Making Fat Nose Thinner

Many people live with the concern that their features are unacceptable or not the popular image of beauty. In particular, having a large nose may lead to insecurity and lower self esteem. A fat nose may be a major cause of anxiety, and many people believe that it may be the root of many of their relationship- and career-based struggles. This causes a constant concern with figuring out new ways of making a fat nose thinner, but focusing on the problem only makes you to more self-conscious. The good news is that there are many ways to reduce the apparent size of the nose.

Using Perception

We begin with the most simple solution. By removing bangs and fringes from your face, you give your nose more room to breathe. The more people see of your forehead and cheeks the better. This will make your nose seem proportionally less large. For men on the other hand, wearing a mustache will darken the area beneath the nose. This will diminish the apparent size of the nose as well.

A big smile and wide eyes will help as well. By sharing your smile and charm, people are more likely to look at your mouth and teeth. Leaving your lips slightly parted while listening will also make your lips look larger and more appealing. Opening your eyelids wide will hep you reach this goal as well. By showing the white of your eyes, other people will look to your eyes instead of your nose. Practice in the mirror so that you can determine what level you want your eyelids to be. You do not want to be squinting or looking like you are in a permanent state of surprise. These simple tricks will certainly help your goal of making making your nose seem thinner.

Using makeup can help, but all makeup does not need to be placed on the nose. By using eye shadow, blush or lipstick, you can bring the attention from your nose to your other qualities. People who feel that their eyes should be the focus on their face can use eye liner, eye shadow and other tools to bring the attention there. Shading and blush will bring attention to the cheek bones and cheeks. Lipstick and lip liner, especially bright and bold colors, will bring people’s attention to your mouth.

For people who feel that extra preparation is needed, makeup can be used on the nose as well. By using darker foundation on the sides of you nose, you will find that it will look slimmer. For those with long noses, applying darker foundation on the tip and ridge of the nose will reduce the amount of light that it catches. Be sure to be conservative in your application, as you do not want to have a obviously dark nose in the middle of a bright and cheery face. Everything should be done in moderation, especially with makeup.

A Solution to Be Avoided

Some people rub their nose every day for an hour. The belief behind this action is that they are able to remove cartilage by wearing it down. This can cause sharp pains and eventually may cause permanent damage. There is no scientific basis for wearing down one’s nose through friction. Some people swear by this method, however it is probably due to a placebo effect. They believe that their actions have helped, so their perception of the problem has diminished.

Plastic Surgery

Angioplasty, or cosmetic surgery of the nose, is an invasive and expensive solution. This will result in a permanent alteration of the shape of the nose. Consultations are the first step to this solution. First, a cosmetic surgeon may discuss your feelings regarding your face and what can be done. Then, you are able to choose a nose that you like, even the nose of a celebrity. Anesthesia is applied and the operation begins. The surgery starts with the skin of the nose being peeled back. Then, a chisel or other tool is used to remove the cartilage of your nose to create the shape that was chosen. The skin is then returned to its original position and sewed up. This will result in scarring, pain and a stay in a ward.

A few problems may arise from cosmetic surgery. Accidents do happen, and it is possible that the cartilage working tool may slip and remove cartilage where it was not meant to do so. This may result in an unusual nose shape. Errors like these cannot be fixed without an additional surgery where the surgeon adds material to fill up space. Because of the location of the surgery, the eyes are at risk of damage. These are rare occurrences, but the risks should be recognized beforehand.

Sadly, people sometimes develop an identity crisis after surgery. This may result in a desire for the old nose to be returned to them. Some people may feel negative about themselves because of their actions. This may lead to another cycle of self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy.

The Best Method

A large, long or fat nose is not a negative. It is a part of who you are. Allow your mind to stop concerning itself with anxiety and negative feelings. Accept yourself and feel positive about the body that you were born into. Self-confidence is key, so do not allow the media or models to create negative emotions in your mind. Hold your head high and show your nose off to the world!


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