Mountain Climbers Exercise


maxresdefaultMountain climbers exercise is one of the most strengthening exercises that seeks to power up your muscles as well as your cardiovascular system. It is a plyometric or jump training exercise where the muscles use maximum force in short time periods. In this exercise, you will need to stimulate your main abdominal muscles as well as the muscles in your lower and upper back. We have given you below an entire description of how to go about this exercise and what the benefits are.


Since it engages most of the muscle sin your body, this exercise has a number of health benefits for you and your body such as:

Cardiovascular Benefits

One of the main benefits of this exercise is that you have to keep switching your legs constantly during this exercise and this can help pump up your heart rate. It helps to burn calories and strengthens the lungs and heart. You can try this exercise between strength training exercises, as this will help keep your heart rate at the right level.

Power training

This exercise is known for its explosive nature as it gives you a power boost within seconds and helps strengthen your lower body. Many athletes use this as a warm up so that they can increase the strength and speed of their body. It helps them be energized to perform more exercises that are strenuous. The mountain climbers exercise helps keep your entire neuromuscular system in order and active.  IN case you are looking to increase the speed of your movement, you should change leg positions as quickly as possible while you are on the exercise ball.

Core strength

When you do this exercise daily, you will be able to improve your body’s core strength as your hip muscles, abdominal and obliques will keep your torso stable. To make sure that your torso doesn’t sag, you can lie on a medicine ball, keep it in the center of your chest, and place your hands on top of the exercise ball.


Now that we know the benefits of mountain climbers, let’s get started with this exercise.

Basic steps

You should start this exercise by first lying down on the floor with your face to the ground. Then stretch out your arms in a straight position and place your knees on the floor. You can now lift yourself up but before doing that check whether your hands are right below your chest and are at a distance that is slightly more than the width of your shoulders length.

Now make sure that your legs are stretched out and are aligned with your body. You should not keep any gap between your knees. If this position becomes hard for you to hold, you can change it slightly to become more comfortable but don’t change your posture at all times.

Once you have aligned your legs, keep your left leg stretched out and then bend your right knee and bring it in front near your right hand. This is the position you would be in if you were climbing up a mountain or tree except now you are doing it horizontally.

Once your right leg has been properly stretched out, repeat the same process with your left leg, and make sure that your right leg is stretched out during the entire process. You can repeat these rotations several times until you feel energized. If you want a bigger challenge, you can place your hands at a height like on a step and then do the exercise.

Make sure you do atleast 12-15 repetitions of this exercise in three sets to completely energize your body.

Some tips

Proper angle

Power-Line1-629x757You should always make sure that your angle is completely correct when you are doing this exercise, as this is what determines the whole exercise. If your angle is not right, there is no point doing this exercise, as it will not have any benefits. Make sure that your legs are aligned in the proper angle, and always keep your posture straight. Just follow the above steps to make sure that you do everything correctly and watch that flab from your stomach and hips disappear.

Weight distribution

If you do the exercise properly, you will be shifting your weight evenly between your knees, hips, and hands. You should keep your hips low and make sure that your knees are near your chest and almost beneath your shoulders.

For beginners

If you are not able to handle this exercise properly, you can put your hands on a step or elevated position to help you out. You can also do the exercise slowly to keep your heart rate normal and make shorter jumps. If you are still finding it to tiring, don’t bring your knees too close to your chest and decrease your range of motion.

For advanced exercisers 

If you have mastered this exercise and want to make it more challenging you should use a medicinal ball. Place your arms and forearms on this exercise ball and then do the mountain climbers exercise so that you also have to maintain your balance. If you are still looking to turn it up a notch, you can place your hands straight on the ball. This will become quite a difficult position to maintain due to the constant switching of the legs.

Thus, as you can see the mountain climbers is one exercise everyone needs as it can help them power up. This is especially true if you are going to perform some strenuous physical activity as it strengthens your muscles and gets you pumped up and energized. Just follow the above steps carefully and don’t strain yourself. Start slowly and keep repeating it daily so that you can get used to it and raise the difficulty level once you are ready. The mountain climbers exercise will help you reduce your weight, improve your muscle strength, keep your heart rate at the right level and stabilize your core.


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