open & inviting. Maintain proper eye contact and smile a lot. When telling the girl a story, touch her lightly on the arm or hand so as to create intimacy. Do not use negative body language like crossing the arms or even scowling.


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