Iliac Crest Pain


The occurrence of iliac crest pain is not such a common phenomenon among the general population. Iliac crest pain is normally a frequent disorder primarily occurring in persons of the older generation especially, runners and athletes. The disease seems to affect people already suffering from lower back pain. However, the iliac crest pain may also affect people belonging to all age groups. The pain is sharp and set to occur with severe intensity accompanied by rapid fluctuations.

The pain is felt along the crest area, however, might extend throughout the spine of a human being. The pain also follows a different trajectory initiating in the sciatic nerve path passing through the hip before extending onto the groin area. It is crucial to identify the exact location where the pain initiates in the human body. Once, the area affected by the iliac crest pain is determined; it becomes easier for the individual to commence the recovery procedure. Therefore, it could be said, that a broad and in – depth understanding of the anatomy of the human body is critical in covering the anatomy of the chest pain, causes, diagnosis and the associated treatment procedures for quick relief from pain.

Anatomy of the iliac crest

The above picture represents the typical hip bone of a human being. The hip bone is considered to be a large and irregular bone. The hip bone is responsible for the formation of the bony front and the side wall of the pelvis. The hip bone has three main associated parts:

  • Ischium
  • Ilium
  • Pubis

The Ilium is the largest part of the hip bone and is further divided into two segments i.e. the body and the ala. The most interesting part of the discussion is the iliac crest that is a part of the posterior superior iliac spine and the anterior superior iliac spine.

Reasons for iliac crest pain

The primary causes for iliac crest pain could be listed as follows –

Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction

The sacroiliac joint in a human body is a place where the joint between the sacrum and the iliac bone could be located thereby forming the pelvis. As this particular joint is one of the most important joints associated meant for support, there aren’t a lot of activities related to the movement.

Iliac apophysitis

Iliac apophysitis could be associated with the inflammation and pain that are primarily originating in the iliac crest of the human body. The pain is usually occurring in the place of attachment of the abdominal muscles. The apophysitis could also occur and weaken the muscles of the body when the human body is exposed to longer hours of strenuous activity.

Gluteus Muscle Problems

The iliac crest pain may have associated problems related to the gluteus muscle. The tightness and the aggravation cause extreme pain and discomfort below the area of the iliac crest. The pain and discomfort in this field have the tendency to interfere with the walking of a human being reducing the overall stamina thereby; affecting the motion range and the flexibility limit of the human hip joint.

Other causes of the iliac crest pain may also be in the form of pain and swelling in the hip caused by the injury to the pelvis area and also injury of the iliolumbar ligament.

Remedies for iliac crest pain

  • Stopping the activities related to pain might be beneficial and act as a remedy for iliac crest pain.
  • People suffering from iliac crest pain are advised to take adequate rest to avoid increasing the crest pain. However, it is important to seek medical advice along with adequate amount of rest of the human body.
  • It is recommended to perform icing of the affected area that reduces pain, inflammation and swelling. It is advisable to apply ice wrapped in a cloth for almost 15 minutes twice a day.
  • Careful stretching of the muscles could act as a remedy for iliac crest pain.

Medical solutions to iliac crest pain

The necessary medical remedies to iliac crest pain could be

  • Electric Stimulation
  • Surgery
  • Various ranges of motion exercises
  • Physical therapies
  • Anti – inflammatory medications and treatment
  • Applying injections to the affected area

Prevention of iliac crest pain

The following preventions could be implemented for restricting iliac crest pain

  • Tracks should be used for the purpose of running. Always consider running on the even stretch of road.
  • Use of appropriate footwear is important in preventing iliac crest pain.
  • Adequate warm – up of the body before running is necessary.


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