My Knee Feels Like It Needs To Pop


My Knee Feels Like It Needs To PopWe’ve all been there and we’ve all had that uncomfortable feeling – the feeling that there is so much pressure building up behind your knee that is needs to snap back into place. That’s how it feels like – your knee feels like it needs to pop.

The good news is that usually, a popping knee isn’t something you should be overly worried about, and for the most part is something that can be put down to general wear and tear. Although our bodies are machines that work well, occasionally things will go a little awry. A popping knee is one example of this.

Why does my knee feel like it needs to pop? 

If the popping is caused by overuse, generally the noise and pressure happens because damage or wear and tear has been caused to the joint. When you stand up, the knees are trying to take your entire body weight and if they aren’t in tip-top condition, they can creak, squeak and make popping noises as the cartilage rubs, and on occasion, the knee pops itself back into place.

There are, in fact, quite a few reasons why your knee feels like it needs to pop. Just take a look at some of these:

Meniscus Injury

There are two bones in the knee – the femur and the tibia, and these have a line or cartilage running between them. This fibrous and soft cartilage is called the meniscus and helps to lubricate the joint to ensure it moves smoothly, and also to ensure that the knee itself can carry and bear a tremendous force. Your knees are designed to carry your entire body weight after all.

If you suffer an injury to the meniscus, such as a tear, the joint becomes unstable and the missing or damaged cartilage means the knee doesn’t move as freely as it should, often popping into place, providing that pressure and noise you can hear. Over time, if the problem is not resolved, arthritis can occur because the missing lubrication forces extra pressure on a small part of the tibia.

Runners can often suffer with injuries and damage to the cartilage of the knee, causing Chondromalacia Patella or Runner’s Knee as it is otherwise known. Running, walking and jogging can cause this problem, often causing a lack or cartilage and therefore a lack of shock absorption, leading to problems, popping and pain.

ACL Injury 

The ACL, or anterior cruciate ligament, sits in the middle of the two bones that guides your shin bone and can withstand forces up to five hundred pounds in weight! Woven and long collagen strands make up the ligament and it is designed to stabilise the knee, guiding the shin bone through what is considered to be a normal sphere of movement.

If you run fast, jump, or change direction rapidly, you can experience a tear to the anterior cruciate ligament which patients report is incredibly painful. This connection between the shin and thigh bone, when damaged, will prevent the stabilisation of the two joints and will therefore cause a number of problems. Just some of these will include pain and a popping sensation.

Osteoarthritis of the Knee

Arthritis is something that many of us will experience as we age but osteoarthritis can happen at any age. Usually associated with being overweight or from a previous injury, the condition is a degenerative one that also comes with this familiar popping sensation as well as warmth and stiffness, pain and even swelling.

When you have osteoarthritis of the knee, the surfaces of the two joints become unstable which means they don’t move together smoothly. The jarred and jagged, unstable movements can lead to the pressure and need to pop.

If this condition of the knee is not diagnosed and treated, it can lead to popliteal cysts or Baker’s cysts. This occurs when too much lubricating fluid is produced by the knee joint and although painless, can lead to a misalignment and therefore a knee that feels like it needs to pop.

Housemaid’s Knee 

This is a real thing although it is more commonly known as bursitis of the knee. A bursa is a sac of fluid that sits underneath the skin, cushioning bones and tendons. They are commonly found over joints such as the knee, hip, shoulder and elbow.

With repetitive movements and other conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis or infections, the bursa can become inflamed and carpet fitters seem to find it a common problem because of the repetitive kneeling motion.

Ice packs can be used to treat the pressure and knee-popping sensation at home but the pain and swelling can stick around for a few weeks.

How to Pop Your Knee 

There are a number of exercises you can perform from home to alleviate the need for a knee-pop. Start with a quadricep stretch – standing up straight with one arm in front of you, the second arm holding your ankle from the same side-leg against your hip. This will require some balance on your part so make sure you are near a door or wall to catch your balance if you lose it.

For a more stable knee-popping exercise, lie down straight on the floor, bend one knee and stretch the other leg right out in front of you, top half completely flat to the floor. Hold and alternate for ten seconds each leg until you feel the knee pop and the pressure release.

