50 Love Notes For Him


There is no better way to show your love for your partner than through love notes. This is particularly the case where you want a meaningful but simple gesture. Here are a few ideas that you can use to write love notes for your boyfriend.

Love Notes For Him

  1. You are a wonderful gift from Godwonderful-gift

This note will show him that you value him a lot. Slip it inside a book that he is reading.

  1. I keep listening to hear your knock on the door.

This is a note that will say to your boyfriend that you miss him. You can leave it between his work papers.

  1. You are the one person that brightens my soulbrighten-soul

Does the thought of your boyfriend leave you feeling happy? Why don’t you let him know about this fact by leaving him this note? Look for a creative place to leave the note such as inside his shoes.

  1. Wishing you a good day honey!

If you just want to wish your boyfriend a good day, why don’t you write to him this note and stack it inside his favorite breakfast cereals?

  1. During the day, you are the sunlight that lights my life.

This is a nice note to show your boyfriend that he has made you happier since you met him. You can tape this note on the coffeemaker.

  1. Nothing has ever made me feel complete like loving you.complete

When you send this note to your boyfriend, he will understand that your relationship mean a lot to you. You can place the note on his lunch box when preparing it.

  1. You have the most beautiful smile in the world

This is a good message to brighten up his smile in the morning. A good thing to do is to steam up the bathroom mirror and write the message on it.

  1. It would be wrong for me to allow this day to end before telling you that you mean everything to me.

Do you want to let your boyfriend know how much you value him? Write down this note and stick it on the steering wheel of his vehicle.

  1. Whenever you are away from me, I cannot keep you out of my mind

This is a nice note to leave for your boyfriend when he is going on a business trip. You can place it in his travel bag.

  1. Why don’t you switch me on?

This is a nice note to tell your boyfriend not to forget about you in a playful way. You can wrap it around the TV remote.

  1. My heart is calling out to yours

This is a good note to leave to your boyfriend if you have a home telephone. Leave this note under the telephone and he will definitely love it.

  1. There is no better music than listening to your words

Do you want your boyfriend to understand that you treasure what he says? This is the right note to let him know that. And if you are wondering where to place it, the sleeve of his favorite CD is definitely a good place

  1. One minute in your embrace seems like eternal blissembrace

This can be a great message that can be wrapped around the bedside clock or wristband of your husband.

  1. You are an answered prayer.

This is a good message to show your spouse that you thank God for him. Why don’t you write it down and slip it under the rosary, hymn book or even prayer book of your boyfriend? He will really appreciate it especially if he is a religious person.

  1. You are always on my dream every night

This is a good note to write for your boyfriend before he goes to bed. A nice place to tack it is inside the pillowcase

  1. I will count every second until we meet

This note will be a good indication of how you miss him. Place this note inside his day planner or diary and he will definitely appreciate it.

  1. Nothing makes me happy like spending time with you.spending-my-time

Do you feel like your relationship means everything to you? You should let your boyfriend know by writing him this note. You can place the note by his bedside.

  1. I can do anything for you today.

This is a good note for leaving to your boyfriend after you have done some household chores for him, preferably something that he doesn’t like doing. When you write these words, you will be telling him that you care about him.

  1. Can I have a kiss from you today?kiss

A nice note to write for your boyfriend after taking him breakfast to bed. You can place the note on the tray.

  1. The day may look dull but you are my sunshine

This is a great note that you can drop for your husband during that chilly day.  You can wrap the note around a steaming cup of coffee. He will appreciate it and will understand that he brightens your day.

  1. Today I want my heart to remain at your feet

This is a good note to write for him and place inside his socks or shoes. You will show him that you value him and he will appreciate your efforts.

  1. Honey, can we have our own workout today?

Are you searching for a sexy note to leave for your hubby? This is just the right choice. A good place to leave the note is on his workout bag.

  1. Can we have a fill of love and fun today?

Before you leave this note for your boyfriend, make sure you fill his car with gas. He will appreciate your action and the note and will definitely love you more for it.

