50 Love Notes for Her


If you want to show her how much you care, you need to find a good way to say it. These love notes for her are designed to get your girlfriend, crush or wife to fall head over heels in love with you. Once you have won her affection, make sure to send love notes like this periodically so that she knows that you still love her just as much as the day that you met her.

50 Love Notes for Her

1. When I dream, I dream of you. One day, perhaps that wish will come true.

This love note for her works because it expresses your longing to be with her. While it is best used on a crush, it could also be used when you are far apart from the woman that you love for work, school or family reasons.

2. I was just wondering . . . could I have a kiss from you today?

Your love notes do not have to be exceptionally clever or poetic to make her smile. Leave a cute note like this on her pillow before you leave for the day, and she will spend the rest of her day thinking about you.

3. There are two reasons why I get out of bed each day: my alarm clock and you. I only love one of these reasons.

This is a lovely way to show your devotion to her and how much she means to you.

4. You are the only person that brightens your soul.

If your girlfriend makes you happier than you have ever been in your life, make sure that she knows it by leaving her a note like this.

5. I have never been so certain about anything as I have been about our relationship together.

Sometimes, your girlfriend just needs to hear that you are still in love with her and completely committed to the relationship. Sending her messages like this periodically help her know that you are still just as in love with her now as the day that you met her.

6. Throughout the good and bad, I will always be here for you.

When you have someone to help you through the good times and the bad, everything seems to be much easier. Let her know that you will always be there for her.

7. During every day of my life, you are the sunshine that brightens everything.

This is a beautiful way to say that she matters to you and she makes your everyday life happier.

8. I spent my life looking for a woman that I adore, and I am so lucky to have found you.

You don’t always need poetic language or flowery prose to make her smile. Be honest and tell her that you are lucky to have met the right person.

9. Words begin with A, B, C. Numbers start with 1, 2, 3. Music starts with do, re, mi. And love begins with you and me.

If you want a cute (and perhaps a little bit corny) poem, this would be a great love note for her to make your girlfriend smile.

10. If I did not spend every day adoring you and loving you, then I would not deserve you.

This is sure to bring a smile to her face.

11. You have the most beautiful smile that I have ever seen.

If you just met someone and want to flirt with her, this is an excellent way to start. It lets her know that you find her attractive without scaring her away by being too blatant. In the beginning, it is always safer to stick with compliments regarding her eyes, smile or beauty.

12. When I think of you, I realize how complete you make my world.

If you want an even more in-depth love note, try combining several of the quotes on this list to make one longer, more beautiful message.

13. What is love? It is the smile I get whenever the phone rings, and I realize that it is a text from you.

This is a wonderful thing to text her because it will make her smile and, hopefully, she will text you back as well.

14. I only smile out of true happiness when I am smiling back at you.

You smile at co-workers and your family, but how many times are your smiles out of politeness instead of genuine happiness? If your partner makes you smile in bliss, let her know it.

15. My heart is calling out to you—will you answer it?

This is a cute thing to text her before you call her at night.

16. My prayers are that you will always be at my side, and I hope that my prayers are always answered.

You cannot always know how a relationship will turn out, but showing your appreciation and gratitude go a long way toward transforming a relationship into a strong, lasting bond.

17. Your love has turned my entire world upside down.

When you fall in love, it can feel like everything is different. The world seems a little brighter and everything seems easier. Let her know how you feel through love notes for her like this one.

18. Whatever you do, I’ll be with you making your dreams come true. Anytime, anywhere and I’ll be there wishing you happiness because I care.

The rhymes are not perfect, but this love note should still make her feel loved and supported.

19. Why don’t you switch me on?

You can tape this message to her remote control or any turned off item in her house. When she sees it, she will smile and hopefully take you up on the offer.

20. I can’t promise that I’ll be perfect, but I can promise that I will always try to make you smile and be there when you need me.

Don’t promise her the moon and stars unless you can deliver it. Instead, be honest and tell her that you will try your best to always be the type of guy that she needs in her life.

21. A minute in your warm embrace is eternal bliss for me.

This is a wonderful way to let your girlfriend or wife know just how much she means to you.

22. Perfect pairs are rare to find, but I have found mine in you.

Too many people end up getting divorced or having difficult relationships. If you are lucky enough to find someone who is your soulmate, do everything that you can to keep them.

23. Even when the day is dull, you are the sunshine that lights up my world.

When you are having a hard time, this is a good way to tell your partner that they make a difference. Even when things are difficult, having her around makes the challenges in life suddenly much more bearable.

24. Nothing makes me happier than spending time with you.

While relationships are not always easy, messages like this show her that you care. More importantly, they show that you want to spend time with her no matter how that time is actually spent.

25. Loving you is what makes my life complete.

Your love notes for her do not have to be detailed or long to be loved by her. All you have to do is just tell her how you feel and be honest.

