50 I Love You Messages for Husband



It is impossible for your husband to know what you feel towards him unless you tell him. This is what keeps a marriage relationship lively up to old age. Unfortunately, most couples cease expressing their affection to their spouses soon after marriage. This makes the marriage life boring and eventually may lead to break ups. The sweet little things that people take for granted such as I Love You notes for a husband can bring about a romantic love relationship for so many years down the line. I miss you messages to your husband while he is at work also have a magical effect towards a marriage life. Essentially, romantic gestures form a super firm foundation of intimacy in any marriage relationship. Let us look at some of the quotes that would make your husband’s heart skip a beat from his work place or wherever else he could be.


  • Each new day that dawns, I keep considering myself lucky for being married to you

Not all couples you find around are proud of their marriage partners. This is something that develops after quite some disagreements or in case one’s trust for their fiancé is shaken. Therefore, it is important to keep letting your husband know that you really find value for him and that you are proud being their wife.

  • If life was a ship, I would keep choosing you as the anchor to hold me in place as you take me through the beautiful journey. I really do love you.

This is an affectionate love quote that let’s your husband know that you really enjoy every single moment with him. Therefore, this will encourage him to keep trying his best so that you can continue enjoying his company around.

  • I consider my life to be well secured for not only having you as my husband, but also the assurance that you will always be there for me through it all. I love you sweetheart.

This romantic quote will keep your husband on his toes so that he can ensure that you trust him more each day. One of the chief marriage breaking reasons is due to lack of trust, insecurity issues. They make one to feel as if their partner is cheating on them all the time, including when they are genuinely innocent. Eventually, affection feeling fades away and odds are that the cheated partner can either retaliate or decline through separation or divorce.

  • It does not matter who the head of this house is, the bottom line is ending the day with a romantic snog. I treasure you love.

Sometimes, wives tend to withdraw their love gestures towards their husbands simply because he is the boss of the house. This is why you should keep letting your husband know that you respect his position in the house, but that should not affect your romantic relationship.

I love you husband message 4

  • If my life were a business partnership, I would keep picking on you as my business partner because you are simply the best

This is a romantic expression that you do not regret having your husband as your marriage partner. If anything, you would want to have him for your partner in all your deals. This makes him understand how much he means to you.

  • The love you have for me is simply flawless and your commitment immaculate. All that matters to me is when you are happy. You make me feel like the queen of the world.

This is a super romantic gesture that you are so grateful about the love your husband has for you. This keeps encouraging him to never withdraw it. In any case, he will make all the efforts to increase it in order to make you feel more and more special.

  • In the midst of suffocation that life brings about at times, you are that fresh air that always revives me again. You mean so much to me.

Husbands want to hear that you recognize and appreciate the role they play in your life. This is why you should tell this romantic message to them in order to feel appreciated. This boosts the intimacy in your marriage relationship.

  • I consider myself a successful wife, just for having you as my future partner

This is an expression that you by no means regret having gotten married to him. Therefore, he will try to his level best to never make you regret or consider yourself a failure for getting married to him.

  • I wish I would add a cautionary warning at the end of our marriage certificate that. “Beware of the best husband!”

This is a crazy quote that makes your husband know how much you love him and think of him. It makes it more romantic.

  • Though seconds, minute, hours, years or centuries may pass, I won’t ever forget that special memorable moment you held me tight in your arms, looked at me closely into my eyes to let me know how much you love me.

Some wives remember the proposal days with grief. This is why you should let your husband know that yours is a celebration memory. It reminds you of how much affectionate you felt towards him from the very first time. You felt at one with him.

  • Through all life’s trouble, you have always been there for me. No wonder we have made it this far.

This expresses appreciation towards the support your husband has given you through it all. He will therefore want to give you more and more support.

  • Even when drowning, i’ld make you feel my love

This is a romantic love quote that brings about more and more intimacy in your marriage life.

  • If forever exists, I will love you forever

This is an expression that you will love your husband eternally, unconditionally.

  • It’s more than just passion, lust or attraction. Am truly in love with you.

This is a statement to express that yours is true love to your husband.

  • Your flirty eyes looking directly onto my face makes me feel like a princess in the King’s palace

This is a romantic quote expressing love feelings.

  • Whether opposite poles attract or not does not matter, what matters is that I love you to bits

Though you may have similar interests, this tells your husband that he still matters a lot to you.

  • I consider each single day in my life a success. Simply because I love you at dawn and at dusk.

This is a love message expressing how much you love and treasure your husband.

  • Every day I have a crush on you just like it was when I first met you

This is a love quote indicating that your love for him has not faded over time.

  • Nothing else matters in this world than to know that you remain the happy husband you have always been

This is an affectionate quote to your husband making him feel that he means the world to you.

  • Everything that happens around my life revolves around you, simply because you are my world

This is a romantic love expression that makes your husband know that he plays a irreplaceable role in your love life.

I love you husband message 2

  • Among the most memorable moments I have had in life are those that I have had with you

This is an affectionate quote that makes your husband know that you treasure each moment you spend together

  • The perfect husbands that used to be advertised over magazines are no more, simply because he has already been married to me. I love you babe!

It is important to keep letting your husband know that he is simply the best and that you are settled for him.

