How to text a girl you like


You were lucky enough to get the number of that girl you like. Now it is the time to strategize on the next move. If you are nervous of calling her, one of the options that you may consider is to text her. However, to do it in the right way, you will need to know how to flirt without necessarily coming out in a strong way.


Here are some important tips that you use to ensure that she respond well to your text.

  1. Do it at night

If your dream girl is okay with you texting her late in the night, then you will need to exploit this option. You can start by doing it in the evening and ensure that the conversation keeps flowing late into the night when she gets into bed.  A quiet night can be romantic and sexy and this will only serve to work to your advantage.

  1. Consider when she is free

You will need to avoid texting when she is busy with friends or occupied at work. You will need to ensure that she remains excited about your text rather than getting bugged as you are constantly interfering with her happy moments. Now that you like her and got her digits, you do not have to text her throughout the day.

If you already understand her routine you should only text her when you are sure that she is free to text back. Within a few days of texting her, she should begin to warm up towards you and indulge in some longer conversations during some certain times. After you have figured out the best time for texting her, make sure that you do it every day during that same time.

  1. Ensure originality

Ensure that you send a text to the girl that cannot just be sent by anyone else. Avoid sending a simple “Hi” accompanied by some strange emotions. Instead you should look for a way in which you can stir her interest and make her to smile. You will need to make her find something special about you. Some of the ways in which you can be original include:

  • Use your wit to charm her. You can make a certain witty observation that will help her see your unique way of looking at things
  • Be humorous. They say that laughter is the best medicine. You should use it to break the tension with her
  • Tell her something that she hasn’t heard before. In case you have already heard some amazing news pieces that will drop her jaws, share this knowledge with her.
  1. Ask a question

This is a great ay of starting a conversation with her. This is because she will understand that you will be waiting for an answer from her. Ensure that you are specific and direct. Otherwise you do not want a situation where she is left scratching her head on the answer to give you.

  • Ask about her week or day. In case you are already aware that there was an important event in her life, you can ask her about how it went down.
  • Make it simple. You can use one sentence to communicate a lot
  • Ensure it is open-ended. Instead of asking her what time she got home from the concert, you can ask her how was the concert. Avoid questions that she can easily answer using one word.
  1. Watch your grammar

You will need to be keen on your grammar, punctuations and spelling. Where necessary be sure to use apostrophes and capitalization. However, you should avoid going overboard and begin to use dashes, semi colons all over the text.

  1. Avoid waiting for too long before sending your first text

An old adage says that you should wait for a few days before sending your first text. However, if she is attractive, you can be sure that there are lots of hot guys who are hitting on her. Waiting for too long may end up making you to lose her to another dude. A good idea would be to wait after one day

  1. Avoid trying too hard

In case you find yourself trying too hard to text a girl, you can be assured that she will be able to tell. Therefore, it is important to be yourself and avoid going out of your way just to ensure that you say something that will note even sound like you. The bad thing about this is that she will be able to tell. Instead you should relax. If you aren’t funny, don’t try too hard.

  1. Be engaging

It is important to show the girl that you are able to maintain a conversation over the phone. The goal of texting her is to let her understand your personality and leave her wanting more of you. If she is fascinated, she will definitely want to talk more to you. A good idea would be to search for a common interest such a band or even a TV show.


You can also mention to her something that you truly love such as soccer or cooking chicken. This can help to catch her eye. Ensure that you also show your wit. In case she says something funny, also say something funny back.

  1. Flirt

When you flirt with her, she will want to keep texting you and will show her that you are actually interested. However, it is advisable to avoid going overboard as she will want you to back off. Instead, it is advisable to be playful or even tease her. You can show your light side by making a stupid comment. Women do not love guys who take themselves so seriously. When you tease her, be sure that she is able to pick the tone of the text and understand that you are only making a joke.

  1. Show your caring side

There are various ways that you can show her that you care about her without being so obvious about it. When you send the text at the right opportunity, it will show that she is in your mind and you care about her. Some of the ways that you can use to show your caring side include:

  • Showing that you truly value her opinion. You can ask her about what she thinks about a certain subject such a new movie
  1. Avoid overdoing it

Probably you have been in a situation where you started texting a girl and she replied to your text. You continued with the conversation and she became cold and you were left wondering whether you said the wrong thing. The truth of the matter is that you did not say anything wrong but it is only that you could have overdone it.

You will need to ensure that she reciprocates your feeling rather than just bombarding her with unwelcome texts. Show her that you are interested instead of coming out as annoying, needy or just some plain embarrassing. To avoid coming off too strong, you should:

  • Ensure a steady conversation flow. If you get two response after ten texts, it is not a good signs
  • Avoid texting back immediately. She may get back to you after a day or two, but don’t send the text back to her after 5 minutes as you will seem to be overeager
  • Do not show excessive emotions
  1. Use a pet name

The good thing with pet names is that they are very unique and personal. If you would like to take the relationship to the next level, ensure that you create a personal bond between the two of you. There is no better way of doing this than using a pet name. By personalizing the relationship for the two of you, it will help to bring the two of you closer to you.

  1. Avoid flirting always

She may already be aware that you like her, however, this doesn’t mean that you should flirt with her every single minute. All what this will serve to do is to bore her. Instead, you should text her about her daily activities as this will let you know whether she is interested in letting you in to her life.

  1. Avoid being too eager

A major mistake that most dudes make is to sound to be too eager. The funny thing about texting a girl is that it is easy to look overeager even without realizing it. For instance, you can text a girl a number of boring questions while at the same time send some long replies and this can only serve to put her off.

  1. Match her texting vibes

It is advisable to try and find out about her texting vibe and ensure that you match it. For instance, you should avoid using a lot of emotions unless she is using them in her texts. Avoid ending your texts   with xoxo, unless she is also doing the same. With these texting tips, she will be able to appreciate your texts and even warm up to the relationship.


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