My Period Won’t Stop


For most women, the main problem is getting your period to start. On occasion, women may also have problems getting their period to stop. Menstruation normally lasts for four to six days, although it is fairly common to have a period last for as little as two or as much as eight days. During this time, your body sheds roughly 40 milliliters of blood. Your period normally occurs in a cycle of 21 to 35 days. If your period lasts for longer than normal or occurs more frequently than every 21 days, you may have a problem.

My Period Won’t Stop: Is Something Wrong?

There are many causes for a period that will not stop. Although it might just be longer than normal, a long period could be a sign of a more serious problem. You can assume that your period is abnormal, and you should see a doctor if you have any of the following symptoms:

  • You lose or gain weight unexpectedly in just a short amount of time
  • The amount of blood you lose is greater than five tablespoons of 80 cc
  • You are unable to do your normal activities because of an especially heavy flow
  • You continue to have spotting or bleeding between your periods, after menopause is over, during pregnancy or after sex
  • You have to change your tampon of pad during the night
  • Your period lasts for longer than a week
  • You have several hours where you need to change a tampon or pad once an hour
  • Your menstrual flow contains large blood clots
  • You have to use a tampon and a pad or a double pad
  • You have discharge from your nipples, new acne or sudden, unusual hair growth
  • You feel extremely tired, pale, dizzy or short of breath (all signs of anemia)
  • You suffer from bad-smelling discharge, a fever, odd discharge or extreme pain.

My Period Won’t Stop: What Are Some of the Possible Causes?

When you first get medical help, your doctor will check to see if the following reasons could possible be causing your period to last for longer than it is supposed to.

Internal Bleeding

This might not be common, but it is one of the top reasons why you should go to the doctor if you have any of the previous symptoms. Internal bleeding can happen for many reasons like an accident, injury or other medical ailment. It is caused when blood is unable to clot in the body, and it can lead to fainting, vomiting or dizziness. When this happens, you need to visit a doctor immediately.


When you are going through menopause, your hormones can change drastically. Unless the bleeding is severe, it will normally stop without medical intervention. Changing your diet to eliminate processed foods may be able to help. In addition, trips to the acupuncturist or yoga can limit some of the bleeding.

Hormonal Imbalance

Hormonal imbalances of progesterone and estrogen are fairly normal. They are often present during menopause, menarche or ovarian disorders.

Other Reason Why Your Period Won’t Stop

Other than the previous reasons why your period may not stop, you may have another condition like uterine polyps or non-cancerous fibroids. IUDS, an ectopic pregnancy or blood thinners can cause your period to be longer than normal. An infection or cancer in the reproductive organs like the Fallopian tubes or the uterus can lead to additional bleeding. Among middle-aged women, adenomyosis can cause additional bleeding. This condition is caused when the uterine glands become embedded within the uterine lining.

Treating Long Periods

One of the first things that you should do is track the normal length of your period. You should remember the number of tampons or ads that you have to use each month and remember if you have bleeding between periods or after sex.


Medications like tranexamix acid can reduce your blood flow by half. Progesterone or hormonal birth control like Danazol can make your periods more regulated, while NSAIDs can cut your blood loss by one third. A birth control coil called Mirena can also help to make your period normalize.

Forget About It

If you are not experiencing any other symptoms or serious bleeding, you can just leave your period alone. Unless there is a serious medical condition at fault, your period might not cause any other issues. You will still want to regularly get checked for anemia because continued blood flow can lower your level of iron.

Medical Interventions

Depending on the cause of your bleeding, your doctor may recommend a surgical procedure to treat your excessive bleeding. A hysteroscopy may be prescribed if you have uterine fibroids. This procedure will basically remove the fibroids that are in the uterus using a long, slender scope.

Endometrial resection (or ablation) is the complete removal of the lining of the uterus. This is only done in severe cases because it means that you will be unable to have a child afterward. A hysterectomy has a similar result because it involves the complete removal of your uterus and cervix. Both procedures are only done in severe cases because they affect your fertility. For more minor procedures, a doctor may do a dilation and curettage. This procedure is basically when the cervix is widened so that some of the internal lining of the uterus can be scraped off.


  1. Hi. Am 30 yrs old. I’m having this long period since last month on 25th till now, though is not heavy flow is just that I see a tone of blood on my pants and when am urinating and after urinating. I don’t feel anything am just fine but am now worried about this long menstruation!!! Please help

    • If your period continues for more than ten days, then you may want to speak with a medical professional. Continue to monitor your experiences at this time. If symptoms arise, then take note of them. This will ensure that you are better able to address any questions that your doctor may have. Have a great day, Terry!

