How to Talk to Your Crush


When you have a crush on someone, this can leave you with an intense feeling. This is despite the fact that you may not be able to recognize the symptoms immediately. Not only will you be left with some chills, but you may have butterflies in the stomach or even be unable to sleep. Some of the other common signs that you are likely to experience include mood swings and a headache. You may even start losing or gaining weight causing concerns to the people around you. If you have a crush on someone, the best thing would be to let them know about your feelings. Here is how to go about it.


Summon your confidence

Even if you are shy, you will need to gather enough confidence or even fake it. It is even possible to be more confident by just thinking about it. First, consider the type of person you are and whether she loves you the way you are. By having enough confidence it will be possible to attract the attention of your crush. If you do not have enough confidence, this will show in your actions and words.

  • Stand in a straight manner. One of the ways that you can increase your confidence level is by standing up in a straight way.
  • Be yourself. This is a good thing to do when speaking to her. She may not like you if you pretend to be who you are not. This is on top of the fact that you will get tired when you try to put an act every day. It is important for your personality to shine through the words. You should not be ashamed of the kind of person you are. Do not try hiding this.
  • Improve your confidence level. It is important to note that to be confident; you will need to look confident. Therefore, if you are thinking of a way of talking to your crush, the first impression will matter a lot if you do not want to scare him off. Therefore, you will need to overcome shyness as well as stage frights. However, you will need to avoid overdoing it as you will end up looking over conceited and this will only serve to drive him off.

Start in a simple manner

It is possible to start a conversation with just but a simple sentence. All you will need is confidence and bravery. If you happen to be passing a hallway, you can try to greet her and speak to her with a soft smile. Nothing can be as powerful as a soft and acknowledging smile. It is also important to maintain eye contact.

  • If your crush is a girl, it can be a better idea to compliment her on her achievement rather than her looks, hair or outfit
  • If your crush is guy, you can complement his outfits and looks
  • Choose a topic that is interesting. You can read blogs or check news. Read books and magazines, watch TV, movies and listen to different types of music

Be nice

Avoid giving them mean look or something else that draws attention unless they understand it is a joke. Whenever you tease them, you should ensure that you do not mean it. Let your teasing remain light-headed and teasing. Also avoid the sensitive topics.

Get rid of bad habits

In case you have any bad habits; this will also be your downside. Therefore, you should ensure that not only are you refraining from any excessive cursing, calling people retarded and other such stuff. Ensure that your conversation remains clean, innocent and entertaining.

Ask for help

A good way of chatting them up is by asking for assistance. For instance, if you notice them standing nearby, you can pretend to be searching for something such as a book or even a person. You can then ask them something like “Hey, could you have seen any book lying here?” After she has answered your question, look around for some seconds as you glance at her fleetingly. Alternatively, you can nod before smiling and walking way. You will also need to avoid starting the conversation here as you will look as if you were just finding an excuse for chatting them up.

Drop something

When walking in front or past your crush, you can drop something accidentally. This should be something that doesn’t have a lot of value such a pen or paper. When he or she sees it, they will use that opportunity to strike the conversation. Even if he/she doesn’t notice it, there will be nothing much to lose.

Show your interest on social media

If the two of you are friends on social media, you can comment on something that she comments on. It will not be necessary for you to answer her directly-the most important thing is to ensure that she sees the comment. He or she will surely have a look at your Facebook page and try learning more about you. Remember that if your crush will like you, you will need to make them believe that its them who are more curious than you are.

Smile as you walk past them

When walking past him or her, you can smile in a fleeting manner before saying hi to them. However, you will need to avoid stopping and chatting. A simple hello will do before you can walk past them. After building up the chemistry during the early stages, they will be waiting for you the next time that the two of you bump into one another.

Make friend with the crush’s friend

If the two of you share common friends, you can try to know them better. However, avoid telling the friends that you are interested in your crush. All you will need to do is to engage in a conversation with your friends. This can help you to know more about your crush without having to ask directly.

Avoid overdoing it

When you become friends and start saying hello to one another, you will need to avoid getting clingy or even falling all over him or her. Instead, it is important to play cool and instead ensure that it looks like mutual interest instead of a crush that is one sided. Do not give a lot of attention at once and he or she will pursue you in the same way you pursue them. Make sure that you do not call in that friend zone. This will happen when you are try as much as you can to please them. Instead be friendly and nice. Tease them and leave them hanging rather than trying to please them always.

Talk about shared interests

A good idea would be to find a common ground in the conversation. Ensure that you find out more on things like shows, movies and others. When the two of you have something common, this will create room for some bonding.

Make things clear

After spending some time with your crush, it is now time to clearly state that you like him or her. However, you will need to avoid being direct. Instead you should give a hint. However, the hint should be loud and clear so that your crush will understand what you mean. For instance, you can say something like “It is always a pleasure spending time with you, I like you” or ” I would like to tell you something that you may or may not like.-sigh-I really like you”.

However, you must avoid sounding like you have been practicing the line. Avoid also the “ah” or “um” as this will make your crush feel as if you are too shy. When confessing your love for them, you should let them know this confidently. Also ensure that there is eye contact when telling him or her that you like them.

Call and text them

You should text your crush or even call them after they have started responding positively. If you are trying to be naughty and flirty, you can text him or her late at night or in the evening.

Ask your crush out

If he or she likes you, you can ask them out.  You must avoid the mistake of telling your crush too soon that you love them. Instead, invite them to spend some time with you. A good idea would be to ask them to join you for coffee or lunch. You can tell them to check out that new place that you would like to take them. You may need a few dates before the two of you can start to feel any romantic connections. However, when this happens, you will be sure that your crush will be ready to answer positively when you ask them whether they also like you.

However, if she doesn’t have feelings for you, then it is okay. After all, the fish are many in the lake. You will still come across the right person.


    • Speaking directly about your thoughts. I you feel something, then say it. Do not talk in circles or act in a shy manner. And most important, be fully honest. Have a great day, T!

    • Speaking directly about your thoughts. I you feel something, then say it. Do not talk in circles or act in a shy manner. And most important, be fully honest. Have a great day, ME!


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