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From time to time, you might notice a small lump in palm of hand. At first, you might panic as you wonder what could cause the lump. When most people have a lump, they immediately fear cancer. While something serious could be the problem, it is more likely that it is something simply like a callus or a cyst. Ideally, you should seek out medical care to make sure that your lump is not a sign of skin cancer or an infection. In the meanwhile, you can check out the following list of possible conditions that can cause a lump in palm of hand.

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The Causes of Lump in Palm of Hand

The following conditions could cause a lump in palm of hand to develop. The way you treat this condition will depend on what causes it.

1. Ganglion Cyst

Ganglion cysts are actually quite common, and they are generally harmless. Ganglion cysts are a benign bump that is made out of a gelatinous fluid sac. This bump starts to form where there is a joint or a tendon sheath. They can happen on your wrists, but can also occasionally appear around the joints of your fingers. This type of lump begins to form when a joint or tendon starts to balloon. The sac fills with the fluid that normally lubricates the joint or tendon. Often, these cysts will burst on their own and go away.

2. Callus

This is another one of the most common reasons why someone might have a lump in palm of hand. It is more likely to happen if you do repetitive work with your hands or with a tool. Over time, the tool may start to apply pressure on your palm. If this pressure is repeated and occurs over time, an irritation starts to develop and a lump forms.

If you suddenly have a lump on your palm, then think about your recent hobbies and activities. If you just started a hobby that involves you using your hands a lot, then you might start to develop a callus. This is especially common when people start to play guitar or similar instruments. You can try wearing gloves during the activity to keep your hands from developing a callus. You can also modify how you use the tool or instrument so that it does not make contact with the palm of your hand.

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3. Hand Tumors Like a Tendon Sheath Tumor

A tumor sounds scary, but it is basically any abnormal lump or bump. A hand tumor can be a wart or a ole. It can occur inside the soft tissue in your skin or in the bone. These tumors can occur in areas like the bone, skin, ligaments, tendon and fat. Depending on the cause, the tumor can be benign or malignant.

A tendon sheath tumor seems like a solid mass. It can happen anywhere that has a tendon sheath nearby. They are not cancer and are generally benign. These tumors generally grow quite slowly and spread gradually through the soft tissues under the skin.

4. Dupuytren’s Contracture

This type of lump can appear on your palm. It may have a dimpled or swirled appearance. This type of lump will be different than your normal callus and is not easily worn down.

In general, a Dupuytren Contracture will take years to really develop. In rare cases, it can develop in just a few weeks or months. This condition’s first symptom will be noticeable as the palm’s skin starts to thicken. Before long, it begins to have a puckered or dimpled appearance. A lump starts to form that may be sensitive to the touch, but it should not be painful. As the condition continues, the tissue cords beneath your palm and fingers can start to be affected. The tissue cords become tightened and your fingers are gradually pulled in toward your palm. This is most noticeable on the pinky and ring fingers, but the middle finger may also be contracted as well.

This condition can happen to anyone, and there are no known causes. Currently, researchers think that it may be connected to an autoimmune reaction when your immune system starts to attack your body. It may also happen along with contractures of other parts of the body like the feet or penis.

This condition generally progresses quite slow, and it generally does not cause a lot of pain. Unless it impacts your ability to use your hands, you might not need treatment at all. Normally, you will just observe the condition to see if it worsens or if other care is required. If treatment is needed, it may involve removing or breaking the cords. This helps your fingers to open up away from the hand. In general, this treatment is only given in severe cases.

5. Epidermal Inclusion Cyst

This is a benign cyst that can cause a lump in palm of hand. It forms beneath the skin’s surface where there was a cut or puncture before. Normally, your skin releases a waxy material called keratin to protect itself. The cells gradually slough away and die before new ones are formed. If the skin cells are trapped, they keep making keratin. The dead skin and keratin become trapped under your skin and form cysts. Before long, this can cause a sac beneath your skin surface that seems like it is filled with a cheesy substance.

6. Other Kinds of Tumors

There are other types of tumors that can cause a lump in palm of hand, but they tend to be less common. These kinds of tumors may include glomus tumors, atty tumors, neuromas tumors, fibromas and nerve sheath tumors. Most of the time, the tumors are benign.

It is also possible that your lump could be caused by a bone spur. If you have a bone spur from arthritis or trauma, it will feel hard to the touch. You could also have a lump from a foreign item like a splinter. It is important to always seek treatments for a lump because it could be cause a skin cancer like basal cell carcinoma, soft tissue sarcomas, squamous cell carcinoma, bone sarcomas or melanoma.


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