How to Stimulate Prostate


Prostate massage is a way of stimulating the prostrate glad for medical benefits or sexual pleasure. It is also known as prostate milking. This process can be done both internally or externally. You need to know how to do it properly though because prostate stimulation can hurt the prostate if you do not do it right. To find out how to stimulate the prostate, read on.

How to Stimulate Prostate for More Pleasure

There are several different techniques that you should use to stimulate the prostate in order to achieve your sexual or medical goal. Make sure to read through all of the steps and understand them completely before you start.

1. Get Prepared

The first step is to make sure that you are prepared. You can stimulate the prostate externally or internally. If you are using a partner to massage the prostate for you, then you should make sure that he or she also makes the proper preparations.

Whoever is doing the stimulating needs to trim their nails. Sharp edges on your nails can harm the extremely sensitive tissues in your body. After you have trimmed your nails, make sure to use a nail file to remove any sharp edges that may remain. You should also wash your hands well. Use an antiseptic solution to clean your hands so that you do not spread an infection. Once this is done, you need to get the right lubricant. If you do not use lubricant, you can end up tearing the tissue. The anus and your hand should be well lubricated.

Once your hands are prepared, you need to prepare your body as well. Before you go on to the next step, spend some time massaging your anus and perineum externally.

2. Get Your Sexual Organs and Body Prepared

You need to take your time when doing this. If you rush through things, you can unintentionally injure yourself. As a rule, you should always start with an external massage first. The perineum and anus should be massaged externally. Your perineum is the area located between your scrotum and the anus. This area should be massaged first. You may not feel your prostate when you massage here, but you are still massaging it indirectly.

When you massage this area, use a circular, rhythmic motion. Be careful. You can gently massage or push on your anus, but don’t insert your finger just yet. Take your time and let your body get fully prepared first.

3. Locate Your Prostate

Next, you have to find your prostate. It should be located several inches inside of your anus. Feel around gently. It will feel like a walnut-shaped bump, and you will be able to tell when you find it. If you are unable to find it on your own, have your partner help you find it.

Stimulate Your Prostate

Now that you have found your prostate and have prepared your body, you are ready to try stimulating the prostate. This can be done by yourself or with a partner. We will start with the different options that you have if you are stimulating your prostate with your partner.

Getting Someone to Help You


If you are getting someone to help you, you may want to stimulate your prostate while facing each other. This face-to-face interaction provides an increased level of intimacy. To start with, you need to get in a comfortable position. You can lie on your bed or sit on a chair with a pillow supporting your back. Bring your knees up to your chest while keeping your back as reclined as possible.

The partner should start with the preparatory massage before giving you an anal massage. This should be done in a way where they can easily see your genitals and anus. The partner should never use their fingers to poke inside of your anus. Instead, they should use lubrication and gentle pressure. Once the partner’s fingers are inserted, they should crook their fingers upward and massage around until they find the prostate. It will generally be located about two inches away from your rectum.

When you partner finds your prostate, they should apply more pressure on it. By changing the pressure level and massaging the prostate, they can give you a different type of sensation or experience. If you want to make this a more intimate experience, maintain eye contact with your partner. Eye contact is also important because it will help your partner to know if what they are doing is causing pleasure or if it is hurting the sensitive nerve endings in this area of your body.

Facing Away

Another option is to have you face away from your partner. To do this, kneel with your knees slightly apart. Your bottom should be elevated your elbows are on the surface in front of you. Get comfortable. Then, have your partner sit behind you and start the massage from that angle.

Stimulating Your Prostate Alone

If you understand how to stimulate your prostate, then you can also do this process on your own. In essence, it is fairly similar to the way you would stimulate your prostate with a partner. Start by lying on your back with your feet on the beds and your knees bent. If this is not comfortable for you, you can always try a different position. Allow your rectum walls to relax. You may also want to watch or think of something that gets you sexually aroused.

Make sure to use plenty of lubricant on your fingers and anus. You only want to insert your finger up to the second knuckle. If you insert your finger too far, it can end up damaging this sensitive tissue. Next, bend your finger inside your anus. Move your finger around to locate the small gland. Then, begin to massage it gently and gradually increase the pressure.

A hot shower or a hot bath beforehand can help your pelvic muscles to relax. You can also use a dildo or another sex toy. Experiment with different positions to see which one gives you the best effects. You can also experiment with different kinds of muscles or vibrations. If you are not comfortable with inserting your finger into your anus, you can also use latex gloves.

Be careful when you stimulate your prostate for the first time. Your anus and rectum are extremely sensitive, and it is possible to cause an injury. Also, some men do not feel sexual pleasure when their prostate is stimulated. Make sure to ease your way into it so that you can find out before you apply too much pressure if you like it or not.


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