Olive Oil for Acne


olive_oil_beautyOlive oil is a popular condiment used in cooking and preparing food, however this wonder oil is also known to be beneficially used for a number of  health issues, especially when in lieu of skin health.

Olive oil can be utilized for its unique properties including anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins , and anti-inflammatory proponents. Even though there really isn’t a major cure for acne, An individual can opt to use the acne-fighting properties of Olive oil instead of spending countless dollars on other acne-treatment products.


How Does Olive Oil Treat Acne?

Olive oil contains a variety of properties that make it medicinally and cosmetically beneficial for your skin. Most of all using olive oil can help you to treat your acne and prevent further acne breakouts in the future.

It is important that you understand that not all olive oil is created equal. If you are opting to use olive oil as a treatment for acne, you should always purchase EVO (extra virgin olive oil.) This type of olive oil possesses the essential amount of polyphenol a very important ingredient in olive oil that can help you best. Other olive oils on the market may contain unnatural ingredients- and worsen your skin condition.)   

Here are the largest reasons that Olive Oil is healthy for your skin and can be used to treat acne:

Gentle Moisturizer:

Olive oil is naturally thick and has the substance that can moisturize dry skin. Often acne is a result of dehydrated and of a very imbalanced skin PH. Olive oil soothes, and hydrates skin as it is absorbed deep with the layers of the skin. Applying olive oil to the skin has been shown to hydrate it without causing it to produce excess oils.

High in Anti-Oxidants:

Anti-oxidants contained in natural foods and substances have been known to possess anti-aging properties which help heal, soothe and promote healthy cell regeneration. Olive oil is rich in anti-oxidants and especially one termed- polyphenol. Polyphenol is a great moisturizer, but better it helps to penetrate the layers of the skin to optimize the important cell production that gives skin it clear complexion and healthy glow.

Antiseptic in Nature:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil contains natural anti-bacterial components that help to clean the skin of dirt, extra oils, debris, and other toxic substances. Bacteria plays a large role in your skin health and too much of it can result in zits, pimples and chronic acne. Olive oil has the ability to cleanse the skin to help prevent more inflammation, irritation, and blemishes from forming.

Soothes Inflammation on the Skin:

Reddened skin blemishes and rashes can occur on the face and the body when the skin is inflamed for a number of reasons. However olive oil has the powerful ability to soothe, health, and repair the damage that this inflammation is a result from. This works also not only to clean your skin but as a preventative measure against further breakouts.

Can be used to Exfoliate and Cleanse:

When combined with other natural remedies, Olive oil can be mixed into a scrub, facial mask, or cream that can be applied and used to unclog pores, heal skin damage, soothe inflammation, and also moisturize the skin. Olive oils made into scrubs and pastes have also been proven to reduce the appearance of scars that are caused by acne.

How to Use Olive Oil for Acne

There are many other natural remedies tha you can combine with the power of Olive Oil to create your own formula of acne treatment. Here are just a few samples of how you can use Olive OIl and what to do to treat your acne:

General Application:

Olive oil can be directly applied to the skin or face in its natural form. You can do this by washing your face, patting dry, and then taking a liberal amount of extra virgin olive oil into your palm. You can also use cotton balls, a wash-rag, or just your hands to apply it. Once you apply it make sure you cover the effected area. Massage the oil in but do not apply too much just enough for it to penetrate and be evenly absorbed into your skin. Let it soak in, If you find that you used to much just blot it off, gently. You should do this at leaat 2x per day.

Olive Oil Salt Scrub:

Olive oil can be combined and mixed with other natural substances to form a scrub that can be used to abrasively exfoliate the skin. Exfoliation is the process of using an abrasive agent with a natural moisturizer or cleanser to gently massage and scrub the dead skin cells, bacteria, dirt, debris, and makeup of the facial skin area.

To make a olive oil, salt scrub you should mix 1 full cup of sea salt with 1.4 cup of olive oil. Mix together and let it set overnight, covered. After your mixture has set-up, then you should use a soft cloth or sponge to apply the scrub to your face. Use it and revolve in a circular manner while applying it. Once applied fully, then allow it to set on your face for about 5 minutes. Wash with gentle warm soap and water, and pat dry. Repeat once a day for best results.

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil Mask:

Lemon juice is very medicinal for skin as it is high in Vitamin C, antioxidants, and is acidic in nature. Mixing some lemon juice with Olive oil can be counter-productive for you combating your acne issues To make a lemon juice and olive oil skin treatment you should combine 1/8 of a small tbs. of lemon juice with 1/4 tsp, of olive oil. Use it immediately to cleanse your face, while fully covering your entire face. Wait from 6-11 minutes for it to work its magic, and then rinse, dry and repeat once or twce a day for best results.


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