Pain Behind Belly Button


Pain Behind Belly ButtonWhen something goes wrong within the body, you are likely to feel pain. This is the way your body, and to be more precise – your brain, tells you that you need to pay attention to it. Sometimes this could be something very minor, something easily treated but sometimes, the pain you’re feeling could be a sign that something else is happening, something else that may need urgent medical assistance.

This is definitely the case with pain behind belly button which could be a symptom of nothing at all, and more serious conditions, all at the same time.

Why am I experiencing pain behind belly button?

One of the main causes of that pain you’re feeling is a digestive problem, perhaps something you ate or eating too fast / too much?

If you eat too much, your stomach expands and as this does so, you’ll feel bloated and pressure will be put on various internal parts of the body. This is what causes that pain behind belly button but you can also experience it elsewhere in the abdomen.

A stomach bug can also lead to a similar pain, as can eating bad food and even allergies to certain foods also.

UTI’s, urinary tract infections or urine infections. When you experience a urine infection, you will have a number of different symptoms ranging from a burning sensation when you pass urine to pain behind belly button. It may feel as if you are urinating razor blades and you may even experience flu like symptoms also.

This is something that will require medical assistance. Leaving a UTI untreated can lead to kidney infections and kidney damage is often irreparable.

Certain medications can cause interactions with your stomach and this can leave you with similar symptoms to that of a stomach bug, often with pain, tenderness, bloating, nausea, vomiting and maybe even diarrhea. Some medications can cause excess gas which can become trapped, causing this uncomfortable pain, and some can cause inflammation which can cause pain and discomfort across the entire digestive tract.

A hernia is another common reason why you may experience pain behind belly button and this is something that will generally require medical attention. A pain with a lump is often a sign that you have this medical condition, and the pain often worsens with physical exercise or movement.

Stomach ulcers can occur when there is excess acid in the gut and it burns through the lining, causing blisters which may bleed into your stools. There are lots of reasons why you may suffer with this although stress and bad eating are common root causes.

This is another medical problem that will require medical attention because leaving it alone to do its own thing will cause further problems, including internal bleeding of the intestines.

Could you be pregnant? You will have a lot of new pains and aches when you’re having a baby and this could be the reason why you’re experiencing this pain behind belly button. Your womb is growing, as is the skin around it, and as a results, things are moving around and getting squashed so you can imagine there will be a certain amount of discomfort.

Digestive problems are actually a very common cause of stomach pains and these can include Crohn’s disease, celiacs, IBS and more. With these, you are likely to experience other symptoms also such as constipation or diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, bloating, trapped wind, a loud, gurgling stomach and more.

It is rare that you will just experience pain behind belly button with no other symptoms if one of these digestive condition is the cause of it.

In fact, there are a number of conditions which could cause this pain. Gallbladder problems could be the cause if you experience a pain around your liver too, and you’ll have a range of other symptoms such as fevers, chills, nausea, vomiting, stomach upsets, etc.

If your belly button pain is getting worse, or it doesn’t seem to be going away after a day or so, it is wise to make an appointment with your doctor to get yourself checked over. Although random aches and pains are fairly common and are usually a sign that something minor and relatively simple is going wrong, it can be a sign of a more serious underlying cause. By leaving the problem untreated, you could be causing yourself more harm.

If you experience other symptoms alongside your abdominal pain, or more symptoms join as the days roll by, you should also seek medical advice. Having a hot bath or using a hot water bottle can relieve some symptoms but if you need treatment such as medication, the only way you’re going to get that is if you take a trip to the doctor.


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