26. You must be an angel because you are too wonderful to be anything but a gift from God.

If you wanted something with more flowery, romantic language, this would be a great way to let your girlfriend know how much you care about her.

27. Sweetheart, I was thinking we could make our own workout today . . .

This is an ideal note to place on her gym bag. If she does not have a gym bag, you can use a safety pin to attach it to her workout clothes. Hopefully, she will read it, love it and take the hint.

28. I will count down the seconds until we meet again.

After you have a date with her or get to see her for a short period of time, this is a good message to send so that she knows that you cannot wait to see her again.

29. When everything seems to go wrong, remember that I am always here for you.

When your girlfriend is having a difficult time, this is a good way to let her know that you are there for her no matter what will happen. Sometimes, just knowing that someone is there is all it takes to make a challenging experience a little easier to bear.

30. You should tell me what I did to deserve you, so I can keep doing it.

This is a good message to send on its own, or you can always try to add in something else to make a longer love note.

31. Time seems to stand still whenever I am in your arms.

There is also an excellent love quote like this one from a book by James Fray. Paraphrased, it says something along the lines of, “When I see you, the world stops and all that exists for me is you and my eyes staring at you. When you are gone, the world starts again, but I don’t like it as much.”

32. When you get this note, you should come over and give me the longest kiss we have ever had.

If you are bored at a party or a social event, you can send her this text to catch her attention. Or, you could just send it to her as you have a date night at home. While she is another room, send the message to make her smile and give you a kiss.

33. Can I borrow your heart? Because it seems that you have stolen mine.

As your relationship progresses, this is a way to let her know that you are falling for her without having to say, “I love you” quite yet.

34. The sun is there so that we appreciate the day. The moon is there so that we appreciate the nighttime. You exist so that I can truly appreciate what it is to be in love.

If you are looking for a more poetic way to say how much you love her, this is a good message to use. The imagery makes it seem like a poem instead of just a love note, so she is sure to love it.

35. If you were a library book, I would never return you.

Sometimes, it can feel uncomfortable to use more loving or poetic language—especially when your relationship is just starting out. Instead, you can try something like this if you just want to let her know that you like her without being too serious about your feelings.

36. Despite the distance between us, I feel closer to you every day.

Maintaining a long distance relationship is never easy. Even having a long distance relationship for just a week-long business trip can be stressful. She may worry while she is away or feel like she needs reassurances that you are still interested. This message is a good way to show that you care and feel close to her.

37. If someone asked what my goal was in life, it would be to spend every moment in your arms.

For a more romantic love note, this one is sure to please. It shows exactly what you want to say to her and have happen.

38. All I can do is keep listening to hear your knock at the door or your ringtone.

When she is running late or you have gone a long time since seeing her, all you can think about is when she will show up again. This message is a good way to tell her in a cute, loving way that you want to be around her again.

39. If loving you is a mistake, I want to fill my life with mistakes.

If love is a mistake, it is a mistake that I would love to make over and over again.

40. When I look into your eyes, I remember just how lucky I am.

Your love notes for her do not have to be long or complex to be effective.

41. If love ended every time you closed your eyes, I would never blink because I couldn’t stand living for one moment without loving you.

This is a lovely way to let her know that you are interested in her and want to be around her all the time. Over time, “I love you” has less of a significance because you hear it all the time. This is a way to spice things up so that she actually realizes how much you care about her.

42. When you kiss me, it feels like time stands still.

While this message is short, you can always lengthen it by adding one of the other love notes on this list.

43. You look great today. I didn’t see you, but I know because you look amazing every day.

If you did not get to see her today, this is an excellent way to make her smile and remind her how attractive you think that she is.

44. When things get hard, remember that I am always here for you.

When times are tough, remind her that you care.

45. If I had to pick the best moment of my life, it would be the day that I met you.

When you are lucky enough to meet someone that you truly love, this is an ideal way to show it.

46. Small minds talk about events and people. Great minds talk about ideas. I can’t talk about ideas or people because all I think about is you.

If you wanted a longer love note, this is the one to choose.

47. When I see you, my heart skips a beat.

For a short but sweet note, choose this one.

48. As long as you have touched one person, your life is not a waste. Whenever things go wrong and you want to give up, just remember that you have me.

This is actually a good quote to live by in general. For her, it is an ideal way to say that you value her and that she matters to you. When things are not going well in her life, this is a good reminder that her life and talents matter to at least one person in the world: you.

49. While I won’t follow you into the dark, I will go ahead to light the way for you.

This is an adorable love note that she is sure to love.

50. It would be wrong for me to let the day end without telling you how much you mean to me.

If you almost forgot your nightly “good night” text, then make sure to send this off so that she doesn’t start to worry.

When you love someone, make sure to let her know it. It is far too easy for someone to feel like they are taken for granted over the course of a long relationship. These 50 love notes for her can help you show that you still care and that she means the world to you.


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