Kidney Pain After Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol abuse may lead to stress on the liver and kidneys. A common concern is kidney pain after drinking alcohol. Excessive drinking eventually will overtax the kidneys and result in medical complications. If you have noticed that your kidneys or other organs are experiencing pain or unpleasant sensations, then you have likely damaged your kidneys. The pain may vary in intensity and duration. Problems of the kidneys may be signs that the liver and urinary tract are at potential risk.


Kidney Pain After Drinking Alcohol

If you are experiencing these symptoms, then you may want to know the medical reasons why this is happening. This will be explored. It should be stated that if you are experiencing kidney pain after alcohol consumption, then you should immediately stop consuming alcohol. Your body needs time to naturally cleanse itself of alcohol and to recuperate. The body has been abused, and it would be beneficial to attempt to permanently stop using alcohol.

1. Kidney Failure

The kidneys may have been overtaxed and have begun to fail. The kidneys, along with the liver, are responsible for removing alcohol and other poisons from the body. It is important to understand that alcohol is a poison in the body, and consumption of it will lead to numerous health complications. Excessive drinking will cause the kidney to continuously work, which will eventually lead to the kidneys becoming weak or injured. Dehydration, which is commonly associated with alcoholism, also leads to kidney problems.

2. Liver Failure

Liver disease and failure are also associated with alcohol abuse. An inefficient liver will make it more difficult for the kidneys to properly function. This will cause the kidneys to work harder, which will lead to dehydration and unpleasant sensations. Liver disease may be caused by alcohol consumption or other influences. If you have liver problems for any reason, then do not consume alcohol.

3. Pelviureteric Junction

The Pelviureteric Junction may be obstructed. This is often associated with alcohol abuse, and it may result in kidney pain. This pain will feel as though it is closer to the lower back. This occurs when the renal pelvis is partially or completely blocked. This obstruction may lead to other serious medical conditions.

4. Kidney Stones

Dehydration, which is a common symptom of alcoholism, leads to the production of kidney stones. Kidney stones are collections of minerals that are located in the kidney. Poor diets and lack of exercise are also associated with alcohol abuse, and these qualities also lead to the production of kidney stones. Kidney pain after drinking alcohol may be a symptom of kidney stones. Removing kidney stones is unpleasant and painful, so it is wise to avoid anything that helps to produce them.

Prevention and Treatment

There are some ways to help prevent and treat kidney pain. For serious conditions, it is wise to speak with a medical professional. For severe alcoholics, seeking professional support or social groups will be beneficial. Caring for alcohol abuse will also help to reduce medical complications for other physical and psychological disorders.

1. Quit Alcohol

Alcohol, as mentioned before, is a poison. Immediately stop the consumption of alcohol. The pains that you are experiencing are caused by long term abuse of excess quantities of alcohol. Your body is explaining that it needs to stop being exposed to alcohol. Even if you do not drink often, it is wise to stop the consumption of alcohol. If you have difficulties quitting, then join a meeting or discussion group. Serious cases may want to check into a rehabilitation facility.

2. Reduce Alcohol

For those who are unwilling to stop consuming alcohol and are not concerned about the associated problems with alcoholism, then a reduction in consumption may be helpful. At this point, it should be obvious that there is a problem with addiction. Try drinking only once a month or on special occasions. Even then, drink in moderation and be certain to drink water and eat healthy foods. Drink slowly and wait an hour before having a second glass.

3. Stress Management

Some people choose to drink alcohol to deal with stress or trauma. This is an unhealthy solution that will not solve the problem. In fact, alcohol consumption is likely increasing the stress in your life. Instead, try to develop something new in your life. If work is causing you to drink, then quit and find a new job. Your health and your family are more important than any job. If social reasons are causing you to drink, then remove those people from your life. In cases of trauma, it is best to speak with a medical professional about your past. There are many options to choose from that are healthy and beneficial, unlike alcohol.

4. Lifestyle Change

Social drinkers may find that the best way to manage their kidney pain after drinking is to change their lifestyle. If you normally go to the bar during the weekend, then develop a beneficial hobby. Start hiking or kayaking to entertain yourself. If physical activities do not interest you, then turn your attention to art or music. If a particular friend influences you to drink, then they likely have a problem with alcohol as well. It would be good for you to invite them to an alcohol-free adventure.

5. Family Focus

For those who have a spouse, children or aging parents, then perhaps it is time to focus on them. These people need you, and the focus on alcohol may be harming them. Work through any relationship problems in a sober and rational manner. These actions may help to reduce the underlying reasons for your alcoholism. This will bring many benefits into your life.


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