Most Sensitive Pregnancy Test 2016


When you want to get pregnant, nothing is harder than seeing a negative sign on your pregnancy test. Unfortunately, a negative sign does not always mean that you are not pregnant. There are more sensitive pregnancy tests that can show you if you are pregnant or not far earlier that you should use instead. In general, pregnancy tests are most accurate about 12 to 15 days after implantation. This is typically about one or two days after you have a missed period. On average, pregnancy tests can detect as low as 25 miU/ml of hCG in your urine if it is present. By choosing a more sensitive test from this list, you can find out sooner if you are expecting.

Rating the Sensitivity

While standard pregnancy tests can detect as low as 25 miU/ml of hCG, the more sensitive tests can detect as low as 5 miU/ml. As a rule, look for pregnancy tests that have lower levels of detection. Your hCG levels double about every three days, so a more sensitive test can tell you as soon as one week after implantation if you are pregnant or not. A test that detects levels at 5 miU/ml of hCG allows you to tell within six days of your implantation date.

List of the Most Sensitive Pregnancy Tests

The following pregnancy tests have the highest levels of sensitivity of any available:

1. One Step Pregnancy Test Strips

These pregnancy tests can test levels as low of 10 miU/ml. With the strips, you can quickly and easily detect a pregnancy early on. Often, users are able to detect a potential pregnancy before they even have experienced their first missed menstrual period. Some users have said that they have taken the test six days before their miss period and found that it was accurate. The only downside to the One Step test is that it can be hard to read because of the way the color changes on the strip. This test is typically sold in a pack of 20 for about $10.99, which makes it a great deal if you are trying to get pregnant.

2. First Response Early Result

One of the best options available on the marketplace today offers a 99 percent accuracy rate when you use it on the day that your period should have started. The First Response Early Result test has a sensitivity level of 6.3 miU/ml. According to the manufacturer, the test is able to detect a pregnancy as early as six days before leading competitors. While the test costs anywhere from $12.98 to $20, it typically includes three tests in each carton. That way, you can always retest in a few days if you did end up taking the test too early.

3. New Choice Pregnancy Test

This is another pregnancy test that is frequently available at dollar stores. It has a 99 percent accuracy rate according to the manufacturer, and the New Choice Pregnancy Test is FDA approved. In addition, it has a sensitivity level that goes as low as 99 percent. For a three-pack test, the cost is generally around $6 or $7.

4. ClearBlue Easy Earliest Results

While this pregnancy test is not as sensitive as other tests on this list, it is one of the easiest to use. If you have ever been to a dollar store, you have seen this pregnancy test. Do not let the cheap price fool you though—this is an extremely accurate pregnancy test. It detects hCG at levels as low as 25 miU/ml, and it is able to predict a pregnancy 80 percent of the time on the first day that a pregnancy is missed. If a positive result appears, it is almost 100 percent accurate. Negative results are the most common false results for any pregnancy tests since a certain amount of hCG has to be in your body to be detected. Due to this, a positive on the test can basically be a guaranteed sign that you are pregnant.

5. Clinical Guard Pregnancy Tests

These tests are often sold in 20-packs of the pregnancy test strips. Unlike normal tests, you will not see a positive or a negative sign on the strip. Instead, bands of color on the test strips show if you are pregnant or not. The Clinical Guard Pregnancy Test strips work to levels of 25 miU. Running about $7 a box, the best part of these test strips is that you can easily retest since there are so many included in one package.

6. Wondfo Pregnancy Test Strips

If you are looking for a cheap online option, Wondfo Pregnancy Test Strips are a good bet. They use the same type of litmus paper that you once used in an eighth-grade science class. You pee in the cup and then dip the strip into your urine. Afterward, wait for five minutes. Two lines will appear if you are pregnant, and only one line will appear if you are not pregnant. According to users, these tests are accurate as soon as 10 days post-ovulation. If you buy them online at a site like Amazon, they cost about $19 for 50 test strips.

For potential mothers-to-be, these testing strips are often one of the best choices for detecting a pregnancy. While they may be more awkward to use, they are sold in bulk, which makes them inexpensive to use multiple times a month as you try to detect a pregnancy. If you want an extremely sensitive pregnancy test, then check out the One Step Pregnancy Test of First Response Early Result.


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