  2. I have been on BC pill for a decade. I am on a continuous dose partly due to endometriosis. Sometimes I miss a couples pills and have a very light period. In May I missed a couple pills and had a heavy period lasting about a week with lots of large blood clots.

    Fast forward to now, I have not missed any pills since May. I started a period last Friday and as of tomorrow that will make it 11 days. I have never had such a heavy period and there are large clots, though not as many as before. There seems to be no slowing down.

    I don’t understand how I could be having a period. Also, it is heavy, long, and oddly without the pain I usually experienced before BC. Also, I am under a lot of stress.

    Should I be concerned? Will it go away?

    PS. No chance of pregnancy.

    • Since there is no chance of pregnancy, you may be benefited by speaking with your doctor. Continue to monitor your symptoms at this time. This will ensure that you can better address any questions that your doctor may have at your appointment. If you do not feel that you would be benefited by speaking with a medical professional, then write down your symptoms. Have a great day, Jen!

  3. I’m 16 and my period has been on for a little over a week, I’ve had blood clots but they were small and I normally have them with my previous periods but they have never been on this long … I’m a little worried and I don’t know what to do !

    • If your period lasts ten days, then you should make an appointment with a medical professional. It would be beneficial for you to continue to monitor your symptoms at this time. If it is possible that you are pregnant, then take a pregnancy test at this time. If it is not possible that you are pregnant, then take note of the experiences that you are having so you can best address any questions that your doctor may have for you. Best of luck, Lexi!

  4. My period has lasted about 7-8 months I have no way to the doctor. I pulled myself off birth control patch cause I’m allergic to it. The doctor said I was to take birth control, acid reflux medicine, and thyroid medication. The doctor did ultra sound and physical testing then said I have pcos.Before birth control four years ago I was kind of having a heavy but almost normal period. Dad had the doctor put me on medicine so he wouldn’t have to buy so many pads. Now that I am off birth control my period won’t stop.

    • You should speak with your medical professional. Make an appointment with your doctor at this time. You should address this question as soon as you are able to do so. Think about taking iron supplements. Reduce stress in your life at this time. It is possible that you will need to alter your birth control consumption after your speak with your doctor. Best of luck, Stephanie!

  5. Hi, I’m 23 years old my period start the 20th of June and won’t stop. I visit the Doctor on the 28th of June because I was feeling pain in my abodomen. She said my cervic is all back but everything looks good. She only gave me pain killer. I woke this morning the pain is getting worse and my period is coming (it’s light). What should I do?

    • It is great that you have already spoken with a medical professional. You may want to make a follow up appointment at this time. Continue to monitor the experiences that you are having at this time. Perhaps create a journal of the symptoms and their potential causes. This will help you better address any questions that your medical professional may have. Best of luck, Chanzz!

  6. Hi my periods are nt stopping it’s cmng from last two months,after TVS scan doctor told me dat there is no problem in my uterus bt in left ovary there are cyst’s of blood wat shud I do now plz tell

    • It is good that you have already spoken with a medical professional. It may be beneficial for you to make a second appointment at this time. Keep a journal of your experiences and symptoms, as this will help you better address any questions that your doctor may have. Take iron supplements or eat foods with extra iron in them at this time. If your period continues for another week, then make an additional appointment. Best of luck, Noor!

  7. I am 42 years old. About 8 years ago I went off birth control hoping to get pregnant which never did happen. However, since that time I’ve been having problems with my menstrual cycle in that, I really never stop my period. I did not think much of it the first few months off the bc pills because I figured my body needed some time to regulate itself, but over time it just got worse and worse. I typically have what I call my “normal period” with typically heavier bleeding for several days and then it usually does stop for a day or two, but I start bleeding again, sometimes it is not bad (like when I wipe, there is blood), other times I have to wear a tampon. I have been to doctors and have been prescribed (at different times ) progesterone and birth control pills (orthocept) to help regulate my period but nothing seemed to work. About 6 months ago my doctor suggested the IUD Skyla since it is similar to Mirena which has the side effect of causing women to stop having their period or not have it as often. I could not have Mirena because apparently, my uterus is too small. Anyway, it has not helped at all, I still have my “normal period” then have consistent spotting or mild bleeding until my next “normal period”. It is really frustrating, not because I think there is something bad wrong with me (PAP is always normal), but because I feel like this has a major effect on my hormones and in turn affects my moods and emotional health. I feel like I am on a roller coaster of emotions all the time and I don’t know if it is related to these issues or not but I just don’t know what to do next if there is anything for me to do. I wonder if going to an endocrinologist would benefit me because this seems like a hormonal imbalance. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    • Thank you for sharing your experiences with our community. It seems as though your best option is to speak with a wide range of medical specialists. You may want to attempt to speak with a different general practitioner or OB. This will give you a second round of advice. If you do not find help with standard medical doctors, then perhaps speak with a natural doctor. Best of luck, Kim!

