How to tell if a guy likes you


Men generally have the ability to flirt naturally, but not in a bad way. Sometimes they possess charming, innocent, friendly action that leads you to believe that they are a kind of indirect message to express their interest in you. “Does he really like me?” is a quite common question we hear every day, but not an easy question to answer. Well, love can be obvious, sometimes but not always. Guys usually don’t wear emotions on their sleeves, and it becomes difficult to get a conclusion if that is the case.

Although it can be a little tricky to decode his actions, by learning about some of the basic signs, you definitely can recognize whether he is just friendly or he may really like you.

So here are 30 signs that are considered as a strong evidence to assume if the guy really likes you. Read on:

  • You occupy his priority list.priority

When you become the most important person in his life, it is a good sign to assume that he really likes you. He will let you know all the stuff that has happened in his day. If he treats you different than he treats others, it means that you are a priority for him.

  • He goes out of his way for you.How to tell if a guy likes you 2

If you are more than a friend to him, he would just go out of the way to do any favors for you. His actions will not be limited to just favors; he would cancel his hangout with his friends to be with you.  In doing so, he wants to make sure that you will be happy with his actions, and he want to convey you that he will go to any extent to make you happy. This is a great sign that he is in love with you.

  • He hates your guy friends.How to tell if a guy likes you 1

If a guy likes you only as his friend, he would never get upset when you are around with your other guy friends. He won’t really care much because that is not his business. When a guy likes you more, he starts getting concerned when you are with other boys. Usually, guys justify this behavior by saying that they are just protective, but that is not the case always. If he behaves more than being protective, then count it as a sign that he likes you, and he has a crush on you.

  • He teases you.How to tell if a guy likes you 3

Again teasing is not for everyone, but the guy will definitely possess a playful teasing, especially if he is a fun loving person. Teasing doesn’t mean a mean full teasing where you hurt another person’s feelings. It’s just that fun teasing like he teases you on areas where you are strong enough. He may make fun of you at the way you walk or giggle, and this means that he pays close attention to all your gestures, and he is in love with it. He might even tease you in front of your common friends just to make fun out of it. Remember not to take these things to heart as he is not mean to you. Just enjoy what he does and view it as a sign of his love towards you.

  • He throws sweeping looks on you.How to tell if a guy likes you

He glances at you bashfully and glances away and looks back at you again, and this is a pretty obvious sign of love. You can recognize this when you are talking, and he is facing a hard time looking at your eyes. When a guy finds a girl attractive, he will utilize each and every chance he gets to stare at her without her noticing it. The fact is that he can’t stop looking at you, and he starts showing uncomfortable body stance and barely talks at this time. So when he is silent while you are talking and looks away when you look at him, count it as a sign of love.

  • He is always the conversation starter.How to tell if a guy likes you 8

Love makes you a little weird, yeah, that’s true. When he really likes you, he always finds some excuse to start a conversation with you. You can measure how much he likes you by analyzing how stupid the conversation is. This is because, his ultimate aim is to interact with you somehow and it doesn’t matter how he gets there.  If the guy is trying to reach out to you in some other way, there is something that he wants to tell you!

  • He forgets about time.How to tell if a guy likes you 5

When you are hanging out together, and if you could see that he was never in a hurry it is a clear indication of his interest in you. If he never says he wants to go as he is enjoying the time being spent with you and doesn’t want to let you go is also a kind of indirect expression of his interest in you. This kind of indirect act of expression is another way to tell if he likes you for real. He might be spending his valuable time with you by avoiding some other important things. If he checks his phone at times and checks the time, it shows that you are not a priority for him, and he is not that interested in you.

  • There occurs some creepiness!creepiness

Have you ever wondered “why does this guy like all my pictures and post in Facebook as soon as I upload them”? Or “why I’m seeing him in all the places where ever I go?” And you know that these situations don’t happen accidentally that too for many times. Yes, they are not, they are just accidental creepy behaviors from him! It just means that he is really helpless of behaving weird to you as he really likes you.

  • You become part of his group.How to tell if a guy likes you 6

He might invite you to group parties or hangouts and if you say yes, he would happily plan everything. Inviting you to a group, but not personally doesn’t mean that he doesn’t want to be with you alone. It is simply because inviting you in person would turn to a date and if you refuse to join, definitely he would not feel good. So group hangouts are an easy way to ask for a date and if it doesn’t sound like a date and even if you don’t go, his pride stays intact!

  • They don’t refer you as a friend to others.

Many times the way a person feels about someone can easily be understood through the way they talk about them to others. If a guy, who you are friends with, doesn’t refer to you as a friend while talking to others, it simply means that you are way more than a friend to him. You have a higher position in his mind that is more than a friend. He might introduce or refer to you as “My close friend” or just by your name. It is often easy to recognize these signs that clearly tell you that he likes you way more than you think.

  • He always compliments you.How to tell if a guy likes you 4

Your friend won’t regularly tell you that you look beautiful and stunning, but a guy how really likes you will. If he compliments your looks, dressing or personality, then it means he likes you because guys don’t simply compliment all the women. Sometimes he compliments you directly or indirectly, but that doesn’t really matter. Be it a subtle and not so obvious compliment, a compliment always feels nice and the guy really mean it. So look out for backhanded compliments because it really indicates something.

