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  1. Shining star
    November 26, 2017

    Hi! I feel a bit overwhelmed and confused right now and doesn’t really know what to make of my close friend’s recent conduct. Hopefully you’ll be able to shed some light …
    Just some background… Me and this guy have been good friends for the last 4.5 years, we do sports together every weekend, I support him during his games, he has in the last year or so started to carry all my heavy stuff without me having to ask for assistance, he has in the last six months displayed more chivalrous behaviour towards me, gets along well with my parents, acts more protective over me than before and keeps to his word, only to name a few.
    However very recently I attended a funeral of a beloved family member. Thereafter me and him spend some time together where he shared some personal details which he hasn’t shared with anyone apart from me. I also shared some personal things and memories of this beloved family member.
    We later on decided to go home, during which journey he placed his hand next to me on the seat. I gently rubbed his hand. Arriving at home we parked and we further held hands and rubbed each other’s hands. His hand later on moved to my thighs and between my legs and slowly moving upwards, staying there and rubbing me. Once ijn a while I would feel his fingers trying to open up my legs.
    I later on told him that I don’t quite know what to make of it as this was the first time he has ever done this. Initially he told me that I need some company and that he’s there for me. After reassuring him that he can be honest about his intentions, that it wouldn’t change what we’re having he told me that it’s his quite way of asking me how far I’m willing to go.
    Like I said earlier I don’t quite know what to make of this but that I know in my heart that I like him very much, which I’ve also told him.
    Your take on this would be much appreciated. (Apologies for the long comment)


    • Web Admin
      Web Admin
      November 27, 2017

      It is clear that he has a strong emotional connection with you. It is likely that he wants to develop a relationship with you. Take this time to determine what you want for your future. Speak directly and honestly with him about your thoughts and feelings. Give him an opportunity to share himself with you as well. Have a great day, Star!


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