Miscarriage at 4 Weeks


Roughly 25 percent of pregnancies end in a miscarriage before the woman starts her next period. Since these miscarriages occur before the woman has her period, she often does not realize that she is pregnant. Pregnancy can be an overwhelming and exciting experience in a woman’s life, and it can be heart breaking to realize that you have lost a child. If you are having symptoms of a miscarriage around four or five weeks, then it is likely that you lost your pregnancy. You may notice some of the following symptoms like fatigue or cramping.

miscarriageSigns of a Miscarriage at 4 Weeks

When you have a miscarriage at four weeks, there may be some obvious and less than obvious signs. You will have your period around when you normally would have, but it will be different than normal. Often, you can tell that there was a miscarriage because there will be thick clots of blood or tissue in your period.

You may also have a period that is heavier than normal. Over the course of an hour or two, you may soak an entire pad. In addition, women who have a miscarriage at four weeks may experience more severe cramping than normal. The added pressure on your body can cause your breathing to speed up.

When you have all of these symptoms, it is a sign that you may have had a miscarriage. Since a heavier period, cramping or a faster heart rate could be caused by your normal period, there is no guarantee that this is what happened. Cramps are a normal part of a miscarriage because your body is trying to shrink back to the size it was before it started to make room for the baby. If you are experiencing cramps, lie down and relax while you let them pass by. Since these symptoms could be a sign of a serious problem, you should always visit your doctor if you are concerned. A tubal pregnancy can also cause the same symptoms. Since this is a potentially life threatening condition, you should make sure to get medical help immediately if you think that you could have a tubal pregnancy.

Other Possible Symptoms

The previous symptoms are extremely likely to occur during a miscarriage, but there are other symptoms that women may commonly experience during this time. You may have intermittent bleeding, cramps or no pregnancy symptoms. Bleeding intermittently occurs when your hormone levels drop, so a test of your HCG levels in your blood could confirm a lost pregnancy.

Since hormone levels change, you may have pregnancy tests that change between positive and negative. This is extremely common for a miscarriage at four weeks. In addition, you may not experience any pregnancy symptoms after having a positive pregnancy test. Although many women do not have pregnancy symptoms yet, this is always a potential sign of a miscarriage.

Cramps will normally occur if you are having a miscarriage, but this could also be a sign that you are pregnant or having your period. It is not a definite sign, but it could be an indication that there was a miscarriage at four weeks if you are having other symptoms as well.

What Happens After a Miscarriage?

If you have had a miscarriage at four weeks, then your body will need to recover. At this point, your body can normally handle recovery without any medical help. You may need to take some pain killers to deal with the cramps, and the bleeding will normally end within a week. If you go to your doctor, they may have you take a pregnancy test to see if you have actually had a miscarriage. Remember to always go to your doctor if these symptoms continue after a week because it is a sign that your body is not healing properly or that something else is wrong.

If the bleeding does not stop within a week or two, it most likely means that you still have tissues from the pregnancy within your uterus. Sometimes, only part of the tissue is expelled properly, so this can cause the bleeding to remain. If you have had an incomplete miscarriage, then you may need to talk to your doctor about your options. Your doctor will normally try to do expectant management or medical management. If you are feeling fine otherwise and there is not an infection, the doctor may try to wait another week to see if your body can resolve the problem on your own. If your doctor believes that you meed medical treatment, they may use medication or another technique to help your body to expel the remaining tissue. When both of these options fail, your doctor may have to do a surgical intervention to remove the tissue from your uterus.

Having a miscarriage at four weeks can be a heart breaking, devastating experience. Your body has already begun to prepare for a pregnancy, and your hormones have already started to change in preparation. Once the miscarriage happens, you may feel like you are having a heavier period than normal. There may be mild plain and blood clots that are up to two centimeters in size.

Even though it is early in your pregnancy, you may have already bonded with your child. This is the majority of the reason why a miscarriage at four weeks is so devastating. If you feel depressed or lonely, reach out to your partner, friends or family for solace.


  1. I was confirmed pregnant after a blood test on Tuesday being 24th January.and had being having sex with my husband.lately by Thursday-Friday I noticed a little drop of blood from my vagina and a stomach arch under my abdomen. Pls is it a sign of miscarriage

    • It is not likely to be a sign of a miscarriage, but it may be possible. Anytime that you bleed during pregnancy is a good time to speak with a doctor. Make an appointment at this time and continue to monitor the experiences that you are having. Best of luck, Marvellous!

