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When you get a nose piercing, it is extremely common for a bump to form on your nose. Although this is sometimes just caused by scar tissue, it is often due to an infection. If you have a raised red bump, it indicates that there is an infection that could end up leading to scar tissue. This bump may develop anywhere from a month to a few days after your piercing.

If scar tissue does develop, it is called a keloid and it may remain forever on your nose. You must be especially vigilant after getting a nose piercing to make sure that it does not end up becoming a bump. Make sure to clean your nose piercing every day to prevent an infection and scarring. If you do end up with a nose piercing bump, you can use some of the following home remedies to treat it. When these treatments do not work to heal the nose piercing bump, you may need to get medical care so that it does not become a scar.

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How to Heal Your Nose Piercing Bump

In general, a nose piercing bump is fairly easy to treat with home remedies. Known as granulomas and pustules, these problems can be dealt with over the counter drugs like hydrocortisone creams or prescribed antibiotic gels. Pustules normally need to be treated with prescribed medication since they are a sign of a more intense infection. If there is scar tissue or an abscess, you need to get medical help because these can lead to blood infections or other problems.

1. Make an Aspirin Paste

If you have some aspirin, you can easily make a treatment for your nose piercing bump. Aspirin is known for being an anti-inflammatory, so it can reduce the redness, swelling and inflammation. Mix a bottle of aspirin into a glass with only a little water so that it dissolves into a paste. Afterward, apply the mixture each night before you sleep over the next few days. During this time, the aspirin paste will help to remove the irritation and allow the infection to drain. You will also want to continue to clean your nose piercing during this time like you normally would.

2. Use a Compress Made of Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is great for resolving inflammation and redness. All you need to do is place the tea bags in warm water before you press them onto the bump. Allow the tea bag to sit on the bump for ten minutes. When it starts to lose heat, you can place it into the hot water again so that it heats up again.

3. Use Basic Sea Salt

Sea salt is an entirely natural way to help remove inflammation and treat an infection. You just need to make a solution of sea salt and warm water. Afterward, dip a cotton ball into the solution and place the cotton ball onto your nose. You can used this treatment up to twice a day for 20 minutes each time. Once you do the treatment, you may want to rinse your nose with water so that the salt does not dry out around it and cause your skin to peel. If you use this treatment regularly, it will work to clear up minor infections.

4. Tea Treat Oil

If your nose piercing bump is not healing, then you may want to use tea tree oil instead. Use a few drops of tea tree oil in another type of oil like almond or coconut oil. Afterward, use a cotton ball or cotton swab to apply it to the bump. Tea tree oil is extremely powerful for killing germs and bacteria, so it can heal your nose as long as you use it once or twice a day. You do not want to use it too much though, or it can dry out your nose or irritate it.


Should I Change Out My Piercing?

Sometimes, individuals have an allergy for certain types of jewelry. The nose bump could be caused by an infection or by using a metal that you are allergic to. If you have been using a cheap, nickel-based piercing, you will want to switch it to something that is made out of metals like stainless steel, titanium or niobium. In addition, you need to make sure that you are using the right type of metal for home remedies. Sea salt and tea tree oil may interact weirdly with different metal types, so you need to make sure that you are using high-quality, safe metal for your nose piercing.

What Are the Types of Piercing Bumps?

Nose piercing bumps are not always a sign of an infection. Sometimes, it is just caused by extra tissue or scar tissue. Asian and black populations are more likely to develop a keloid than other races, while everyone can end up having a granuloma that could drain a clear fluid. These types of bumps do not mean that it is infected—it could just be caused by scar tissue.

It is always possible that your nose piercing bump could be due to an infection. If it is, then the bump will look like a pimple and there will be pus. The pus that is around the infection is a sign that your piercing is infected and your body is trying to isolate the infection by creating an abscess around it. When this happens, you may need to visit a doctor. You will normally be able to tell if you have an infection because the bump will look like a pimple, appear inflamed or pink and be tender to the touch.

If you have scar tissue, you may need to get professional medication attention. Likewise, you will need to go the doctor if the bump does not heal on its own or it remains after three weeks of home remedies and treatments. Any fever, dark streaks or smelly discharge is a sign of a more severe infection and you may need to see your doctor for extra help.


  1. I have a pus like bump for a month that is red-pink and i have been doing tea tree and sea salt soak and now i am starting on the camomile tea soak and asprin paste now to see what will the results will be , i have not touch it or move the stud around , and tea tree oil and sea salt irriate , should i go to a professional to take it out or keep doing the treatments? Or do i change my stud to a ring?

    • Your piercing may be infected. It would be best for you to remove the piercing. You may want to speak with a medical professional about your symptoms. You are able to get another piercing in the future. It is important to ensure that you are healthy. Have a great day, Lanya!

  2. I got my nose pierced about a month ago, and it was doing well, until I noticed a small flesh-colored bump forming beside it, much like the one in the photo… it isn’t extremely red or painful, its simply just a bump just hanging out there… I’m so worried, though! Websites are telling me that it may be very serious or require surgery, or that it will be there forever… I want to tell my piercer but I feel embarrassed… Please tell me your thoughts, I am not sure what to do!