  • He is always groomed than usual.How to tell if a guy likes you 9

Usually, men don’t groom much, and they are lazy unless their work requires to do it. There are guys who iron their clothes and groom every time they step out, but not many are like that. But, when in love with a girl, they will try to look presentable always. So next time when you meet, look for signs that show he has spent a little time to groom himself to look good. If he doesn’t like you much, he would not care about your opinion about him.  When you notice that he is trying to look better when you are near him, that’s a wonderful sign that he is into you.

  • He likes to sit closer to you.How to tell if a guy likes you 2

No matter how far you sit at the start of the conversation, he will come closer to you and his body would be facing towards you if he likes you. He might come pretty close to you or lean in, and it means something is going on there. It also depends on the environment also, for example, if you are in a place where some loud talk is going on, and then he will have to come closer to listen to you. But I’m not talking ab  out such peculiar situations, but about a situation where he accidentally does that when it is not really necessary. This is a sign of interest!

  • He finds you on social media.How to tell if a guy likes you 10

Now this is pretty an obvious sign of real interest. He will search for you on Facebook or other popular social media sites and leaves you a message. This is to be taken seriously if he starts initiating conversation on Facebook always especially when his social media history doesn’t portray him as an active person. If he doesn’t like to end the conversation and if you have to end it forcefully, it is a perfect sign. When a guy likes a girl, he would go out of his way and do the things he is not used to.

  • He is there to help you out.How to tell if a guy likes you 11

If this a guy you study with or work with, observe how he treats other colleagues compare to you, and you will know whether he likes you or not. If he is there to help you in every needy situation, but he is not like that of others, and then you know what it is. Maybe he is not in real love with you, but this is a sign that he is interested in you. You can know this easily by testing him. You could ask him for help for a big task and just watch the risk he is ready to take for you.

  • He shows an improved memory power.

Guys generally don’t really remember the finer details of a meeting, such as the color of the girl’s dress, something that they discussed and other random stuff. They don’t store these items in their memory as they consider these as girly things. But if he remembers these little things, then you will have to figure out what’s behind that. It’s real, and guys have a selective memory and if your smallest details are a part of his memory, he definitely likes you. He only pays attention to these little things if he has gone deep into it and it happens only when he is really interested. If he is not really into a girl, he filters their conversation and tends to forget things often.

  • He never talks about another woman.

This is another evident sign to tell if a guy likes you. When you are around him, he never talks about other women. Even if he has a girlfriend or wife, he will never mention it because he doesn’t want to become unavailable in case you like him. You need to find out whether he is involved in any other relationship to find out whether he is serious about you or if he is just playing around.

  • Finding reasons to touch you.How to tell if a guy likes you 14

There is an invisible barrier between a boy and girl when it comes to touch. No boy usually touches a girl without any reason. If he breaks the barrier often, it is a sure sign that he likes and that is why he is getting close to you in touching distance. He might brush up his hand against you accidentally, or lingers his hand near you, but often. Brush your hair away from your face or any such actions, whether it is knowingly or unknowingly is a sign that he is totally into you.

  • He calls you by a nickname.

This is not always a good sign, but it can be also taken as a sign that he likes you, but when considered by other signs. If he gives you some nickname like “baby” or “cute”, they are obvious signs. Or if he calls you by any other name, he might be trying to tease you playfully. That is also counted as a sign.

  • He asks you out.How to tell if a guy likes you 16

Maybe, he won’t say,” let’s have a date”, but he invites you to lunch or coffee or just ask you to join with mutual friends. This is another obvious signal to confirm that he likes you. When a guy shows interest in spending time with you, he is definitely interested. Or if he doesn’t initiate a conversation you can do that to know his response. If you study or work together, you can change the venue and go for a coffee together. This way it doesn’t get tagged with a date as it is not an official meeting that you have planned exclusively. It is just considered as an extension of what you have been doing.

  • The way in which he behaves to other women when you are not together.

Just see how he behaves to other women, does he flirts with them also or just to you? If you can derive a “yes” to that question, then he really likes you. If he is same with all the women, then it means he is naturally flirty to all, and you are not special for him. You don’t have to spy on him to find this out, a quite observation will do, and you can find out it yourself.

  • He is jealous of the other guys who are your friends.How to tell if a guy likes you 7

It’s not that he would be angry whenever he sees you with another guy, but if he really likes you and if things are not defined between you two, and then he will feel a bit jealous. This is because he is not sure about the position he has in your life. His insecurity feeling of losing you or you get attracted to another guy is what that jealousy really means. If you have the same feelings towards him, and you understand his situation, then it is better to ease his mind by letting him know that you like him.

  • He always occupies the seat next to you.How to tell if a guy likes you 17

If you are colleagues or visit a common place regularly, he often finds reasons to sit next to you always, and this could be a reason to consider a sign of real love. He somehow finds a way to make sure that you are near to him and not far away from his sight. That’s an obvious sign to girls, so keep this in mind next time when he sets up a plot to sit near you.

  • He asks about your previous relationships.How to tell if a guy likes you 18

This simply means that he wants to know everything about you and that’s why he takes a dip into your past. This is a subtle effort from his side to see whether you are still in a relationship or interested in anybody else. There is a chance that he might also ask for some dating tips from you or asks about your dream guy. This is just to know what is in your mind or to know about your preferences and choices. But if he makes sincere and constant efforts to connect you with another guy, it means that you are just his friend.

  • He is stalking you.How to tell if a guy likes you 19

He will not stalk you like a psycho type, but still he tries to find out all information about you. He might check your Facebook page or Instagram account to know what are your activities. Or he would ask your common friends to know more about you. In short, one way or the other he tracks everything about you just because he really likes you. And this can be considered as a great sign of love.

