Morning After Pills


Unwanted pregnancy is an old chapter. Today wise women use morning after pills to prevent unwanted pregnancy. It is selling under different brands such as Plan B One-Step and Next Choice and is available at all leading pharmacy stores in the US.  These pills are very much effective to stop unwanted pregnancy if taken within 5 days after an unprotected sexual intercourse and found extremely effective if taken immediately within 3 days from the date of unprotected intercourse. However, if possible, it is better to have them within 24 hours to get a better result. They are easily available at any offline stores or on online stores.

Understanding Morning after Pill

Morning pills primarily used to protect unwanted pregnancy, when you are failed or doubtful having a safe sex.  So consuming morning will work as an emergency contraception.  In medical terms, it is known as postcoital contraception. This is a method used in case of emergencies or under special circumstances when there are complications developed during birth control methods resulting in their failure, failure to have protection during sex or in case missing the birth control pills during monthly periods. It’s very important to understand the terms, ways and the circumstances under which this birth control method can be used. The major firms offering these pills are CVS and Walgreen. They offer both offline procurement and online delivery of these pills. Some facts need to be understood regarding the Morning after Pill. They are not used for abortions like the RU-466 pill nor do they offer any protection against STD’s that can happen due to unprotected sex.

Various Types of Morning After Pills

These are the various types of emergency contraceptive pills available in the market. Let’s have a look at them.


  1. Ulipristal Acetate Content Pills

Ulipristal Acetate Content Pills are only available and should be used only when prescribed by a doctor as they contain Ulipristal Acetate. They are known by various brand names, Ella commonly used in US and EllaOne commonly used in Europe. The maximum time frame for taking this pill is within five days of having unprotected sex. Their success rate is much higher compared to levonorgestrel emergency contraceptive pills.

  1. Progestin Only Pills

These types of pills contain the Progestin hormone that helps to prevent getting pregnant. They are more than enough in most of the cases and have a good successive rate for containing the hormone and reduce the chances of getting pregnant. Since they don’t use any harmful ingredients, they are usually not found to have any side-effects. Hence, it is pretty safe to use them. ‘My Way’, ‘Take Action’ and ‘Next Choice 1 Dose’ produce these pills and are the brand names under which Progestin based pills are sold. The time limit for taking this pill is within first 5 days of having unprotected sex.

  1. Progestin And Estrogen Content

These types of pills are strictly sold by a qualified medical practitioner’s prescription since they are found to induce side-effects in some women. These pills are available in various brand names and their success rate for preventing birth control ranges around 75%.

Some common brands

In the event, if you are afraid that you have missed out your contraceptive pills during periods, or you indulged in an unprotected sex and fear of getting pregnant, you can use Morning After Pills that will reduce your chances of getting pregnant. Here are some of the pills described, how to use them and how do they work.

Most commonly used Morning After Pills

Morning After Pill is a great solace for woman for various reasons.  The reason could be anything, may be unprotected sex or suspected missing of having a daily contraceptive pill, or unavailability of daily contraceptive pills, misplaced daily contraceptive pills.  So naturally, when you have the option to stop unwanted pregnancy, you would also like to know what it is how that can work for you.  Here are some tips about EC that are commonly used in the US.

Progestin-only Plan B One-Step

You don’t have to flash your ID card to buy progestin-only emergency contraceptive pills. Selling Plan B One-Step is allowed without any restriction across the US.

Type: Progestin Only Pills

  • The working mechanism: As already mentioned Progestin is the hormone that helps in preventing pregnancy. This type of pills induces the body to act as if the subject is already pregnant and activates mechanisms in the body to prevent having further progress. Thus, the process of getting pregnant is stopped in the budding stage itself. This pill should be taken as soon as possible after having unprotected sex or maximum within 5 days.


The pill has low chances of success outside this time frame. Since these pills are easily available without a prescription, it can be bought and consumed relatively easily. Also, since the pill contains a natural hormone, no side effects are expected. So they are relatively safe to consume. Progestin based pills are in fact most sought after pills because they are easily available and relatively no side effects.


  • Success Rate: The pills have a very good success rate provided they are consumed within the prescribed time limit. The chances of getting pregnant after unprotected sex are lower if the pill is consumed within the directed time. Taking the pill within first 24 hours of unprotected sex surely ensures prevention of pregnancy. The maximum time frame allowed is five days within which one has to consume the pill to avoid getting pregnant. Around nine in 10 women reported successful stories of prevention of pregnancy after consuming this pill. However, due considerations need to be given regarding the amount of pill taken subject to the weight ratio of the concerned individual. The pill is found to have lower success rate if the subject weight is more than 165 pounds. It is better to have a doctor’s advice if you found your weight does not fall under the safe limit.



These types of pills can and should be used on doctor’s prescription as it contains Ulipristal Acetate. Doctor’s prescription and valid identity proof are mandatory are required while purchasing these type of pills. These pills were first produced by HRA Pharma. In America, they are sold under name ‘Ella’ and in Europe as ‘EllaOne’. They were first sold in Europe in 2009 and were made available in the US by 2010 after the approval from FDA.


Type: Ulipristal Acetate Content Pills

  • Working mechanism: This pill basically blocks the ovulation and stops conception by artificial methods. This drug contains ulipristal that stops the production of certain important hormones essential for pregnancy. It stops the production of progesterone that is important for ovulation and thus the sperm dies before it reaches the egg within five days. Also, it makes hard for the implantation of fertilised egg in the uterus by thinning it which makes the success of pregnancy difficult.
  • Effectiveness: It is advised to take the pill up to 120 hours after an unprotected sex with better result and expected to give good result even after consuming bit late after 120 hours.


What are the Side Effects of Morning After Pills?

Generally, EC pills are not found to have any side effects unless they are taken without doctor’s prescription. Ulipristal Acetate Content Pills should only be consumed with a proper prescription from a doctor and consulting with the doctor regarding the patient’s medical history. Sometimes some EC pills may cause certain kind of problems like a headache, nausea, etc., for some women. Their menstrual cycle may also be affected because of intake of this pill.  Such patients should be consulted with their doctor if any side effects persist after consuming the pill.

Also, you can expect a slight change in your period pattern after consumption of these pills. If the changes are too severe, please consult a doctor or go for a pregnancy test.


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