Least Likely Time to Get Pregnant


menstrual-cycle-sf7Whether you are trying to conceive a child, or trying to avoid pregnancy knowing the least likely time to get pregnant can be helpful. Although all women are unique, and their menstrual cycles may not be regular- knowing your own menstrual cycle can very well help you to be aware of the times you are more likely to get pregnant and the times you are least likely to get pregnant.

The woman’s menstrual cycle

Women experience a menstrual cycle that can average from 28-35 days. But hormonal imbalances and lack of ovulation, cysts & tumors, and other female abnormalities can change the space of days between ovulation and when menstruation begins and stops.

So in an average woman with a normal, regular menstrual cycle there are different optimal times that they can get pregnant- and at other times a woman is least likely to get pregnant.

A Woman’s Most Likely Time to Get Pregnant

During the phase of Ovulation is the most likely time to get pregnant. Ovulation usually lasts for only 1 day and occurs in the middle of the cycle of menses.

This is usually anywhere from 12-16 days since the woman’s last period. It is 14 days if the woman’s experiences her period every 28 days, and 15 days if the woman gets her period every 29 days, and 16 if a woman’s cycle is 30 days and so forth.

Because the life of sperm can live from 1-days, a woman can get pregnant for up to 5 days after she ovulates.

What is the Least Likely Time to Get Pregnant

During the phase of menstruation is the least likely time to get pregnant considering that during menstruation- ovulation does not occur. Any other days a woman can have irregularities that cause her to ovulate before or after a normal 14-day phase. Some experts also report that a woman is pretty safe and least likely to get pregnant from 5 days that she stopped menstruating.

There are ways that you can calculate your most likely time to get pregnant and most likely time to not get pregnant. By using your regular cycles with simple calculations some tools can help you estimate the day you ovulate- thus helping you pin down a date that your most likely to conceive.


Calculate Your Next Menstrual Period, Ovulation & Due Date


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