  • He disconnects the electronic gadgets when you are together.

This is yet another positive sign that he likes you. It can be actually in two ways, i.e., if he is interested in you and is shy when you are near, he might use the phone to adjust himself to the situation. Or else he will disconnect the phone and the internet when he is near you so that he can spend his quality time with you alone. He will never waste an opportunity to talk with you or be with you. He doesn’t even allow his phone or technology to be a barrier between you two. This indicates that he respect you and value the time spent with you. Sometimes he many not pick up calls from his office when you are together. Though this is a small sign, it is to be considered that he is very much serious about the relationship.

  • He tries to impress you always.How to tell if a guy likes you 21

Usually, cool guys don’t broadcast good things about them or boast in certain things. But it doesn’t always mean that he is uncool, it just means that he wants to impress you somehow. Be it a subtle one or an obvious one, he always tries to convey to you that he is the best. He tries to showcase his all good abilities and qualities before you. For example, if you are into charity, he might join you in such kinds of activity and tries to show you that he is of your type. Even if he is not a perfectionist in many areas, he tries to become one. He improves his looks, his personality, and the way he behaves and changes or improves everything about him so that you might get interested in him.

  • He remembers your important days.How to tell if a guy likes you 22

Guys usually are not so good at remembering dates, but if a guy is interested in you, he will remember all the dates involved with you. Be it your birthday or the day he first met you, he will remember it with all those small details in his memory. Also, if he has only met you once and when he sees you the next time he will remember your name correctly. Guys usually will remember the name of the girl only if they are interested in her.

  • He is protective.

If you are part of a common friend circle and have only met him once and talked a little and now you are in a crowded event and if he positions himself in a way that he wants to protect you, that is a pretty good sign of interest. He keeps you away from all problematic guys and make sure that you are around a comfortable circle. Also, he would get angry if any guy stalks you or disturb you and makes you uncomfortable. He would do everything to keep you safe.

  • He agrees to everything.How to tell if a guy likes you 24

If a guy agrees with you on everything, it doesn’t rate him as stupid; instead it must be indicating that he likes you more. This might be to make you feel good and best. If you are having an argument about something and he gives up immediately so that you don’t get offended much, count it as a signal. He instantly agrees on all the arguments so that you remain happy.

General attitude and symptoms of love:

The easiest way to tell whether a guy likes you is to check his body language and his behavior when you are together. Follow his eyes to know the truth, eye speaks better than words. Not only he treats you differently, but he also behaves differently with you. Common signs of interest are shyness, nervousness, mirroring or blushing a bit when talking with you. Blushing and shyness are natural body languages that a person cannot control, even if he tries hard.

Remember, we all blush when we think about our first crush. His body language and gestures are something that he cannot control and hence they are some of the obvious signs that you can rely upon to understand what is happening in the relationship. That emotion on his face, shining in his eyes, those lovely smiles are trying to convey something to you. They are signs that should be taken note of and not to be discarded instead. If he looks at your eyes longer than a normal friend, he is way more interested in you. When a guy is a shy person, he cannot hold eye contact for longer. Not all the signs will be common for many; it will differ with the personality and attitude of your guy.

How to tell if a guy likes you 15Conclusion:

The above-discussed signs can help you to determine whether a guy likes you or he is just a friend of you. But the real question is what you will do about it? As I told earlier, love is obvious most of the times, and it is easy for a girl to determine it correctly. But in spite of all these signs, you are unable to conclude that he likes you, maybe the fact is he is not really into you.

Let me tell you one thing, getting a guy to love you is easy, but keeping him is the hardest thing ever.  A good relationship will be hard to break, and it will be a lifelong relationship and couples find a good mechanism to maintain the relationship if they feel the relationship is very important to them.


  1. I’ve got something I would like some help and honest advice on.
    There’s this guy, we’re close friends for a few years already. He exhibits some actions which gives the impression, not only to me but also to other people that perhaps our friendship is progressing to something more, to such an extent of people becoming inquisitive as to our status. Such actions would include him acting gentlemanly, seeing to me being safe, keeping me in the loop of things and sharing things from his past with me when I ask him about it.
    However recently he mentioned to me that he is open to meeting the right woman and later on mentioned that he’s not sure if he’ll ever find a woman like his former girlfriend who has passed away years ago (and whom he has on one occasion said it’s the only woman he’s ever loved).
    Must say hearing this was very hurtful and does it create an impression with me that others and myself are being judged according to some “set of criteria” which stems from and portrays who, what and how his former girlfriend was in an attempt of meeting someone else which is an exact replica of his former girlfriend, not even to mention triggering the feeling within me of not being good enough for him. I can also just mention that he’s also said that he’s quite okay with being on his own as well.
    What am I to do in these circumstances?

    • It is possible that he has strong feelings for you. It is certain that he is not over his previous girlfriend. You may be benefited by allowing him to have some time to himself. If he is not interested in developing a relationship with you, then do not attempt to develop a relationship with him. You can always treat him with kindness and compassion. This will ensure that he has positive emotional feelings toward you. Have a great day, Janine!

