Is Lucid Dreaming Dangerous?


You might have experienced a phenomenon while sleeping deeply that you were able to “experience” dream that was occurring to you. You could actually see and feel what is happening as if it was happening in front of your eyes in the broad daylight. You feel it good if you have nice, beautiful dreams most of the time. On the other hand, you might feel horrendous to be aware as well as helpless at the same time to have a nightmare.

downloadThis phenomenon, when you are aware that you are dreaming, is called lucid dreaming. You must be aware of the word “lucid”, meaning mental clarity. Your vision is crystal clear while you are dreaming. However, you may partly forget what you were dreaming about when you open your eyes.

In good sense, lucid dreaming is like an opportunity for you to tinkle your bizarre abilities, which are buried in the unexploited parts of the brain. Despite the fact that you are not a super human in the real life, you can be yourself while you are awake, and you can become an iron man while you are sleeping. It can be really fun sometimes. You can set aside all your obstacles from your real life and fly up to the farthest corners of the sky, or the deepest layers of the Earth. And what’s the best part? You can punch your enemy hard in face and still wake up smiling!

What does lucid dreaming actually mean?

Even though it means to have a clear dream, lucid dreaming is much more than dreaming clearly. To be in a lucid dream, you must be aware that you are dreaming just a dream. And that is all. You do not have to control your dreams. However, many lucid dreamers try to control their dreams. People are attracted to this phenomenon because they want to be capable of doing what they could not do while awake. For instance, if someone has not achieved success despite their best efforts, they might want to experience the success in their dreams.

The reason why people desire for lucid dreaming

Many people have in fact realized the advantages of lucid dreaming. That is why they want to experience this phenomenon. It enables you to:

  • Discover your world of dreams with complete clarity. The things you touch, hear, see, smell and taste can be very authentic just like reality.
  • Fulfill all your fantasies. You can do whatever you want- go speed boating, jump from a mountain and fly, travel in time, fight with dinosaurs, go to the other planets. Just anything can be achieved in a lucid dream.
  • Conquer your personal emotional and psychological issues. Since you are safe in the vicinity of your lucid dream, you can counter your phobias, anxiety, fears, nightmares, recurring dreams and past traumas.
  • Knock the instinct of creativity tapped inside you. In unexpected and surreal ways, you can seek inspiration for painting, create music, and solve your professional technical problems.

Dangers of lucid dreaming

It is quite difficult to say that lucid dreaming is dangerous because it is a subjective issue. However, it is definitely much less dangerous than many other things you face every day.

Difficult to differentiate between reality and dreamsdownload (2)

If you are a habitual lucid dreamer, it might become difficult for you to make a distinction between the reality and your dreams. For instance, you may sometimes forget about a memory whether it belonged to your dream or reality. If you travel around a city that you have read about, you may find nothing new in it when you actually visit the place.

You can overcome this problem if you pen down all your dreams in a dream journal. It helps you to go back to your diary and check if you have any doubts.

As you get customary to lucid dreaming, you can overcome this danger as you will be able to tell the difference between dream and reality. You will also be able to remember the context of your dreams.

Distancing from family

When you are not able to make distinction between your fantasies and real life, it may create barriers between you and your family. Many people are not aware of lucid dreaming. Thus, they may consider the behavior of dreamers as weird or crazy.

Accidents while dreaming

If you experience lucid dreaming on a regular basis, you might even face some minor accidents while sleep walking. Thus, it is important for you to know how you can deal with lucid dreaming to avoid any danger.

Difficulty in waking up

It might become difficult to get off the bed when you are dreaming consciously. Sometimes, you do not want to wake up and at the other times you cannot help it.


Many people cannot control lucid dreaming during their sleep. Thus, they do not experience good quality of sleep and wake up tired.

Signals that you are under risk

It is important that you must understand the signs of warning of lucid dreaming. If you experience any of the signs mentioned below, you must consult an expert.

  • You are not able to remember things.
  • You experience familiarity with unknown places.
  • You cannot recognize people around you.
  • Some things seem unreal to you.
  • You cannot remember many important events in your life.

Many experts say that everyone can potentially practice lucid dreaming. But, very few people are able to learn how to exercise it habitually.

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