  • Even if I was to go back to my searching stage, I would still pick on you

This is a romantic love quote to let your husband know that you have no regrets for having gotten married to him.

  • I never thought that true love exists until I met you

This is a romantic quote that keeps assuring your husband that you appreciate the fact that he truly loves you. It keeps your relationship romantic at all times.

  • I love you because you are not only a husband to me, but a best friend too

Clearly, a best friend is a person that you can freely share your innermost secrets. This is why you should let your husband know that he is your best friend. This will make him more intimate with you.

  • There are no words to describe the perfect husband you are to me

It is a love gesture that you clearly cannot describe how much your husband means to you. This makes him feel proud having you as his wife. He will do all he can to remain the best.

  • Your love is sweet and overwhelming, I surely haven’t felt this towards any other man before

This is a romantic love quote that makes your husband feel appreciated. He will therefore try his best to keep the love real and alive.

  • I have interacted with quite a number of men before I met you and for sure, none has loved me as you do. Babe you are the best!

This is a romantic quote to keep assuring your husband that he is simply the best you ever had. This will give him a lot of confidence in your marriage relationship thus making it warm and romantic always.

  • If loving you is a crime, am ready for a life imprisonment for I can never stop loving you

This is a love quote to express to your husband how much he means to you. Even if you were to be considered a criminal for loving him, that would not stop you from loving him more and more.

  • I love you not only because you are my husband, but since I know that you always wish the best for me

This is an expression that you don’t love your husband for the reason that you have no option, you have simply purposed to love him for he wishes you well. He will be motivated to always try all he can to ensure that you have the best of the best at all times.

  • Although I may tell you that you are that perfect husband I have always wished for, the truth is that you are more than that

This is a perfect love compliment to your husband. It makes him know that he is among the wishes come true that you have had in your life.

  • I wish all men in this world would come for a learning session just to know how to treat their wives like princesses

This romantic love quote is a gesture that the kind of treatment your husband has for you is just like for a queen. This makes him feel so proud having a thankful wife.

  • If loving you is wrong, I don’t ever want to be right.

This love quote tells your husband how much you are decided about loving him. Whether it is considered right or wrong, that doesn’t matter to you. You will love him for better, for worse.

  • Sometimes I think that loving you is a dream and I don’t ever want to wake up

Let your husband know that you actually love loving him. It is among the things that you always feel like doing once and time again. This assures him that you will never have enough of him of bored of the your marriage relationship.

  • The love I have for you is like copied assignment, I honestly can’t describe it

This is a solemn declaration to your husband that you feel too much attached to him and that it is not possible to fully describe what you feel for him.

  • Babe the love I have for you cannot be compared to the kind of love in romantic movies around, it is way too high

Keep assuring your husband that no soap operas movies can fully describe how much you feel for him. Although a good number of marriages have been broken by unrealistic romantic movies, yours can stand out.

  • Sometimes I think too much about you that I cannot do a thing without having to hear from you first

Make your husband know that you keep thinking about him from time to time. This is an assurance that he is surely part of all that happens within you. Every man wants to hear that.

  • Since I fell in love with you, I haven’t found anything else better in this world. You are my happiness, all that matters to me

This is a romantic love quote that would make your husband feel so close to you. It makes him to keep wanting to be the source of your happiness.

I love you husband message

  • Much as I love chocolate, I can easily stop indulging in it, but in you I will never

This tells your husband that you will never have enough of him.

  • You are more than just handsome, because you have a beautiful heart that makes you my perfect husband

The heart is so sensitive and brings about a distinctive difference in any relationship. Let your husband know that you are not only attracted to him due to his handsome looks, but the beautiful heart he has. This makes your relationship more intimate and romantic.

  • I enjoy life much more than before after getting married to you, it is because of living it with you

This is a love quote expressing that you enjoy your stay with your husband.

  • If forever exists, I want to spend it with you

Most times, the marriage vows are that the couple will live together until death does you part. However, this should not be an excuse for which you shouldn’t tell your husband that you would want to spend much longer time with him.

  • There is only one thing I consider a greatest achievement in my life, loving you

This is a romantic love quote that gives your husband a lot of confidence in knowing that they are a dream come true in your life. It makes them feel more intimate and attached to you.

  • It doesn’t matter what the world thinks about us, for I can’t just stop loving you

Marriages are faced with a lot of opposition from the world as well as envious people. Some of these oppositions cause marriage separation. Assure your husband that the world does not matter, it’s just you two.

  • One of the best things in life is not knowing that my life will be free from challenges, it is the assurance that I won’t have to face them alone

This is an awesome love quote to tell your husband that you always count on his support and that you really appreciate it.

  • If only I knew that my happiness and wishes would be fulfilled on our wedding day, I think I would have gotten married to you soon after birth.
  • The word wish is no longer found in my dictionary, it is because mine was fulfilled the moment I got married to you.

This is a crazy and romantic love quote that would make any man so proud for having you as their wife.

  • When I found you, I found the rest of my life

This love quote gives your husband an impression that he makes your life complete. Therefore, he will try all he can to give you nothing but the best.

  • One of the things that I love about you is that you find perfection in my imperfect nature by warmly correcting me whenever I go wrong.
  • I do not understand the saying that “no one is perfect”. This is because in you I find that perfect husband I have always dreamt of.


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