  2. Hi, like Curious I also have the issue with a loner guy. However recently I asked him about his mom as he never spoke much about her before. I know that he’s had a difficult childhood which he doesn’t share with anyone else apart from me. He opened up about all the things that has happened in his life as a child and some other things as well.
    Later on her told me that in some way he’s the same way his brother is (a loner) and also going through life alone and doesn’t know if he’ll ever have a girlfriend, but should he meet the right woman perhaps everything could change.
    So now I’m left wondering what he possibly could have meant by saying that, what was he trying to tell me? I like him very much and would want for us to be more than just friends going forward. I don’t know, should I be patient with him and wait for him to tell me what he really wants or what must I make of this?

    • It is possible that he wants to develop a relationship with you. It is likely possible that he was negatively influenced by his mother. It is possible that he did not know her well. He may not feel confident about himself. He may not be certain about your feelings toward him. Speak directly and honestly with him about your thoughts and feelings. This will help him become more willing to share himself with you. Have a great day, Sam!

  3. I’m just a bit curious at. What can it possibly indicate if a man now more often than before gently touches me on my back, tells me he would trust me with his life, gets emotional firstly over the phone and later on in front of me while telling me what happened that caused him to feel emotional and telling me that because of me he has started to slowly break down his walls and becoming less of a loner than what he was before me? However no indication that he wants to become an absolute loner again. Even talks a lot more than what he used to, mostly about things at his work. Please help.

    • It is highly likely that he feels a strong emotional connection with you and wants to develop a relationship with you. If you want to develop a relationship with him, then speak directly and honestly with him about your thoughts and feelings. Attempt to spend additional time with him in person at this time. Allow him to share himself with you as well. Have a great day, Curious!

  4. I have a close male friend with whom I’ve been friends with for the last four years. He does exhibit some of the signs mentioned above and some other stuff as well. For instance he would carry my sports bag for me without his own without me having to ask, he would pull out a chair for me next to where he’s sitting or show me to sit next to him, picks me up and drop me off at home, he’ll let me know when he safely arrived home after dropping me off or whenever he goes out with some of his friends, we would hug when parting ways, sometimes also coupled with a gentle back rub, he would assist me whenever I ask for his assistance and would pay for activities and lunch.
    We’ve been apart for about 7 months while I was out of town, during which period he would phone me once a week and have a long conversation, not really letting me phone him.
    Since my return two months ago I’ve noticed him becoming more gentlemanlike in his actions towards me i.e he would let me go before him through a checkout point or jumping at the opportunity of getting me a chair should one not be available as well as listening to and taking my opinion on things that I don’t like to heart and act upon it. Lastly I’ve noticed other women mentioning to him that they take note of him carrying my bag for me whereupon he only responded by saying that that is just being a gentleman and that he was brought up that way.
    I would really appreciate your take on this. Thanks

    • He is interested in developing a relationship with you. This person seems to have been raised with manners. This is a trait to be cherished. Take this time to determine if you want to develop a relationship with him. Reach out to him if you are interested in developing a relationship with him. Speak directly and honestly with him about your thoughts and feelings. Have a great day, Christine!

      • Thank you very much for your comment. Just one last thing … With the contents of my initial comment in mind, if he tells other people, who tries to gauge if we’re an item or not that we’re just close friends, can this perhaps be his way of hiding his true feelings from me? I’ve had quite a few people the last 1.5 years questioning me about our status, my feelings towards him or even refer to him as my husband or alluding to him becoming my husband.

        • If people question you about the status of your relationship, then it means that people think that it is likely that the two of you are dating or moving in a serious direction. If he is asking people how they think about the two of you as a couple, then he is clearly thinking about developing a relationship with you. Speak directly and honestly with him about your thoughts and feelings and see where your relationship goes. Have a great day, Christine!

  5. I like this guy and when he first found out I like him he told me he was not interested. But then as months went on I caught him looking at me and not just that his friends look too. And one time he was talking with a girl and I looked over to his group and as I got close enough (he) said out loud this girl is my cousin. And when he passes by me he always smiles and says hi. I don’t know if he is interested now I’m so confused . Please help thanks

    • He may be interested in you at this time. This is a normal occurrence. Speak directly and honestly with him about your thoughts and feelings. If you find that he wants to spend more time with you, then try to meet with him in person. This will give him more of a chance to share his feelings with you. Best of luck, Christina!

  6. Hi..,
    I have this two officemates whom i don’t know their true intentions..
    this Guy No. 1 always cracks joke on me about me being still single (coz Im an NBSB) a friend of mine in the office told me, that everytime that guy has a joke or has something to say about me, the guy always looks at my direction and waits for my reactions.even me, also observes that he likes it when I fought him back also with a joke or witty response.Im not sure f his interested in me because he has a girlfriend and i can see that he is inlove with the girl..its just that his showing actions that i cant understand..he is feels disturb/afraid to me when Im mad at him because he was not able to follow/comply with the tasks i assigned to him.What could it be????

    This Guy No.2 also is an officemate..he is 7 yrs younger than me..when we started talking already and started to be friendly with each other, since he is a new employee in the office, I find it weird because he constantly asked me why i still do not have a boyfriend?..he asked me about the qualities a find in a man, information and experiences in my college days since we are of the same alma mater..As time passes by, he still constantly ask me silly things about love life, my views and anything related to my love life..
    Just recently, he was not ashamed or shy to “joke” (i dont know f its really a joke) or tell what he observes as my good qualities (because they were making fun of me thru making SWOT analysis of my characteristics/attributes together with other guy friends)..he always talks about my good qualities and i can feel his sincerity everytime he tells it. He always also want to get my attention by mentioning/including me as topic for conversation with our guy friends though im not joining in with there conversation and just sitting around the corner..But, when there were no friends (specially guy friends) around us, he is hesitant/ shy to approach me or talk to me..Another thing is, i was not aware that he is paying attention to me, or observe me everytime i have to make a re-touch of my hair or lipstick and always teases me on that..And what could this mean also? Does he likes me? Hope you could reply on this..thank you and i love your article..

