Lemon Peel Benefits


health-benefits-and-uses-of-lemon-peel21Lemon contains a great amount of natural health benefits. Not only can you use lemon, lemon juice, and lemon peel in foods and in beverages- the properties in lemon can also give way to an entirely different and widespread amount of uses. From skin health, detoxification, to its lovely scent, to improving your overall health lemon peel can be used for just about anything that will benefit you immensely.

To give you a large idea of the many lemon peel benefits, we have all the information you need from uses, to benefits, to even how to use lemon peel yourself and reap the rewards.

Nutritional Value and Content of Lemon Peel

Did you know that not only does lemon juice and lemons contain important essentials for health, but the lemon peel of the lemon does as well. In fact the lemon peel is exactly where the most nutrients in a lemon are contained.


Lemon Peel Benefits

Can Prevent Hypertension:

Lemon peel has citric acid and natural properties in it that have been shown to help decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease and to also help balance blood pressure in the body. When eaten and consumed regular participants who were at high risk or who already had high blood pressure or elevated blood pressure noticed a significant difference in 2 months of taken lemon peel on a regular basis.

Anti-Oxidant Rich:

The combination of components, citric acid, and anti-oxidants in lemon peel make for a slue of benefits including that of fighting heart disease, cancer, boosting immunity, defying aging, and more. Anti-Oxidants aid in cell growth, healthy cell growth. They also help to keep the body’s organs and all systems functioning optimally. Additionally, anti-oxidants play a huge role in helping to fight cancer and keeping you healthy.

Detoxification of Body:

Lemon peel and lemon juice are both essential ingredients used in many natural detox diets such as the master cleanse, the lemon diet, and more. Lemon juice is strong when used in concentration and the same applies for lemon peel. It can help you to flush out toxins that come from processed foods, pollutants in the air, and also from medications, alcohol, and nicotine. It can also help to aid in digestion, keep bowel health optimal, and to clean your colon from fecal matter and excess debris.

Improves Skin Health:

Lemon peel can be made into scrubs and peels that can be applied to the skin. The citric acid can remove dirt, debris, and toxins from your skin. It moisturizes, purifies, naturally lightens, cleanses, and helps skin to heal from inflammation, blemishes, and even conditions such as scars, acne, redness and uneven skin tone and burns can benefit from using lemon peel.

Lowers Bad Cholesterol:

Recent studies shown on the impact of lemon peel on the human body prove that using lemon peel on a consistent basis can even help to lower your bad cholesterol levels naturally. Additionally, lemon peel also helps you to increase good cholesterol levels as well.

Can Be Used as an Insect Repellent:

There is something about the citric acid and makeup of lemon peel that helps to un-attract insects. Sometimes lemon peel is used as an active, organic ingredient in insect repellents, You can also make your own repellent if you like by using lemon peel and setting it out where insects are bound to be.

Promote Bone Health

Bone health is essential, especially as we age. Most people of this planet suffer from calcium deficiency. Lemon peel is high in calcium naturally in small, concentrated doses. Along with its high-content of Vitamin C, lemon peel’s rich content of calcium can help to promote bone health and also prevent diseases and conditions of the bones such as arthritis, fractures and breaks, and osteoporosis.

Helps Oral Hygiene

Vitamin C has a significant impact on oral and dental health. A deficiency of calcium and Vitamin C can result in infections in the gums, weak/soft teeth, gingivitis, caries, tartar build-up, and gums that swell & bleed frequently. It is also true that using direct lemon juice to teeth it should be noted that the aciditiy content in the lemon juice can actually wear down the tooth enamel. Always make sure to rinse the teeth well when using lemon peel or lemon juice as a natural oral hygiene remedy.

Weight Loss Aid

Because of its ability to detoxify the body, Lemon has also shown itself as a substantial weight loss aid. Its combination of properties and its content of pectin, lemon peel helps your body NOT to absorb sugar or store it as fat when used in concentrated form.

How to Use Lemon Peel

  • You can freeze a lemon or a few for 4-5 hours, Then it makes them easier for you to grate the peel off of the lemon. Then you can use the lemon peel or zest on top of your favorite foods and as a complimentary ingredient in beverages.
  • You can add the lemon zest to organic scrubs to improve your skin health.
  • Put a bowl or dish of lemon zest out to absorb odors and to also repel insects.
  • Eat lemons with the peel if you want each day to get the benefits.
  • Organic lemons are the most natural- and they are the best for yielding benefits

Lemon Peel Benefits: Bottom Line

If you want the fullest extent of lemon peel benefits as possible, you should utilize the tips mentioned above. As you can tell there are so many lemon peel benefits we can’t even begin to list them all. If you like organic health foods and want to get the most out of what lemon peel has to offer you, use as much lemon peel for as many reasons, and purposes as possible.


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