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  1. Hello,

    When doing Zumba roughly two weeks ago i began to get sudden and sharp pains through and around my knee,which would go away after Zumba had stopped. About Monday last week my knee continued to hurt throughout the day. Since i started Zumba my knee has been uncomfortable and im finding myself in a postition that i am having to stand up 4 times in an hour just to stretch my knee to make it comfortable for a while. Whilst doing physical activity now it seems i cannot do anything because of the pain, however there is no swelling or redness that i can see. Have you any advice

    • It is possible that your symptoms are due to the actions that you take in your exercise regimen. Continue to monitor your symptoms. If you find that the pain increased during and after Zumba, then abstain from doing Zumba. You may also want to speak with a medical professional, as it is possible that a more serious medical condition has manifested. Make an appointment at this time. Best of luck, Hanna!

  2. I fell three days ago while running and the instant moment i was in the ground my knee was really painful i got up and was leaping a bit and when i would sit down the pain will go and come back but now my leg has no pain but i can fully straighten my leg but it feels uncomfortable as if i need it to pop or crack and it would sting a bit when i go up stairs and down and sometimes its hard to walk as if my leg cant straighten out when walking and gets weak in a long period of walking

    • Speak with a medical professional. You may find benefit in speaking with an emergency medical professional. Reduce stress on your leg, and rest at this time. Continue to monitor your symptoms so you may better address your doctor’s questions. Have a great day, Lucero!

  3. My right knee feels like theres air building up under my cap. I have to hold my knee cap & straighten my leg to relieve the pressure every hour or so.This happens periodically for a few days at a time. What is causing this?

    • Continue to monitor your experiences. If you find that your actions relieves pain, then continue to do so. You may be benefited by speaking with a medical professional. You will be able to address any questions that your doctor may have for you. Best of luck, Valentina!

  4. Hello. Started a new job about 3 weeks ago that consists of pushing and pulling carts lifting large, sometimes heavy, boxes and general physical labor. About a week ago however I started feeling discomfort in my right knee and now it constantly feels like I need to pop it. There is no swelling or any outer sign that there is something wrong. When I lift to bend my knee when walking or at times just putting weight on it there is a slight pain focused on my knee. The work is definitely different from what I’m used to so it could just be normal wear, but the pain has been consistent. I’ve been doing stretches before and after work and it’s helped but the feeling is still there. Just want to make sure it’s not something to be overly worried about. Or if it is of worrisome what steps to take. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    • It is great that you have already begun stretching and caring for your injury. It would be most wise of you to make an appointment with a medical professional at this time. You may also want to speak with your manager about reducing stress on your injury. While not working, ensure that you do not overuse your knee. This will help it heal faster. Keep up the great work, Marco!

  5. My left knee has pain when I walk, and when it bends there is a spot in front right below the knee cap that is painful when I put pressure on it with my fingers. I have been taking walks on a dirt road for the last three weeks, have I overused it or injured it?

    • It is possible that this is caused by an injury, overuse, or another problem. It may be beneficial for you to speak with a medical professional. They will be able to diagnose and treat any condition that you may have. For now, avoid using your knee if possible. If the symptoms decrease over a week of reduced stress, then you likely overused it. Yoga and similar workouts will give you the exercise that you need without the pressure on the knees. Best of luck, Nancy!

  6. I was at track practice yesterday and we were sprinting six 250 meters, if that’s important, and I suddenly get a sharp pain in my leg, which at the time I thought was a shin split, and iced it at home. I woke up in the middle of the night last night to the same pain in my leg as I moved it. (I move a lot in my sleep) I massaged my leg to find out that it wasn’t a shin split, it was knee pain. I tried not moving it and that didn’t work. I tried walking (I jogged a mile on the treadmill to practice endurance) on it and that didn’t work. I tried laying down and bending my leg and it didn’t work. I have a meet tomorrow and I don’t know what to to please help

    • It is likely that you overused some part of your knee. You may want to speak with your coach about your concerns. It would be best if you coach allowed you to take a day off to heal. You may want to speak with a medical professional. There is no reason to abuse your body at this time. Have a great day, Aairieal.

