Is baby oil good for your skin?


As the name suggests, baby oil is formulated by the careful mixing of some essential ingredients and nutrients and is applied to the sensitive skin of babies. The other way of defining baby oil is also perfumed mineral oil. There is always a lot of discussions whether baby oil should be applied to the skin or not. According to various medical experts, baby oil is safe and should be implemented to the skin. It may be worth mentioning that the employment of baby oil is not only limited in the case of infants. Baby oil can be achieved for the following goals as well –

Making your hair smooth

As an after shave

As moisturizer for the skin


Is the application of baby oil recommended for your skin?

It may be mentioned that you can always apply baby oil to your sensitive skin. You might come across differences of opinions regarding the application of baby oil. However, if you go by the advice of medical experts, you can consider applying baby oil that will act as excellent moisturizers.


The baby oil is primarily formulated by mixing the following ingredients –

Mineral Oil – Chemically this is known as liquid paraffin and is obtained from petroleum. It is safe for application to your skin.

Extracts from aloe vera – This is usually in the form of a concentrated gel. It might have certain side effects especially, in babies.

Vitamin A – The Vitamin A is present in the form of retinol. The application of retinol prevents the skin from getting dry.

Vitamin E – The Vitamin E is an excellent anti – oxidant and protects the skin from the free radical damage.

Honey – The honey present in the baby oil is in the processed form. Honey has excellent antiseptic properties that are essential for the skin.

Other Ingredients – Some of the other ingredients present in the baby oil are emollients, specially made aromatic substances, etc.

Nowadays, it is possible to have cent percent naturally made baby oil. The ingredients may slightly differ in this case and are as follows –

Carrier Oil – Usually from coconut, sweet almond, jojoba, etc.

Beeswax – Provides a thick concentration of the oil.

Essential Oils – These oils are obtained from lavender, calendula, tangerine, etc.

Vitamin E Oil – Obtained from wheat germ oil.

Application of baby oil

For hair – The use of the baby oil for your hair will make the hair silky and smooth. You can consider applying baby oil to your hair frequently.

For skin – The application of baby oil for your skin has considerable benefits. These may be listed as follows –

  • Baby oil will help to get relief from heel cracks.
  • Use of baby oil in cold climates will help you to prevent numbness in your skin.
  • The baby oil acts as an effective make – up removal agent.
  • The application of baby oil as an after – shave will help you to smoothen your skin.
  • Baby oil also contributes to preventing dryness of the skin under the eyes.

As a lubricant – Baby oil has many interesting applications. It might be applied to some of the simpler machines at your homes to function them better. However, you should be careful about not consuming baby oil as it might produce negative results.

Miscellaneous Uses – Application of baby oil has other important uses as well. These uses may be highlighted as follows –

  • The application of baby oil acts as earwax. Baby oil helps you to remove wax from your ears.
  • The baby oil is said to have qualities that contribute to untangle a necklace.
  • A Certain form of baby oil has excellent qualities to remove the stretch marks from your skin.
  • You can peel off a bandage easily with the application of baby oil.
  • The rashes formed in a child due to diapers could be prevented with the use of baby oil.
  • The use of baby oil could also be in the form of regular body massage.
  • You can use baby oil as an efficient shoe polish.
  • The removal of tattoos could be made easier with the use of baby oil.
  • Application of baby oil might provide you relief from insect bites.

For Acne – You can easily use the baby oil for it’s not – comedogenic qualities.  It may be used directly to the skin.

For tanning purposes – You can apply baby oil to your skin with the small addition of iodine. The application of baby oil for massaging purposes helps you to get smoother skin. However, you should not apply iodine frequently to your skin.

Any Possible side effects?

It may be mentioned that application of baby oil has no considerable side effects. Several studies have proven the efficiency of baby oil. The best part of using the baby oil can, therefore, be the absence of any side effects.


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