  8. I’m 30 yrs old. I have had my period for 22days. I’m not on any birthcontrol they all have bad side effects for me. No pain or dizziness, Im not tired. I feel normal. I took sum iron pills because how long I have been bleeding. The same thing happened 6months ago i went to the ER but they sent me home after a ultrasound and said they couldn’t find anything abnormal. I dont know what to do.

    • Visit a medical professional. Make an appointment at this time or speak with an emergency health care specialist. It is likely that your symptoms that you are experiencing now are caused by the same influences that occurred months ago. However, it is always best to speak with a medical professional when you experiencing bleeding for more than ten days. Best of luck, Ashley!

  9. I am having my period for two weeks already. It started with brown discharge for few days, then with the blood flow. I didn’t experience any pain or any other sign or symptoms. Usually my period ends in five days and with little blood flow. This is the blood flow is heavier than usual but still not really heavy. I am wondering would this due to the changing of my sleeping pattern before and my stress. The week before my period I was having a super weird sleeping pattern, like sleeping in the afternoon and waking up at night, then I forced myself to change it back to normal by staying awake for 24 hours. Also I was pretty stressed out due to my coursework. I didnt notice any obvious blood clog, everything just like normal period, except it has been here for two weeks. Please help.

    • It is certainly possible that your experiences are due to stress and lifestyle changes. Reduce stress in your life at this time. Attempt to return your body to a normal routine. Continue to monitor your experiences at this time. If your symptoms cause you to want to speak with a medical professional, then make an appointment. Best of luck, Shanike!

  10. i saw my period a week earlier and it flowed for five days and stopped,two days later i started hving cramps and some traces of blood which has lasted up to one week now,i dnt feel dizzy or weak,i eat well,i am so scare

    • You may want to make an appointment with a medical professional at this time. Continue to monitor the experiences that you are having so you can better answer your doctor’s questions. If you find that your symptoms diminish over the next few days, then you may be safe to hold off on making an appointment. Best of luck, Clare!

  11. My periods started on 12th may and is still continuing as sometime heavy and sometimes less flow my weight has also decreased upto 1kg plz suggest wat shud i do ,i also had an scan there is no any cist seen doctoc said it is infection but i m very afraid dat why it is nt stooping plz advise

    • If your period has lasted a month, then you need to speak with a medical professional. Make an appointment at this time. If your appointment would be more than a few days out, then you may wan to speak with an emergency medical professional. Take note of the symptoms that you are having so you can better answer the questions that the doctor may ask. Best of luck, Gagan!

    • If you have had continual bleeding for six months, then you need to make an appointment with a medical professional at this time. It would be best for you to continue to monitor your experiences so you can better answer your medical professional’s questions. Call your doctor at this time. Best of luck, Fathima!

  12. On May 2nd and 3rd, the first thing was light red. I threw it off as my period, and went along. I go home – I was out when I had it – and find that there’s nothing there. Puzzling, yeah, but I leave it alone. For the next two days, there’s either nothing, or extremely light brown discharge. After these two days pass, it goes back to white, and I try to forget about it.

    May 8th and 9th, it happens again, goes away, and leaves me alone.

    May 15th, I see something resembling my period, but the second time I check, it’s gone. Tuesday the 16th, same thing. Wednesday the 17th, however, I did alot of running and exercise and etc. and when I go check, there’s a large circle on the pad I’m wearing – just in case – and it’s so dark, and dark black – that’s what it looks like, at least – and I immediately mark it off as my period. I check two times later, it’s just about gone, leaving me with only a bit of brown discharge.

    The next day, or maybe the day after, I start bleeding, first brown, then slowly red, and it’s a relief because oh, it’s finally becoming normal. It keeps on going, and going, and going – and it’s weird, but okay.

    And then it passes day ten, and I’m still bleeding, sometimes lightly, sometimes with nothing, and sometimes with lots of blood – but nothing out of the norm. If anything, the amount of blood is a little less than the amount of blood I usually let go of in a normal period.

    And have I mentioned that my period comes every two, three, sometimes four months. It started two months after I first got my period, which was when I was ten, in fifth grade. Now, I’m twelve, and I’m seriously freaked because this isn’t normal, and it’s screwing with my life. Once in a while, I’ll fine myself being extremely moody, but not too often. And rarely, within this cycle, I’ll get the pain at the bottom of my stomach – which is normal in a regular period for me, but in this period ( or whatever it is ) it’s coming rare.