  7. Hi, I had an old knee injury about 9 years ago (tibial plateau fracture, stretched ACL), but it’s rarely bothered me since–I hike, walk, and sometimes run, always with little to no knee pain at all. Last night I did yoga without a mat and felt knee pain but ignored it, today I went for a very short run and a longer walk. After lying down for a bit, I felt a tight pain in my previously injured knee. It hurts to bend it and feels as though it needs to pop. Does this sound like a big issue? Or just some fluke strain?

    • I would certainly go easy on your knee for a bit. If you push it too much, you could end up unable to walk for a while. Rest your knee as much as possible for a few days, and you may also want to go to your doctor just to make sure that you haven’t re-injured your ACL.

  8. Hi, I am having a lot of pain in my right knee on the outside and behind. The pain is constant whether I am standing or laying down. It also feels like pressure/pain is building up in it and if I move it slightly it will pop hard. It relieves the pressure feeling for a few minutes but then starts to build up again and the cycle continues. Any advice on what this could be?

    • You should go to the doctor. You may have torn a muscle or just strained your knee. Your doctor has the tools necessary to diagnose this problem and treat it. In the meantime, give your knee a break as much as possible.

  9. Hello, I’m a dancer and this week I was off for a day and, I went outside running with my dogs in the snow. I came back in and my knee was in lots of pain. It had been difficult to walk, stand, or move it. I’m very nervous if something went wrong and I need a response fast.

    • It is possible that your knees are overly stressed. Minimize running at this time. If you are able to take time off dancing, then give your knees a few days to relax. If the problem becomes worse or continues, then you may want to speak with a medical professional. Best of luck, Alexis!

  10. I have a problem all the sudden with my knee. It feels like it needs to pop all the time and has become very sore when I bend it and swollen. I have an immune problem and near 50 years old. 5’6″ 136 pds.

    • Make an appointment with a medical professional at this time. If you do not treat your concerns, then they may turn into serious medical concerns. Continue to monitor the experiences that you are having so you can better answer your doctor’s questions. Best of luck, Shane!

  11. I play basketball and the other day I got hit knee to knee and this usually happens but now its worse.. Barely can walk straight up. Can’t bend all the way or Straighten all the way. Any advice what to do?

    • You may have damaged your knee. Relax your knee and do not use it at this time. Make an appointment with a medical professional to determine if there is any major damage. Follow their instructions to protect your knee. Best of luck, Malachi!

      • Hi I woke up this morning and my knee started to hurt. I was very active and played lacrosse and sports for over 3 hours and when I got home I lied down and I felt pressure in my knee, so when I bring it back it hurts and doesn’t pop in but it makes a crack sound. And when I pull it down it hurts a lot to. I have lacrosse coming up should I play?

        • You have have strained your knee. Reduce stress on it at this time. During practice, explain to your coach your experiences. It would be best for you to take a week off. However, many coaches choose to pressure their players to hurt themselves for the sake of the game. Take this time to determine if your health or athletics are more important. Best of luck, Tripp!

  12. hi. I’m in highschool and I have rotc and we have physical training every friday. I’ve had knee pain before but not like thos. this past Friday we ran up and down the football stadium bleachers and it hurts to bend my knee and it hurts on the right side (only the right side).Could you help me figure out what I’m dealing with. Thank you

    • You may want to speak with a medical professional. It is possible that you have strain that may lead to a severe injury if you do not care for your knee. You may want to speak with your ROTC leader and explain the situation. His or her response may give you an indication about how the military will treat your medical concerns in the future. It would be best for you to make an appointment at this time and care for your knee. Best of luck, Sherrie!

  13. I fell really bad with my kneel, I was able to get up and walk normal with little pain that reduced later, but the pain kept on coming back each time I run or stand for a long time, I just felt it will go, but now it been 3 months past. I now feel the pain in my ankle and my hip and pain more in the knee and I also feel a sensation as if my knee is not positioned well, I am so worried

    • You will want to speak with a doctor. These troubles may be symptoms of another problem. A doctor will be able to diagnose your concerns. Continue to monitor your experiences so you can better answer your doctor’s questions. Best of luck, Young!

  14. Thank you for the info truly. I am 23 years of age, who has dealt with a ACL and meniscus tear via Football… I have the urge to pop my knee several times an hour. Is there a permanent fix to this, or would it be best just to ignore the urge to pop? Thanks in advance

    • While it is possible that popping your knee won’t cause damage, it would be most wise of you to make an appointment with a medical professional. Perhaps they can give you an exercise guide. A physical therapist can also give you information and advice. You don’t want to wait ten or so years until your knee is giving you serious problems. Continue to remain mindful about your knee and make an appointment when you are able. Remain positive, Derek!