    • The first guy may have feelings for you. Since he is in a relationship, you should not attempt to establish a relationship with him. Remain friends with him if you feel comfortable doing so. The second guy certainly likes you. He is asking questions about what you are interested in so that he can be more like what you are seeking. If you want to establish a relationship with him, then do so. Best of luck with your decisions, Van!

  7. So there is this guy I like. We’re both 18.He’s a friend of a friend, and he has shown all the signs that he is interested in me like starring at me from across the room,literally guaking at me.Hes always nervous around me,saying things that don’t make sense lol paying close attention to everything I say,remembering things I said months ago.Always happens to be near me, he once went out of his way to help me find my cellphone, I mention this because he’s generally not that nice to anyone lol ,”accidentally touching me” laughing at all my dumb jokes,he never mentions other girls, he looks uncomfortable and noticeably jealous when he sees me talking to other guys and always tries to cockblock,yet never really tries to have a one on one conversation with me.My friends notice his odd behavior towards me too so it’s not just me. When we hang out with our friends he’s never in a rush to leave or if Im leaving he asks “do you have to go?” He is never on his phone when I’m around,instead he is listening to me talk and checking me out. He always asks for hugs and he’s always excited to see me,he lights up and ends up smiling more . I noticed he is only like this with me. The problem is when I reached out to him he never contacted me back.Its literally been a week.Is it me or did I read the signals wrong? He’s currently single and mentioned before that he wasn’t interested in anyone so I just wanted to know if I made a mistake assuming that he liked me. So confused 🙁

    • He is interested in you. He may be confused or concerned about your feelings toward him. If you had not previously made your feelings clear, then he may have become surprised when you asked to hang out with him. Send him another message. If he continues to ignore you, then there is no reason for you to wait for him. Good luck with your relationship. Have a great day, Taylor!

  8. There is this guy I like from school.I think I’m in love. But I’m not sure if he likes me back.
    Cuz I really really like him. He’s my age, about my height, really nice guy, really cute too.
    He stares right at me and pays close attention to me when we talk.
    He’s been really friendly with me too.
    He did look at me in a lot of classes at school.
    He’s even looked at me from head to toe often.
    When a friend asked him right in front of me if he likes me he didn’t answer.

    What do you think?
    Can you help me, pretty please?

    • It is likely that he likes you. You should speak directly and honestly with him about your thoughts and feelings. It is best to not try to speak through other people. This may lead to his confusion about your feelings. Take charge as you move toward this relationship. Best of luck, She!

  9. I have met a wonderful man through a mutual friend. We started talking and within a few weeks of talking he asked me out, we were trying to schedule the date. Then a week later he lost his job and was out of a job for two months. He hasn’t asked me out again since, but he has been struggling financially for over 6 months.

    I am fairly certain he likes me a lot as on his social media page he said without saying a name (he’s poetic) – he wrote the number of days he’d waited. The reason I know he was talking about me is that it was the exact amount of days from when he first asked me out (I checked). He also will walk very closely past me – even when there is a ton of room. He has put his hand on the small of my back several times. He watches me walk out of a room all the time. He gives me a ton of eye contact – the day after he asked me out we were walking toward each other for like 50 feet and the whole time our eyes were locked and we were smiling at each other. My mother also attends some of his classes and he treats her very well. He also remembers things I told him months ago about my family, etc. These are just a few situations that he has showed me that he has feelings for me, but we still haven’t gone out on a date. I see him all the time as he is a trainer at a gym and I work out in his group classes. He’s also having to work two jobs right now to make ends meet.

    I’m completely head over heels in love with him. He’s absolutely brilliant, incredibly gorgeous (he’s a bodybuilder) and sweet! I think he’s just not ready for a serious relationship right now – due to having so much financial trouble recently. Any thoughts? Right now I’m just being there for him until he is ready…

    • It is clear that he is interested in developing a relationship with you. Meet up with him and do something free if he is concerned about finances. There is no reason for him and you to not establish a relationship because of financial struggles. If you and him truly care for each other, then money is not an object. Speak directly and honestly with him about your feelings and thoughts. Best of luck, Jennifer!

      • Thanks so much! I have recently suggested a free activity for he and I – when I asked he said “we’ll see” and then he ended up having to work that day. The other roadblock is scheduling time – I live an hour (one way) from where he lives and with our work and workout (he’s a competition bodybuilder) schedules makes finding time an issue. I’ll ask him again soon if we can go for a walk or something.

  10. Hi, so there is this guy in my school whom I have a crush on… We ate ice cream together and we went to the movies together once. We are chatting for the past three weeks or so, school started two days ago and he came to me and gave me a hug, he also phoned me a couple of times before and we talked over the phone for longer than 30 minutes. I a, very unsure if he likes me because he does not really text me first and the past two days it felt like something was wrong, like he stood with other girls one break time, but they are friends of his and today he only came to me once. He is 2 years older than me and I get the feeling that he liked me but he is starting to dislike me… What can I do to not let him dislike me anymore and how do I let him know that I like him without telling him, because I think he thinks that I dont like him?

