Is Pickle Juice Good For You?


is pickle juice good for you?Although perhaps not the first food or drink you’ll think of when someone asks you what your favorite food is, upon further research it would seem that there are so many benefits to using and drinking pickle juice that it’s a wonder we haven’t all started doing it before. With links to replacing lost nutrients after dehydration right through to soothing sunburnt skin, it would appear the answer to the question is a resounding yes.

Why is Pickle Juice Food For You? 

Rather than pouring away the jar of pickle juice once all the pickles are eaten, you should keep that brackish water because, according to experts, there are a whole host of benefits from beauty benefits to health-boosting properties.

Let’s take a closer look:

Pickle juice can replenish lost electrolytes. 

There is some truth to this and actually, drinking pickle juice after you’ have exercised can have the same effect as drinking a bottle of Gatorade with one big difference… You’re cutting out a lot of that sugar.

Pickle juice is made up of three things – calcium chloride, vinegar, and sodium.

Sodium is a mineral and an electrolyte that keeps the water and electrolyte balance right within the body. It also dictates how various parts work and to be more specific, the muscles and nerves.

Calcium chloride, or CaCl2, becomes chloride and calcium ions in the body and helps to contribute to healthy muscles, bones and nerves. If you have a diet lacking in calcium, you are likely to suffer with weak muscles and an irregular heart beat and it can even effect how signals are received and interpreted by the brain. Not only that but the chloride ions helps to regulate how acidic (pH level) your blood is and also control the levels of fluid in the body.

Vinegar contains high levels of potassium which is essential for your body to rejuvenate. This encourages cell and muscle regrowth and can also improve the body’s chemical reactions. Not only that but it contains pectin, magnesium and beta-carotene which are also essential for the nerve and muscle systems within the body.

Taking these into consideration, you can understand why pickle juice is good for you. It increases the mineral intake into our body so that your muscles, cells and nerves can work in tip-top condition – stretching and contracting when you exercise, and also encouraging regrowth of cells and tissue to treat wounds and injuries.

Not just replenishing lost electrolytes during times of sickness and working out, pickle juice could actually improve your overall body health before, during and after a workout.

Pickle juice can help with a hangover. 

In much the same way that minerals present in pickle juice can help with dehydration and electrolyte-loss for sickness and exercise, it can also help with a hangover. Most hangovers are caused by dehydration so by drinking the bitter fluid, you will be increasing the electrolytes and getting your body back to working order quicker.

Pickle juice can help with an upset stomach. 

Although not scientifically studied as such, there is an old wive’s tale that drinking pickle juice could actually help alleviate the symptoms associated with an upset stomach. Honey and vinegar together are both said to be good for aiding tummy troubles, and these are two ingredients often found in many pickle juice remedies. Or you could just add some honey of your own, of course.

It has also been said that pickle juice can also help with morning sickness but because of the risk with the acidity of the vinegar, it is advised that you consult with a doctor before trying this while pregnant.

Pickle juice can help with sunburnt skin. 

Vinegar is another of the old wive’s tales that can help with sunburn and seeing as vinegar is the main ingredient of many pickle juice recipes, you can understand why pickle juice applied directly to the area can help. Used neat on a cotton wool pad, the stinging sensation can actually help to relieve the tightness and irritation of burnt skin, and it will have best results when used straight from the fridge.

Can Too Much Pickle Juice Be Bad For You? 

If you have acid reflux or suffer with heartburn, drinking pickle juice probably isn’t going to the right idea for you as the acidity of the juice can really irritate the inflammation and tenderness in your digestive tract. It can have quite an upsetting effect on your stomach too causing things such as flatulence, nausea and diarrhea. It can also cause bloating because of the high sodium level and this could also cause an increase in blood pressure so should be avoided by those with hypertension.

One final thing you’ll need to take into consideration is if you have sensitive or damaged kidneys. There is a lot of salt present in the pickle juice and this will put increased force on your kidneys.

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