    Is this supposed to be normal, or is my stress completely unnecessary? I understand that teenagers, and young girls who get it at a young age can get i infrequently, maybe after every two months – but this? This is plain freaky. I’ve found no other reports on this in the internet.

      • Understood. Many stressors like hormonal changes, diet, exercise or stress can change your period’s timing, intensity and duration, so it probably isn’t anything to worry about. It is a good idea to go to your doctor just in case though.

    • It’s quite normal. It can sometimes take a while for your menstrual cycle to regulate itself. In addition, there are many hormonal changes during puberty that can affect when your cycle starts or stops. Just in case, talk to your mother or father about going to the doctor and asking about your menstrual cycle. This is probably nothing to worry about, but it never hurts to go to the doctor and make sure.

  13. Hellow i am 27 years old i have a pro blem with my period since from the 5 of may its started with dark brown discharged n now its blood but it not heavy its normal but every night around 8pm i am experiencing womp pain plz help m worried

    • It could be an early miscarriage, endometriosis, PCOS, digestive disorders or something else. The only real way to find out is to go to your doctor and tell him or her your symptoms. At the very least, call your doctor, describe your symptoms and see if they want you to come into the office.

  14. its great work…today, women faces many problems in their menstruate cycle, may be due to stress day to day busy life, less consciousness for health etc. well this article may help them a lot.

    • Thank you for sharing your positive comment. Feel free to share more of your insights in the future. Have a great day, Eddy!

  15. It’s the second time having my period and I’m having it for 6 days now ( April 26th till now ) . I don’t know if it’s normal at the age of 14, but it either makes me really annoyed or really worried. Is it normal?

    • Continue to monitor the experiences that you are having. If your period continues for another four days, then perhaps speak with a medical professional. They will be able to address any questions that you have at that time. Best of luck, Sofia!

  16. I am having my period for over 2 weeks and 4 days . it isn’t stoping . I don’t get any large blood clots or severe bleeding . its just normal bleeding like women usually do . its lasting longer than it usually do . what is the cause ? Is it something serious ?

    • You will want to speak with a medical professional at this time. Continue to monitor your experiences so you can better answer their questions. Make an appointment today. Best of luck, Ananya!

    • Im Having period for 10 days nonestop this my firdt time that i reach 10 days my normal is 4 to 5 days only.. My blood coming out now is dark brown.. And idk what it cause! .. Is it serious or just normal??

      • Lifestyle factors like stress, exercise, illnesses and diet can change your menstrual cycle, so it may just be due to that. If it does not stop in a couple of days, call your doctor and see if he or she wants you to come in and get checked out. Good luck, Fey!

  17. Ive been bleeding since march 24th & Ive also had heavy blood clots. Im always tiredand I barely eat. My monthly gift normally last 3 or 4 days. What should I do????

    • You will want to speak with a medical professional at this time. Continue to monitor the experiences that you are having so you better better answer their questions. Anytime that your period lasts more than ten days is a sign that you may want to seek medical attention. Best of luck, Help!

    • There are many potential causes of this, so she should really make an appointment with her doctor to get checked out. It could be an early miscarriage, a uterine fibroid, a hormonal imbalance or something else. The best way to find out for sure and make sure that she gets the right treatment is to schedule an appointment with her doctor and make sure to discuss all of her symptoms then. Good luck, Mohato!

  18. I am 36yrs old and for more than 5mnths av b having prolong period (10days). I have seen a gyneo but said nothing is wrong. For my 2recent cycles d it prolonged more than 10days n right nw my period started with brownish coloration since 22nd of march to 26th then the flow increased from 27th to 1st of April then i thought d period has stopped. This morning 2nd of April it came back my pad is almost ful along side with a lump of blood n am having waist pain right now. What do i do. I have been seeing different doctors but they seems to see nothing wrong. However report of small multiple fibroids which i told them to remove but they al said they are too small to remove. What do i do am yet to have children n have done al d necessary tests at various times n nothing seems to b wrong with me. I am tired

    • The fibroids could be making your irregular cycles more likely to occur. As your doctors said though, this type of change is normal, and many women develop irregular cycles even without fibroids. Until the fibroids are larger, there is nothing that can really be done. You may want to revise your diet a bit to help with the tiredness. Anemia is more common in women with heavy, prolonged cycles, and it could lead to symptoms like tiredness or dizziness. Many foods like meat and broccoli have the iron that you need in them, so focus on eating a healthy diet that helps to replace some of the iron lost by your body.


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