    • Your best option is to spend additional time with him. Try to eat a meal with him or go on a long walk. The best way for your relationship to become stronger is to be together as much as you can. However, you can not control his feelings. Speak directly and honestly with him about your feelings and concerns. This will give him a chance to speak to you about his feelings as well. Best of luck, S.D.!

  11. Hello!

    There’s this one guy that I’ve been working in a grocery store with for almost three months now. I’m always on register, and he works on floor most of the time. He’s going to be turning 18 years old this year, and I’m about to be 19 in April. When we started working together, I had no romantic interest in him. About a month in, the thought of possibly dating had crossed my mind, but didn’t remain a pervasive thought. However, sometime last month, a couple of my coworkers pointed out to me that he and I would be cute together. By the time they had pointed this out to me, I’d developed a small crush on him. I mentioned to a couple of other cashiers that I was told we’d look cute together, and the majority of them agreed. One of them even said she suspected something between us because of how often we talk at work. Even so, I’m not entirely sure that he returns my feelings for him.

    I’ve started to pay attention to our interactions a lot more to see where we’re standing. Most of the time when we’re able to speak, he teases me. I don’t know why or how it started, but we always playfully go back and forth with each other, and he’s usually the one who initiates it. A couple of times, I’ve asked him why he’s always so “mean” to me, and he said it was because it just felt natural and fun. He teases a couple of my other female coworkers too, but I don’t think he does so nearly as much as he does with me (but I’m not too sure about this because I’m not at work too often since I go to community college as well). We also use baskets a lot at our store, so at times I’ll go to each register and collect them once customers have checked out. Each time he sees me collecting them, he’ll come over to me and offer to bring them back for me, whether I have one basket or seven. I’ll always politely decline his offer, and he’ll mimic me, but still walk with me over to the place where we keep them. He’s also offered to carry heavy boxes for me, even without my asking.

    One of the really big things I’ve noticed, though, is that whenever he’s on break and wants to buy something and I’m working, he’ll wait on my line to buy it, even if I’m in the middle of helping a customer with a huge order. I’ve urged him once to not waste his break time and go to a cashier with less people on their line, but he insisted that he didn’t mind waiting and stayed on my line. He only comes to my line when I’m working, too. I’ve never seen him go to any other cashier.

    However, I’m doubtful that he likes me because he’s never made an effort to communicate outside of work. We don’t have each other’s numbers nor social media accounts, and we’ve never tried to make plans outside of our job. He’s never tried to touch me, either. The only touching has come from me. I’ve poked him and playfully punched and hit his arm a few times, but that’s the extent of it.

    I want to maybe attempt to take things a little further, but I’m afraid to do so in fear that I’m looking too much into everything he does. One of my coworkers that I’m very close with told me she’d try to subtly talk to him about me without giving away the fact that I’m interested in him, but I’d still like to try to determine for myself if he likes me just in case that doesn’t work out.

    Thank you for any insight you can give me!

    • He is interested in developing a relationship with you. He has not touched you because it is unacceptable to do so, especially in a work environment. He has not made plans with you outside of work because he does not have your phone number. He may be shy or confused about your feelings toward him. Speak directly and honestly to him about your feelings. Perhaps offer him your number. Best of luck, Dani!

  12. My name is April. I have a huge crush on my parent’s doctor. We both are adults and he showed signs of interest but they are hot and cold. It is hard for me to know whether he likes me or not. He treats me differently in front of his female assistance, sits next to me, stares at me, and at times gives quick eye contact and walks away. I only get to see him on occasions when we go for visits. Does he like me or it is just my stupid thought? And why has he not asked me out? We have been going to him for a long time. I know he is single.

    • It is possible he likes you, but he has not done enough of the signs to be sure. If he does like you, he may just be afraid to do anything because he wants to keep his relationship professional with patients and their families. Unless you make a move, he probably is not going to. I am not sure if it is a good idea to make a move on him though since you would have to continue seeing him afterward if he rejects you. What do you want to do? Are you willing to wait in the hope that he asks you out someday? Or do you want to risk rejection to see how he feels for sure?

  13. I really wasn’t looking for anything as in a relationship because I’ve got hurt a lot in the past. This guy that I went to school with asked me if I wanted to go out sometime to grab dinner. I said yes and it was a great time when we went out the first time. I just felt like maybe something good will come out of this. We continued seeing each other and I have the greatest time when I’m with him! I haven’t felt this way going out with a guy in a long time. I’m just kind of bad at determining if he might be interested in me more than a friend or what. We have went out in public together, so obviously he isn’t scared to be seen with me in person. I just don’t want to get the wrong idea that he might not think of me more than just a friend. We always laugh and have a great time together. He seems to be interested, but I’m the worst at determining it! Can you help or do I need to tell you more?

    • If he asked you out for dinner and keeps asking you to spend time with him, then it seems likely that he wants to be more than just friends. If he has not made a move physically, it is probably because he sees you as more than just a fling and wants to have a strong emotional connection as well. The only way to know for sure how this will turn out though is to keep dating him and see how things unfold. Hopefully, he will make another move soon so that you know for sure how he feels. Best of luck, Mmartin!

      • Well I was going to talk to him about how I felt, but I never heard back from him since the last time we had went out.. I’m guessing he has went on to another girl, but I don’t quite understand what caused him to change his mind.