  2. I had no period in Dec found out Jan 18 i was pregnant i have been bleeding since Dec 20 well spotting. Jan 6th i started bleeding Like a period went to the er 1-19-17 positive hpt did blood work 3 days later my levels went down dr said early miscarriage but its been 3weeks since Bleeding , im spotting still today is 1-29-17 whats going on ?

    • If your doctor said that you had a miscarriage, then you probably had a miscarriage. Continue to monitor the experiences that you are having. Your doctor may have been incorrect. If you find that you are experiencing other signs of pregnancy, then perhaps make another appointment with a doctor. Best of luck, Missi!

  3. I was 10 weeks pregnant. But I miscarried January 25, 2017. But I need help. I think I may have been pregnant with twins but I don’t know the ultrasound they took today at the hospital only spotted one.

    • You will want to speak with a doctor about your concerned. If you are right, then you immediately need to speak with a doctor. Make an appointment as soon as possible. Best of luck, Kaitlyn!

      • I had 3 miscarriages now. I recently had my 3rd miscarriage on the 25th my doctor told me i had pcos but im not having a hard time making a baby. But all of my angels only stays on my belly for 4 – 5 weeks. Im starting to think that my uterus is not functioning well. Im a bit scared that maybe i will not be able to conceive one as i age. losing 3 is already painful but hearing that from my doctor will break my heart completely.

        • You will want to make another appointment with a doctor. You may want to speak with a fertility specialist. They will be able to run tests and give you the information that you are seeking. They may be able to give you medication and advice for the future. Best of luck, Mishael!

  4. Hello! My last period started Dec. 26. I found out I was pregnant the 21st of Jan. My husband and I had sex 2 times Sunday and my cervix was hit multiple times. Later that afternoon I started having pink spotting that continued through the day. The next morning when I woke up there wasn’t much there. After going to work I noticed some reddish blood that continued throughout that day but just enough to fill one pantyliner the whole day. The next day was the same except the blood started turning reddish brown. Then today the bleeding is stopping and is not enough to fill a pantyliner. I haven’t had any cramping just achy. My period wasn’t expected until today and I have not seen an increase in blood. I have tested positive since Jan. 20 and I am still testing positive today. Could this be from sex or both sex and implantation bleeding? Help please!

    • You are not bleeding from intercourse. As you are pregnant, it is likely that you are experiencing implantation bleeding. If you wan to speak with a doctor to confirm the results of your test, then do so. Congratulations and best of luck, Erica!

  5. Ok i had two positive faint pregnancy test one yesterday and the other Thursday but i went to the er today cause i woke up bleeding they did another pregnancy test today and came back negative then they did a blood test came back negative and i had a ultrasound yesterday but they couldn’t see no baby cause im to early they said im 4 weeks and 5 days and they took a ultrasound today still didnt see no baby today make me 4 weeks and 6 days today can it be that i had a miscarriage

    • If your doctor told you that your blood test was negative, then you are likely not pregnant. Continue to monitor your experiences. If you find that you are having other signs of pregnancy, then you may be pregnant. You may want to take a pregnancy test five days from now. It is possible that you had an early miscarriage. Best of luck, Jaszmine!

      • You will find that bleeding amounts will be different for different people. If you are concerned that you have experienced a miscarriage, then make an appointment with your doctor. Best of luck, Erica!

  6. Hey, we’ll I haven’t taken a test yet. But I know more than likely I’m preg. But it’s been like 3-4 weeks now. I just started feeling nauseous a few days ago. And the lower part of my stomch hurts so bad, when I wake up in the morning it hurts bad. And during the day when I move it just hurts like cramps. But not as much yknow. Am I having a misscarry? I miss my period also in this same week. I don’t know what’s going on. And I don’t have a doctor..

    • Take a pregnancy test if you have not yet done so. Continue to monitor the symptoms that you are having. If you are concerned that you have miscarried, then make an appointment with a medical professional as soon as you are able to do so. Best of luck, Brittany!