  1. When nothing seems to work, you should not mind as all you need to do is to remember that I am always there for you.

This is a good note that you can use to reaffirm to your boyfriend that your love for him will never fail.

  1. I wouldn’t mind if you forget anything else; but you should never forget that I love you.

This note will work as you will be using it to confirm your love for him.

  1. A true gentleman is the one who makes a lady behave like a true woman. You are a real gentleman to me.

This s a good note that you can use to show how deeply connected you are with one another.

  1. My prayer is to always to have you by my side; and I know that one day that prayer will be answered.

Do you want to show him that you anticipate a future with him? This is a good note to help you do that. Once you leave it for him, you will be sending a message that you are ready to settle down with him.

  1. Despite the distance between me and you, my love for you keeps growing.

This is a good note that will show him how committed you are to him despite the distance.

  1. If there was ever a special moment in my life, then it is the moment I met you.

This note will work well because it will show him that you feel lucky to have him.

  1. Through thick and thin, I will always be there for you.

They say that the true test of love is during the hard times. When you write this note for him, you will be reaffirming your love for him. This is a nice note to leave for him when you are aware that he is going through a rough patch in life.

  1. If I was asked how I would like to spend the rest of my life; I would say in your arms.

With this note, you will be showing him that you treasure every little moments that you spend together.

  1. If loving you was a mistake, then I will keep repeating that mistake.

This is a nice note that you can use to tell him that you do not regret ever loving him. Send it to him and he will definitely love it.

  1. I miss you a lot babes: I can’t wait for your kiss.

This is a note that will work wonders despite the fact that it is a simple one. Not only is it honest but it shows your desire.

  1. Every morning, I find myself falling in love with you over and over again.

This is a great note that you can use to show to your man that you are totally in love with him.

  1. We may not have the perfect relationship but I can assure that I am committed to make it work.

Do you feel as if your relationship is almost crumbling? This is the right note to make him understand that you are committed to see it work.

  1. Every time you kiss me, I feel as if time stands still

This is a great note that you can use to show him that you are truly in love with him and nothing will ever

  1. When I think of you, I realize that you made my world to be complete

This is a nice note to leave for your boyfriend if you are feeling sentimental. You can make it to be the screensaver in your boyfriend’s laptop.

  1. Can I have the keys to your heart?

This is a good note in the early days of a relationship if you want to suggest to him that you want to take your friendship to the next level.

  1. They say love is the most beautiful feeling. And loving you has made me realize that.

This is a good note to make him understand that you are happy to have him. If you are searching for a creative way of passing the note, why don’t you tape it on the windscreen of his car?

  1. You are all that my heart desires

Write down these words and leave them on his pillow

  1. I am the luckiest person to have you

You can order for your boyfriend’s favorite pizza and receive it from the delivery boy so that you can attach this note to it.

  1. With your love, I have been able to do things that I never thought I would do.

This is a nice note to pass the message that he is a source of inspiration

  1. People search for happiness in different things and places, but you are all I need to be happy.

This note will pass the message that he is the source of your happiness.

  1. Whenever I look in to your eyes, I always remember how lucky I am

A great note to let him know that you value him

  1. Every time I see you, my heart jumps into the mouth

Send this humorous note and he will get the message in it.

  1. The first moment I saw you, I knew that my life would never be the same again.

Send him this note to remind him of your first moments together

  1. Your sexy eyes light up romantic feelings in me

Write this sexy note and he will come home prepared for that romantic moment.

  1. Welcome home dear!

This is a simple note that will surprise and light up his evening. Drop a bright envelope where he packs and he will appreciate that.

  1. Your love turned my world upside down

With this note, you will be telling your boyfriend that he came into your life and changed it. Write this note and he will appreciate that he transformed your life.

  1. I was searching for a loving and caring husband and I thank God that I got you.

When you write down this note for him, you will be sending him the message that you appreciate his love and the little things that he does for you.


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