        • If he is gone from you now and not messaging you back, then you know that he has moved on. If that is the case, then it will be beneficial to you to allow him and thoughts of him to fade into the past. People’s minds often change without warning or apparent reason. Take this time to determine want you want for your future without him. Have a great day, Martin!

    • Without more information, it would be impossible to tell. Does he do anything to make you think that he is interested? Does he look at you secretly or find it hard to speak when you are around?

  14. Hi. I have a coworker that I am curious if he likes me. From doing my own social media stalking, it appears he might be gay or bisexual, but I am a girl. If it wasn’t for that, I would assume he really likes me. He spends hours sitting with me at work, and will make up the weirdest excuses to talk to me or come up to me. Sometimes he has to go back to his work and he just kind of stands there, dragging it out, going, “ok, ok.” Like he doesn’t want to go. He teases me constantly in a sweet way, while also praising me in other times. In group functions, he always singles me out and is constantly with me. He treats me differently than he does other girls or coworkers. Once he had to train another girl on something and when I walked by him, he made noises until I turned around and made sure to stop by my desk to talk to me. He eats with me, texts me, but won’t with them. He brings me food. When I smile or laugh, he just stops and stares at me. He loves to make me laugh and is very protective and caring of me. He also casually invited me twice to see him outside of work with the wording, “if you’re ever in the area…” Even other coworkers joke/comment about how much time he spends with me and say they have never seen him like that. He also seems shy in that he never asks me things outright, he casually beats around the bush. He opens up to me about his life, and laughs extra hard at my jokes. When others mention me, he lights up and laughs/smiles extra hard. If he is gay, do gay guys spend so much time on a friend? Is he just lonely and likes having me as a “work wife?” If he is bi or straight, could he like me?

    • It sounds like he likes you, so he is probably at least bisexual. You may have just assumed wrongly from his profile that he is gay because it seems like he has a crush on you. Now, you just have to decide if you like him back or not and what you want to do about it. Do you like him back?

  15. There’s this guy from the first time that we met I have been very attracted to. It’s not just his looks, something about him makes me feel comfortable and open. I think he likes me too, but I’m not sure. Here are some “signs” that I’ve gotten from him: I always see him looking at me, he’s always friendly, it seems like he always talks louder and is more animated in conversations with other people when I’m around, he did compliment my looks one time, followed by some very intense eye contact, one time he hinted at his high salary in front of me, one time he was talking to another woman but kept on looking at me, he stares at me from the corner of his eyes, and lastly, I don’t know if this means anything but one time he was twisting his mustache while we were talking.

    • It sounds like he could be interested in you. At the very least, he is showing all of the signs of potentially being attracted to you. Now, you just have to decide what you want to do about it. Are you confident enough to try asking him out? At the very least, try talking to him more often and perhaps try flirting a bit. Good luck, Blah!

  16. There’s this boy at school that I really like. His name is Jorge. He is cute, smart, and funny.
    I never talk to him or hang out with him either. I blush a lot when I think about him and can’t help but smile.
    I begin to feel uneasy or small when I’m around him. wasn’t like this with other boys I liked or even my ex boyfriend.

    A girl who knows I like him convinced him to dance with me at school dance. It was such a great moment for me. I will never forget that moment.

    My body language gave me away. I had head my down the whole time doing my best to avoid eye contact and also to hide my face because I was blushing hard (I was probably as red as a tomato).

    So… he knows I like him. He hasn’t brought it up or anything. He avoids me and hasn’t much to me since.

    I’m wondering if he likes as well or… maybe he doesn’t!
    I don’t know.
    What do you think…Can you help me?

    • It is possible that he likes you, but it sounds like he might not be interested in you yet. He has not tried to talk to you or flirt with you, and he knows that you are interested. If he did like you, he could have asked you out because he knows that you would say yes. It is possible that he just needs time to get to know you better. Try talking to him or flirting with him and see how things go. Best of luck, Karina!

      • I just remembered these moments and one of my friends says he does like me (but I’m not so sure) Please, can you help me?:

        – there was a time at the school cafeteria that my friends told Jorge I said hi and he waved his hand and said hi, but i was too shy to say hi back and hid my face.

        – He did accept my friend request on Facebook and liked the photo of my cat and photos of me I put up.

        – a boy in class asked him in a rude way knowing this would bother me “When are you going to break up with her?”
        Jorge simply responded with “I’m not with her” and then the boy asked him “Would you be with her?”
        And all Jorge did was shrug in response.

        – even if he doesn’t talk to me and I don’t talk to him he’s always been nice to me.

        • It sounds like he may like you, but he has not done enough of the signs to be certain yet. If you can try to talk to him more often or even flirt with him, it will give you a better idea of how interested he is. If your friend thinks that he likes you, then it is entirely possible. Other people are often better judges of this type of thing, so your friend could be right. Good luck, Karina!

          • I finally got the courage to talk to him at school even if it was on a piece of paper and I asked him if liked me…He said he saw my note and he likes me as friend. He also said I was smart and pretty but then was interrupted by one of the guys who always picks on me.
            Well, I don’t think it matters what else he was going to say because I think I heard enough when he said “I like you as a friend.” At that moment, I felt like I had something sharp in my throat and felt like it was hard to swallow. I wanted to cry, but I held it in painfully. He sees as a friend and nothing more, and it just hurts so much!!!!:'(

            • This kind of thing happens. Take this as a chance to understand your feelings. You may want to allow thoughts of him to fade. It is certainly possible that there are people who care about you and want to establish a relationship with you at this time. The feelings of your crush may change in the future. Take this time to look inward and determine what you want for your future. Have a great day, Karina!