  7. Hi i took a test and got a faint positive. So if i am pregnant should be about 4 weeks and my period was 4 days late then I started spotting for 2 days and on the 3rd I’ve been bleeding with some clots it hasn’t been very painful except for slighr stabs of pain closer to my lower abdomen could I still be pregnant or am I having a miscarriage

    • Usually have a regular period and the spotting happen the day after I had intercourse which was very painful. Also I have been having symptoms but my boobs aren’t quite a sore anymore

      • False positives are highly unlikely. If you had a positive result, then you are almost certainly pregnant. Continue to monitor the symptoms that you are experiencing. You may want to speak with a medical professional about the pains that you are experiencing. Reduce stress in your life at this time. Best of luck, Lily!

    • False positives are highly unlikely. If you had a positive result, then you are almost certainly pregnant. Continue to monitor the symptoms that you are experiencing. You may want to speak with a medical professional about the pains that you are experiencing. Reduce stress in your life at this time. Best of luck, Lily!

  8. Ok so i got my period on Nov 23 2016 and finish on Dec 13 i lasted like 3 weeks with my period or miscarriage i don’t know i was bleeding alot and a had little pain. So Dec 26 i decided to do i pregnancy test and was positive i did 10 and were positive so just this Jan 13 i did another and negative and did one just now Jan 15 and still negative i don’t know oh and Jan 11 did a urine test at doctors and negative. Im super confused im scared i really want to have a baby been trying for 7 years. Im 25yr old help any advice has this happen to someone.

    • Im irregular last time i had my period was July 4 2016. And got it Nov 23 2016 i think thats why my period was heavy or i don’t know if it was a miscarriage hopefully it wasn’t and pray that iam pregnant now. I keep getting negative and positive too. Plz give me a advice or your opinion

      • It would be best for you to speak with a medical professional when you are able to do so. You should also speak with a fertility specialist. They will be able to give you the answers that you are seeking. Best of luck, Monica!

    • If you had a series of positive tests and then had negative tests, then you were right to speak with your doctor. They should have explained to you the answers to these questions. Speak with your doctor again as they have the results of your tests and your medical history. You may want to speak with a fertility specialist in the future. Good luck, Monica!

      • It may be best to speak with a doctor anytime that you are concerned about a miscarriage. Geritol may help to care your body. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Bridgett!

  9. I got positive home pregnancy tests on 1/10..1/11..1/13. Early in the morning of 1/14 I had very little pink spotting. Took another home pregnancy test and it was negative. I would have been around 4 weeks and 5 days. I normally have a 26 day cycle. I went to the ER and their urine test showed negative as well. Waiting on the blood work, but I still have not started bleeding and my cramps are not bad at all. Is this normal for a miscarriage? When should I expect to start bleeding?

    • A significant number of women miscarry before they even realize that they are pregnant. For these women, their period may be normal or slightly heavier than normal. False positive results are quite rare. If there was hCG in your body for the tests to read, then you were most likely pregnant. The negative result may be because of a very early miscarriage. Hopefully, the negative results were inaccurate, but it seems possible that you had a very early miscarriage.

  10. I had a period last month from December 20-24. I thought it was a regular period. I felt pregnant last week and decided to take a pregnancy test on January 10 (I knew it was too early nefore a missed period and I was sure it would come up negative but I did it anyway), and it came up positive. But the test was a regular “shows up to 5 days before your missed period” and my period wasn’t due for 10 days from January 10. Is it possible I had an early misscarrige in December and just mistook it for a period. I had already 2 misscarriges in 2016. I’m not sure at this point if I should hope by some miracle I really am pregnant.

    • Take another pregnancy test if you do not trust your first test. However, false positives rarely occur. If you find that your next test comes back positive, then you can be certain that you are pregnant. Reduce stress on your body at this time and remain positive. If you want to make an appointment with a medical professional, then do so. Best of luck, Val!

  11. I was pregnant as at November 2016, I used a pregnancy test kit requiring me to use my early morning urine which resulted negative. I decided to go for blood test which came out positive on the same day. few days later, I started having my period which lasted for 3-4days. during which I had abnormal thick blood coming out. I assumed it was a miscarriage and didn’t go to the hospital. I didn’t have my period during d month of December… so I decided to go for scan in a nearby clinic which d day told me I was 6 weeks gone by the scan. I explained to her what happened previously but she said it was common and I had no complications… but am still worried. am having a persistent abdominal discomfort. everyday I feel sick, nausea, good repelling… pls do I need to be worried about this?

    • Continue to monitor the experiences that you are having. The doctor told you what they determined. You can trust what they say or speak with another doctor. If you want to make another appointment with your doctor or an appointment with a different doctor, then do so. Reduce stress in your life at this time. Best of luck, Oma!

