Is marijuana a depressant?


Marijuana is a drug, which is also known, as  pot, ganja, weed, or cannabis. It is generally smoked, but you may also ingest or vaporize it. Marijuana or cannabis is commonly available in three forms, which are:

  • As a dried plant, which is called weed that is smoked in bongs, joints, or pipes
  • Hashish, which is the resin of the plant is often smoked after mixing in tobacco or added in foods, like brownies
  • Hash oil, which is the plant’s liquid extract which is often smoked or ingested

Marijuana has several types of effects on its user. Among these many effects, some of them are often related to depressants. Is marijuana really a depressant? Does it acts like a depressant on its user or is it just a normal drug. Read on to find out.

Can we call it a depressant?

Marijuana is said to be a psychedelic drug. However, the ingredients present in marijuana have several effects of a depressant. Thus, marijuana can also be named a depressant.

Marijuana contains many chemicals, among which the chief active ingredients are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), which are the most studied ones. People who inhale marijuana often experience tiredness, muscle relaxation, sedation, and decreased alertness. All of these effects of marijuana are like depressants.

Does marijuana lead to depression?

Even though, there is not any connection between becoming depressed and using marijuana, there are some studies, which show that marijuana is correlated with diagnosed depression. Depression can be caused due to many factors and often people who suffer from depression take marijuana in order to numb any negative emotions and feelings. Also, it is possible that the person who consumes marijuana appears depressed due to the drug’s dulling effects.

Some risks of consuming marijuana

Apart from depression, there are many other effects of consuming marijuana. The effects of this type of drug can differ from person to person, even though they consume the same strains. Let us look at five common risks or effects that marijuana has on people.

  • Like every other drug, marijuana too is addictive. Almost 10 per cent of people who have smoked cannabis in America have become dependent on it.
  • One of the common thoughts about the risks of using cannabis relates to the fact that it is a gateway for other drugs. This means that it paves the way for other hard drugs. However, this risk or effect is not still clear due to lack of solid evidence and is still studied.
  • Wed MD states that the level of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol in marijuana is increased from 4 per cent to 7 per cent. Even in legal or state-regulated marijuana, you may not be able to detect the THC as well as other compound levels.
  • Marijuana can make certain mental illnesses worse, such as anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, – psychosis, schizophrenia, etc.
  • When taken in excess levels, marijuana can lower the levels of testosterone and can ultimately decrease the sperm count in men.


Besides these, some other risks of consuming marijuana are as follows:

Sore throat Dry mouth Bronchitis Being clumsy Mood swings
Blurred vision Lack of libido Asthma Memory loss Increased heart rate
Less fertility Greater tolerance Less reflexes Low blood pressure Reflective or quiet mood
Anxiety or paranoia Trouble concentrating Difficulty in learning Relaxation feelings Hearing or seeing things
Greater susceptibility to flu or cold Spontaneous and excessive laughter Increased hunger feeling Dependence Cancer (when smoked in collaboration  tobacco)
Not able to interact socially, look after your finances, work



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