  17. Hi! My name is Layla, and I am 18 years old. I’ve known for a while that I have liked a guy named Jim (he’s 19). We actually go to church together, so I tend to see him at least three days a week. The only issue: I cannot tell if he returns the feelings. It all started when he would push wispy strands of hair out of my face while saying that it being in my face bothered him. However, it had never once bothered me. Then, he showed me this rather ridiculous, but hilarious web series. We often both use random quotes from said series each time the word ‘fire’ is brought up in conversation, ending in both of us laughing quietly to everyone’s confused faces. Finally (to keep it shorter), he notices the way I laugh. I laugh in a weird snorty kind of way, and he laughs at the sound, making me laugh until I feel tears come (in a good way). I want to tell him how I feel, but don’t want to accidently ruin our friendship if he doesn’t feel the same. I’ve felt this way for him for close to three years…help.

    • It is clear that the two of you are close and share interests. Since the two of you have been close for three years, you may want to try to become closer with him. Speak with him more and try to learn more about him. Perhaps go to a restaurant with him. Or maybe even go on a walk around your church. The more time that you spend together, the closer that you will become. Best of luck, Layla!

  18. Hi,
    My situation is I guess different from the others. In this case I know a guy who I know for a year & a half since I transferred to the school he went. Let’s call him D. When I first met him I can already tell he was the ‘bad boy’ type so I try to stay away from him as possible (I decided I hate him cause of personal reasons). Got to admit my ideal man is gotta be someone who is in between a bad boy & sweet but in my point of view he’s anything but sweet. Anyways D is really popular & is friends with almost everybody. I’ve also noticed him being around me & my friends at least once a month. TBH it’s creepy since I hate him & in my point of view he hates me too. In my point of view I think this cause I heard him talk bad about my cousin so because I’m apart of that family I think he hates me too (I’ve also heard him talking about my family & friends so that make the hateness go up a notch). I remember today was one of those days where he goes creepy. Basically how my school works is it has two breaks. One at 10:40 & one at 12:40. He start being around us after our first break had gone.

    So our next class is science and we had a presentation to present to the class so we all sat in the right classroom (we have two classroom & there’s a wall half way spilt down the two class). He sat behind me at the start of the presentation, which was very rare since he does not sit anyway near me when I came to the school at the start. Half way through the presentation he changed spots. He went over to the sofa that was against the wall,that was facing me but facing away from the people who are presenting (which was in the other room). Not to mention he was chatting to his friends. When he changed spots since he can’t see wants going on with the people behind him cause of the wall, so he had to face towards me out of reflex. Nearly to the end of the presentation he came & sat in front of my friend who’s a guy but still sitting on the same table as me & my friend. I find this very odd since he does not sit with me on the same table most of the time. After our second break we had music in another classroom so we had to get our bags & go there. After we had filmed the cup song for the end of year graduation we packed up & had to sit down. This also rarely happens but he sat directly in front of me. Also when we had to go outside for fitness he showed off moves in front of me & my friends & other people including the teacher. These moves of his involves parkour that he said to his friends that he was particapating in & even went as far as to fake punch us to get a reaction. Now he really did want to see my reaction since he knows not to mess with me & he knows that I know that as long as he keep his distance I won’t mess with him. So I find this odd that he would do that to me.

    The last thing that happened this month was when we had graduation practice (the military two step dance). When I reached D my hands landed on top of his cause that’s what’s basically what we have to do. We danced until we reached the time where we have to switch hands. I did not noticed but his hands slipped on to my wrist as if holding me saying you’re not going anywhere. When I tried pulling back to our original hand position I noticed it was to late since I’m about to switch partners any time soon so I let it slip.

    Plz tell me what u think. Does he likes me or does he not.

    • It is likely that he has an interest in developing a relationship with you. Try to spend additional time with him. The more that the two of you speak together and share your thoughts and feelings, the closer you two will become. Perhaps try to go on a walk with him or go on a lunch date. As the two of you become closer, you can speak directly and honestly with him about your feelings. This will give him a chance to share his honest feelings with you as well. Best of luck, Kate!

  19. Hello, my names Amanda and im 17 year old. Im in a tough situation and was hoping you couod help me. So on first day of school I met this guy named Kevin he was the class clown and always crackinb jokes and being all out weird. I liked him since then. Hes always protecting me from other guys and starting conversations with me. Lol all I relly have to do when I see him around is look at him ad when he sees me looking at him he’ll ccome straight up to me and give me a big bone crushing hug as usual. But he has a girlfriend. Theyve been dating for 10 months and honestly ive noticed shes very needy and always wanting his attention and it seems like he just wants space and is always ignoring her. I feel bad for her. But what do I do about my feelings? I feel bad for feeling this way about him when he has a girlfriend… also theres this guy I stsrted talking to about a month fter id met Kevin and he likes me. He told me. His names Tyler and we text like 24/7 he irritates me to the bne I swear I wanna choke the life out of him sometimes. But I honestly feel like I cae about him alot. I just dont know what to think… can you help me? Do you need me to tell you more bout them?

    • It sounds like Kevin could have a slight crush on you, but he is most likely not going to do anything about it as long as he has a girlfriend. As fro Tyler, it sounds like he could like you back. If he single, then he would probably be a better choice since you do not want to get in the way of anyone’s relationship. Good luck, Amanda!

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