  12. I’m concerned, on week 4 of pregnancy with baby number two. Had dark brown blood and a bit of cramping last night. Concerned I have miscarried or if after sexual intercourse my cervix was knocked and made me bleed?

    • Intercourse that results in your cervix being knocked will not cause a miscarriage. Continue to monitor the experiences that you are having. This will give you better information about your situation so you can answer your doctor’s questions if you decide that you want to make an appointment. It would be best to reduce stress on your life at this time. Best of luck, Lizzie!

  13. I have an friend and he says his a girl he is living with is 4 weeks pregnant. He says she is bleeding and cramping. He said she did it last month( December) and now she started back bleeding this month. He said he will take her to the doctor every time it happened but she refuse. So is this normal to bleed and cramp every month?

    • No, it is generally not. While every woman is different, she should really go to the doctor to make sure that her pregnancy is proceeding safely. It can be extremely dangerous for her and the baby to ignore these symptoms. Plus, she should already be making an appointment with her doctor for a prenatal exam in another month. Since she is experiencing symptoms like this, she should at least call her doctor to see if she should come in early.

  14. I found out I was pregnant on the 18th and started having cramps and a heavy pressure in my pelvic area. I also started bleeding and passing blood clots, now my right lower side my my pelvic area hurts occasionally like a sharp pain that comes and goes. I also have a UTI is it possible that that’s what is causing the added pressure and pain?

    • It is certainly possible and likely that your UTI is causing these pains. If you want to speak with a doctor about your pregnancy and UTI, then it would be beneficial to do so. Continue to monitor the experiences that you are having. If they get worse, then make an appointment as soon as you are able to do so. Best of luck, Marie!

  15. I am 26 years old. I got pregnant with four weeks baby but I did not want baby so I ate some hot or severe things like dates etc so now I m having excessive bleeding and clots on 6 day of my periods so what should I do or eat now?

    • You should go to the doctor. It is not safe to induce a miscarriage at home–medical and surgical abortions were legalized for a reason. It sounds like you may be in the early stages of a miscarriage, so it is very important that you go to the doctor. If the tissue is not expelled completely from your body, it can end up causing an infection or other problems. Go to your doctor to be checked out.

  16. I had miscarriage at week four last month. My doctor checked my uterus and told me i can try the next month and no need for waiting. But This month I’ve had cramp since three weeks ago and my period has had five days delay by now and pregnancy test is negative. Should I be worry about this delay? I want my body back to normal again. My period was like clock work previously.

    • It is normal for your period to be late, early, heavier or lighter than normal after a miscarriage. I would probably not worry too much about it unless you have severe cramps or heavy bleeding. It takes a few weeks or months, but your body will go back to normal. Being patient is extremely hard, but it is all you can do right now to prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy in the future. Good luck, Samaneh!

    • It would be wise of you to speak with your medical professional and potentially a fertility specialist. Your body may have some reason why you are having miscarriages. Remain positive and make an appointment as soon as you are able. Good luck, Lexi!

    • Because miscarriages can influence different people’s bodies in different ways. It may be wise of you to speak with your medical professional. They will be able to give you the go ahead by looking at your body’s signals. Best of luck with your future pregnancy, Jessica!

  17. I’m four weeks, and have been having cramping and back pain and sore breasts. I had two positive pregnancy tests and have made an appointment with my ob for next month. But for the past couple days my breasts no longer hurt. In fact I feel much better. I’M afraid I had miscarried but there was no bleeding yet.. should I hold out hope? I’M afraid to wait to see the doctor.

    • If you have not had any unusual bleeding, then it is highly unlikely that you have had a miscarriage. It is normal to begin feeling better over time. Continue to monitor the changes that you are experiencing. Be sure to note these experiences so you can better answer your doctor’s questions in the future. Reduce stress on your body and in your life at this time. Remain positive and enjoy life, Stefany!

  18. Im 33 years old im having spot bleeding and some clots but extremely pain in my stomach and back. I also had my tubes tides 4 years ago. What should I do.

    • If you are having extreme pain that is far more than your normal cramps, go to a doctor. It could be a tubal pregnancy, PCOS, endometriosis or another condition. Your best bet is to go to the doctor right away and get checked out. Stay safe, Dorothy!


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