Light Yellow Discharge

When it comes to vaginal discharge, a light yellow discharge can mean a number of things. With so many advertisements for feminine hygiene products, it can seem like your news is constantly flooded with information about what to do, wear or experience. While every woman experiences vaginal discharge, this issue is seldom talked about. When something goes wrong, you can feel like you are the only person to experience the problem.

In reality, women experience discharge every day. It can change throughout the menstrual cycle, during illness or during pregnancy. Some women are too embarrassed to talk to their doctor about their discharge, but this is a perfectly normal occurrence. Normally, healthy discharge is white or clear in color. Depending on the part of the menstrual cycle, the discharge can vary in thickness or consistency.

What Causes Light Yellow Discharge?

Light yellow discharge can be a normal occurrence. As long as there is no odd smell, redness, itchiness or soreness around the vulva, then it is probably not a problem. Sometimes, women have a light yellow vaginal discharge during early pregnancy or right before their period is supposed to begin. If it occurs right before your period begins, it will have no smell. There may be soreness or itchiness, but these symptoms will go away once your menstrual cycle begins.

Normally, the consistency of your discharge will change throughout your menstrual cycle. When your period ends, the discharge will typically be white and thick. Before you period starts, the discharge is generally white and thick as well, but it may also look slightly yellowish in color. In the middle of your menstrual cycle, the vaginal mucus will look like a clear liquid similar to raw egg whites.

When Should I Be Worried About Light Yellow Discharge?

If you normally have light yellow discharge right before your period, then you probably do not have anything to worry about unless you have other symptoms. If the color has recently changed, you may have cause to be concerned. This is especially true if you experience stomach pain, redness, inflammation, blood stains, itchiness or soreness. If the discharge has an odor as well, then it may be caused by a condition known as vaginitis.

Vaginitis is a word that means an inflammation of the vagina. When the vaginal flora and bacteria are out of balance, vaginitis can happen. Normally, the female body self-regulates its pH and flora. Yeast and bacteria need estrogen, an acidic environment and moisture to grow healthily. If these conditions are not present, the balance of good and bad flora in the vagina is messed up. When this happens, you may experience symptoms of vaginitis like a light yellow discharge, soreness, fishy odors, redness and itchiness.

If you have vaginitis, it is important to see your doctor. He or she will do a Pap test or take a sample to decide if vaginitis is the cause. Then, they will most likely give you antibiotics to help your pH balance return to normal.


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