    • You should tell the person who pierced your nose. They may have advice for you. Do not feel embarrassed. It is beneficial to address your concerns as soon as possible. It is possible that you may want to speak with a medical professional if the person who pierced your nose is unable to help you. Best of luck, Madeline!

  3. I took my stud out and put a hoop in after two and Half months of getting it pierced. It is a hinge hoop and the tip scraped the inside if the hole. Its been a week and the area is not red but it is painful and bruised in the inside and yellow discharge in the outside is a infection

    • It is possible that you have an infection. You may want to speak with a medical professional. If there is someone in your life that is knowledgeable about caring for infections, then speak with them. Continue to monitor your experiences. If the symptoms increase or continue, then speak with a medical professional. Have a great day, Tee!

  4. an update to my earlier post…..I went to see my piercer this afternoon. He changed out my jewelry. I had a surgical steel ring and I changed to titanium. Also bought the sterilized wound care aftercare. What I had purchased in the store was not sterilized saline. It has only been an hour and it feels so much better! The bump is less red and smaller already too!

    • Thank you for sharing your insights and experiences. It is great that you have shared this information. Have a great day, Shirl!

  5. I had a flesh colored bump. Had been using sea salt soaks twice a day and tea tree oil twice a day. It would get crusty and start looking better but then would return. I heard about the aspirin paste. Tried it overnight the bump seemed smaller the next day. Put it on again the next night. The second morning my bump is now red, like blood under the skin. Seemed bigger and kind of sticky to the touch. After I rinsed it well in the shower and cleaned it with a sea salt soak I’ve left it alone. Seems less red and smaller. Was the aspirin paste a wrong chose for me? What do I do next?

    • Thank you for sharing your experiences and insights. Continue to monitor your symptoms. You may speak with the person who pierced your nose. Their experience and knowledge will likely support you. Have a great day, Shirl!

  6. So I’ve had my piercing 3 weeks ago and I was trying to see if I could take it out to change it for a new one but I couldn’t them I notice something wey and it’s a pimple like bump that’s right next to my piercing and i don’t know why or what it is

    • This is a common symptom for nose piercings. Do not replace your piercing, and you may find that it naturally diminishes. If it remains or grows, then speak with a medical professional. If the piercing heals during this time, determine if you want to have your nose pierced a second time. Have a great day, Stephanie!

  7. I got my nose piercing a month ago. I woke up a few days ago and it wasn’t in, guessing it fell out when I was sleeping. As soon as I got up I washed it and put it back in and now there’s a bump next to it. Puss came out of it a couple times. What should I do?

    • You should treat this as though it were an infection. Continue to leave the piercing out of your nose and treat your infection. Speak with the person who pierced your nose about advise. When you are fully healed, then speak with the same person to get it replaced. Have a great day, GG!

  8. I got my nose pierces on 13th June. The piercer put in a stud and asked me to come back after 15 days. But I couldn’t go so I went to my local jeweller because I wanted to get the stud removed and replace it with a ring. But he couldn’t open the stud so he cut it. As there was some bleeding I left the piercing for a day and then put in basil’s twig. After some time a bump appeared and puss and blood started coming out. Now I think thay my skin has started growing on the twig itself. What should I do?

    • You should immediately remove the twig. Clean your nostril and the opening. Apply some alcohol or another cleanser. It is better to heal this wound than to concern yourself with the piercing hole. Monitor your nose as it heals. If it gets worse, then you should determine if you want to speak with a medical professional. If it gets better, then you may choose to attempt to fill place a ring or stud in it. Best of luck, G!

  9. I have had the piercing bump and my best advice would be to go to a shop and have a professional remove the piercing so that the bump can go away, once it’s healed you can always re pierce it. When I was treating my bump for 2 months, I was using a combination of sea salt soaks and tea tree oil. The sea salt soaks followed by tea tree oil was actually effective, however, the bump kept returning and that was due to the dusty conditions at my former work place, causing bacterial infection. I went to a shop, got the bump drained and cleaned, removed the stud and allowed the bump to go away completely, after 3 months, you couldn’t tell that I had even had a piercing there before. I got my nose pierced again (same spot) a week and a half ago and all seems to be going well.

    • Thank you for sharing your experiences and insights. It is great to see that our community is supporting each other. Please feel free to share more of your thoughts and ideas in the future. Have a great day, LS!

        • You may want to speak with the person who pierced your nose. They will be able to give you advice, as they have the experiences necessary to support you at this time. Have a great day, Brittany!

  10. I need help! I did the dumbest thing ever. I got my nose pierced on 05/06/17 and the healing process went well for the first few weeks. But somewhere during the process I started using neosporin and ear care solution not realizing that it had bacitracin in it. Well now I have a big bump by my piercing and although it doesn’t hurt or anything, it is red and every now and then when I pick it (yes I know I’m not suppose to) a little pus will come out. I’m now doing the aspirin paste and 90% alcohol. Do I leave the aspirin paste on overnight?

    • Leave it on overnight if you want to use the aspirin paste. If you find that it does not help, then your best option is to remove the piercing. This will give your body time to heal. You can always get the piercing done a second time. It is better to care for your body at this time. Best of luck, Vee!


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