How To Tell If A Girl Likes You


Many men find it difficult to understand the female brain. It can be a challenge to understand women’s thoughts and their gestures. This is despite the fact that women shows a wide range of physical and emotional gestures when they are attracted to a man. The good news is that there are some common signs that you can use to find out whether a girl is attracted to you or not.


  1. Smiling at you

When you make a move, the girl should smile at you or at the very least look happy. However, if she rolls her eyes at the mere look of you, it is a sign that you should back off since the odds are working against you. The good thing with a smile is that it can be quite difficult for most women to fake. If the girl thinks that you are hot, she will definitely smile when you talk to her.

  1. Giving you random hugs

Hugs are usually an acceptable way of showing affection openly. If the girl likes giving you hugs, it could be that she is looking for a way of getting closer to you without having to compromise on her stealthy flirting.

  1. Looking directly into your eyes

If the girl is attracted to you, she will look at you even when there are some other guys in the room. One research suggests that if you stimulate her socially, this will cause her pupils to dilate. While it is possible for the look to be subtle, in case she looks happy, it is an indication that things aren’t too bad for you. In case the girl like you, she will hold her gaze on you for a long period of time. Alternatively, she may look away when you make eye contact. These two signs could be an indication that she is attracted to you. If she happens to pull away all of a sudden, this is a sign that the girl is nervous and may not be ready to reveal whether she is truly in love with you. However, when she holds the stare and you can see some responsiveness or some degree of love in her eyes, it is an indication of being confident and she may be ready to make the move.

Therefore, when you find that she is holding her gaze longer than normal before looking down shyly, it is an indication that you have already captured her interest. If the encounter is completely platonic, it should not be hard to maintain eye contact as she is not embarrassed or threatened or self-conscious. However, if she is not able to maintain eye contact, it is mostly because she is really into you.

  1. Body language

Once you meet her and she is interested in knowing more about you, she will appear comfortable and relaxed. If on the other hand, she doesn’t stop talking to her pals in order to talk to you, you will be faced with no option but to accept the hard fact; she would rather spend time with her friends than you. If she loves what she sees, there should be a natural chemistry between the two of you and she will show it with her body language.

  1. Playing with her hair

This may look strange to many men but it is true; ladies will say a lot of things using their hair. The unfortunate thing is that men do not speak this language. When a girl is interested in you, she will touch her hair by either playing with it or ensuring that it is perfect. This is something that women do subconsciously when they are attracted to men. They will correct that flyaway or even replace that fallen curl. Therefore, if you find that she is messing her hair a lot while with you, it could be a sign that she is attracted to you.

  1. Touching and biting lips

You don’t have to speak in order to communicate with your lips. You will find that women use the lips to flirt. This is in order to evoke that kissing memory. You should also bear in mind that when she touches her lips, it could be that she is trying to provoke you. The moment you see this behavior, it is an indication that she is interested in you.

  1. Her body faces you

When she faces you, it is a subconscious indication that she is listening to you and you are their current attention holder. While this may show politeness in a general conversation, it is not the case with women; it is an indication that she likes you. Therefore, some of the questions that you should ask yourself include:

  • Does she like facing you when the two of you are speaking?
  • If she happens to be just standing around, does she stand with your body facing her?
  • You should ensure that you pay more attention to her feet and whether her toes will be pointing towards you or away
  1. Make short glances at you

Whenever the lady gets into a room that is filled with people, her eyes will notice you first. She may do this using a quick glance, smiling and turning off to her friends. The fact that you were the first person she looked at means a lot as it is an indication that she was thinking about you before getting into the room.

  1. Touches you accidentally

One of the ways that women show interest in a man is through physical contact. This could be through that quick touch or playful punch. When it comes from the girl, it is an indication that she just wanted to touch you. If she stands near you or even squeezes your arm in a gentle manner when you make a joke, it is an indication that she is interested in you.

  1. Laughs at your bad jokes

If you are a boy and you are interested in a girl, you will definitely want to make her laugh. If she is interested in you, she will definitely do so. This is especially the case when she laughs at your jokes even when they aren’t funny. It is an indication that she is trying to show her interest in you. Therefore, if you are trying to figure out whether a girl likes you, you can try to say a stupid joke before watching how she reacts.

  1. Discusses you with friends

When a girl is attracted to a man, she will want to discuss him with her friends all the time. She will want to find out how her friends think about you and whether they think you are interested? She will ask them whether she thinks the two of you can make a great couple. Therefore, this is one of the signs that you should look out for when trying to find out whether a girl is interested in you.

  1. Listening to you keenly

If she is not checking her emails, texting friends or waving to people she knows when the two of you are talking, it shows that you are heading somewhere. The same case applies when she doesn’t give an excuse that she needs to use the bathroom. It is an indication that she is listening into what you got to say and she doesn’t want to miss the details.

