Is A Potato A Vegetable?


First there was the tomato debate – is it a fruit or is it a vegetable? Now there is the question about the humble potato.

Is a potato a vegetable? 

Is A Potato A Vegetable? We think the potato is a root vegetable but this has been debated. It grows under the ground much like other root vegetables such as radishes and onions which would seem to suggest it could be a root vegetable.

Aside from a vegetable, the potato has been accused of being a fruit but seeing as most fruits come with seeds and there are no seeds present in the potato itself, it doesn’t appear that it fits with this bracket at all. Plus, the humble spud doesn’t come from the flowering plant which again makes it not a fruit.

A vegetable is something not sweet tasting like strawberries or apples. Most fruits are ones associated with a sweet taste although there are the citrus delicacies to enjoy also. However, a vegetable is known to be something that grows on a tree or on a plant and seeing as the potato doesn’t grow on a tree or plant but instead under the ground, can it still be classified as a vegetable at all?

In conclusion… 

Although not conventionally a vegetable, the potato comes under an almost sub-category known as tuberous or root vegetables, and as a vegetable it can be accredited as such because of the tree-based nature.

The end result – yes, a potato is a vegetable – a root vegetable!


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