  15. Been three days and my out of the blue knee pains till won’t let me lock my right knee :/ normally walking fixes it this time no dice. I’ll ask someone to pull my leg like you advised earlier. I’m only 23 :/ not sure what I did to make my knee so angry at me!

    • At some point, you may want to go to the doctor and get checked out. They may just recommend a knee brace, but at least you will find out if there are any other options for making your knee feel better. Good luck, Lexy S.–I hope that your knee pain gets better!

  16. If I don’t pop them intentionally, mine will pop all by themselves when standing or walking, especially the right knee, where I’ve been dealing with a tumor in the ball of my right foot since 2012 (active duty medicine is amazingly fast, isn’t it?). The pressure builds up behind my kneecap and burns like fire until it pops. If I do a quick extension of the knee, especially while holding my kneecap, I can get it to pop earlier and thus relieve the pain.

    Unfortunately, the active duty “doctors” tell me it’s psychosomatic and that I can’t possible have anything wrong with me since I’m only 39, regardless of how much pain I’m in, the fact that I’ve been in the military for 22 years, or the MRI that said MCL, ACL, and meniscus tears, so I’m stuck having people look at me like I’m a hypochondriac until I get access to real doctors. 🙁

    • If you are unable to speak with a non-military doctor, then perhaps seek out someone with experience in physical therapy. They may have joint strengthening exercises that may reduce your pain. If you are unable to speak with a different military doctor, then perhaps speak with your current doctor’s superior. If military rules prevent you from doing that, then your best option may be to seek a way to get off of your knees and feet as much as possible.

    • Try both ways, prone and supine, and determine which way works best for you. If you find that you have different experiences or insights, feel free to share them with the community. Thank you for your comment and thoughts, Sherry!

  17. My knee hurts off and on I had a previous injury and I use to popy knee all the time and now when I walk sleep walk up and down stairs my knee tends to hurt off and on and it also hurts when I stand on it for long periods of time

    • It is likely that your old injuries are making themselves known. This may be because of activity or time. Remain positive as you move forward. If you find that you are concerned over the next week, then speak with a doctor or physical therapist about strengthening exercises. This will help you keep your knee strong for the future. Remain positive and mindful as you move forward, Amanda.

  18. My knee makes constant noises. I get a lot of snaps, crackles and pops. Over the last year, year and a half when I walk my knee will feel weak (upper half usually) as if I cannot fully extend it. I have to stop several times a day, stand on the same leg, lifting opposite and hop to “pop” it back to feeling normal. I was hit by a car when I was younger. Couple minor fractures, removal of tons of scar tissue. Its becoming a nuisance. Is this still “normal”?

    • It is possible that what you are experiencing is old injuries taking a more active role in your life. If you find that these pains are troublesome, then speak with a doctor or physical therapist about strengthening exercises for your leg. It is likely that your experiences are normal and nothing to be concerned about. However, if you find that you become worried or unable to do things, then be sure to take action now instead of later. Remain mindful and positive, Sara!

  19. What is a easy way to pop your knee because mine hurts and I do cheer and my sister is trying to help but she needs something to help me??

    • It is advisable not to turn your knee to the side or try to pop it through torsion. You can pop your knee, if you must, by having someone pull your leg away from your body while you are laying down. Always be mindful of your body when practicing sports, and have a great time, Eliza!

      • Please help. I popped my left knee through torsion (standing up straight and then twisting body fast while keeping leg in place). I have done it many times before but for some reason this one time came along with a loud popping noise (louder than a regular pop) and a sharp pain that prohibited me from walking and putting weight on it for hours. It’s now two days later and I am still in pain but able to walk. The back of my knee is tight, ankle hurts & thigh feels a bit sore. I have pain along where the mcl is and am not sure what to do!

        • If you are able to see a medical professional, then you should do so as soon as possible. Until you are able to see a doctor, you should minimize the use of your knee. Sit more and care for knee as much as possible. Look up any small exercises that you can do to strengthen your knee in the meantime. Be sure to make the appointment within the week, as it is important that you take care of it right away.


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