She will also observe you keenly as she make some mental notes. She will not fail to notice your teeth, sense of style, your words and the way you put them across. She will also look keenly at the way you shoes look like.

  1. Asking more about you

This can be difficult as she may not want to look like a stalker who is getting into your personal life. However, if she knows you and want to pursue a relationship, she will do a background check just to confirm that you are what you look on the outside. She will want to understand the basics such as your career, your address or even your past relationship. When you answer, just know that she is not just listening to the answers but she is also making a lot of conclusions.

She will look into your eyes when you say you are single just to ensure that she actually believes what you say. The answers will also show her how you talk, whether you just but a bragger or don’t have enough confident.

  1. Shares her personal information

If a girl is interested in you, she will ensure that you get to understand that she is available. She will provide you with enough information about her so as to know your interest. However, she will not give out a lot of information in case you happen to be a loser and not the kind of guy she was searching for.

  1. Entrust you

It could be that the two of you are good friends and she tells you her person secrets; the kind that she would not share with anybody else apart from her closest friend. This could be an indication that the girl is interested in you. However, when you get those secrets, you will need to know how to deal with them. Don’t go announcing them to every Tom, Dick and Harry. If she needs a shoulder to cry on, be sure you are there for her. You will come out as a real gentleman and this will be to your advantage.

  1. Nervous and red-faced

There are some girls who are quite shy and can get nervous when in the company of the people they like. This can cause their faces to turn red. They can also become clumsy and nervous when they are in that intimate situation.

  1. Touch the edge of a glass

If you happen to be in a party where you are drinking, you will need to pay some special attention to the way she behaves with her fingers. If she is touching the cup’s edge using her fingers, this is an indication that there is a strong physical attraction and she would like to be in your company.

  1. Wet lips

Where the girl gets preoccupied with lips, she could be saying that she is interested in kissing you. This could be through rubbing or licking her lips. This is an obvious sign that the girl likes you.

  1. Head rest

That casual head rest can be a major sign that she would like to get closer to you. She is literally inviting you into her personal space as she invades your space. Other than the sexual body parts, the face are usually the most intimate. You will also agree that if you were not attracted to someone, you would not their face closer to you.

It is common for women to try this move during a movie outing where she can lean her head around your shoulder. This can cause you to stretch out your arms around her.

  1. The little thing she does for you

If the woman happens to be always there for you when you ask for assistance, it could be an indication that she likes you. Therefore, the next moment, you say that you are thirst, watch out how she reacts. If she dashes to get water for you, it is an indication that you are headed someone. However, avoid drawing this conclusion from one incidence. Instead, be sure to ask for small favors such as pen or chewing gum and find out the way she reacts. When you find out that she is always ready to offer you something that you need, ask her to help with something more challenging like college work. When you find that she is always eager to assist, it is an indication that she is really into you.

However, it is also worth noting that if she use this method too much or ask her to assist you with tasks that are too difficult, she may end up finding you lazy or even a nuisance. Therefore, do  not overdo it if you don’t want her to dislike you.

  1. How she respond when you ask her out

If you are already feeling that she likes you, you can try to confirm it by gathering your courage and walking up to her. She will in most instances feel nervous or shy. Remember that even if she looks confident, she may have had a bad experience in the past. When you ask her for a coffee date and she accepts, it is a sign that she likes you.

  1. Hand brush

This move isn’t too invasive and can be easily ignored.  When you find a woman brushing her hands against yours, it could be a bad mistake. However, when it happens twice or thrice, it could indicate a move. If it happened by mistake, she is likely to bring it up during a conversation. But if she had planned to do it, she will avoid saying it until she gets the courage to try out out again. Therefore, the next time her hand brush against yours, you should hold her hand as that is what she wants.

  1. She claim there is something in her eyes

Picture this, the two of you are in the dance floor and she begin to rub her eyes.  She leads you aside and tells you that she has something in her eyes. You stand a few inches to her face as you stare into her face. You will find your lips close and you will start to think how it would feel to kiss her. While it could be true that there is something in her eyes, it could also be a smart move.

  1. Feeling comfortable when next to you

Anytime you find that she is willing to get next you, you should understand that she wants to feel your body next to hers. No girl will want a dude’s body next to hers if she wasn’t interested in him.  This will also turn you on and it is could be that she knows what she is doing.

  1. Thigh on hand

If the girl is feeling more intimate with you, the more she will find some reasons to touch you in nearly all the places she can. One of the easiest spots that she can touch is on the upper arm or shoulder. Therefore, if you find her putting her hand on your things it could be that this was very intentional and she is definitely thinking of a way of touching you very close. Therefore, when this happens, just know that this is the best time for making that move.

When a girl shows you one or more of these signs, it is a sign that she likes, Therefore, the ball is now in your court and you should not be afraid to make a move.


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