Pansinusitis or pan sinusitis is a term used for inflammation of the sinuses on one side of the nose or both sides of the nose. Sinuses are the cavities located above the nose, behind and below the eyes. They are normally filled up with air, but due to some infections, they can fill up with inflammation build up and result in fluid accumulation. There are paranasal sinuses as well which are located symmetrically on both sides of the face such as maxillary, sphenoid, frontal and ethmoid sinus.

The maxillary sinus is the one which is above the mouth and underneath the cheek bone. The sphenoid sinus is called by the bone which is located in, inside the skull named sphenoid bone. Frontal sinuses are located in the forehead above the eyes. Ethmoid sinus is located behind the nasal bone and below the eyes.

Causes of Pansinusitis

Pansinusitis is mostly caused by pathogen intrusion into the sinus cavities. This can be bacteria, virus or fungi, and allergies as well. Mostly, pathogens enter the sinuses through the upper respiratory system. This is usually when the immune system gets affected and the protection drops for a while. This is a great entrance for the microbes and they can cause some infection. Other possible ways of infection are through oral cavity such as teeth infection, tobacco consumption, air pollution, contaminated water like swimming pools, etc.

Some conditions which are also important to mention are the structural changes which help the infection occurrence such as deviated nasal septum or even polyp. Pansinusitis can be acute or progress to a chronic state.

Symptoms of Pansinusitis

The symptoms for Pansinusitis include a few systems participation. From here, it usually starts with a headache, fever, cough, nose congestion, sore throat, swelling of the face, toothache, foul breath. It can be pretty painful since these cavities are constrained inside the bones, so there isn’t a room for spreading the inflammation. It causes pressure on the walls and results in all the symptoms mentioned above.

Treatment for Pansinusitis

Pansinusitis is surely a condition which should be treated with a doctor’s advice and recovery plan. It should be inspected and diagnosed with special medical equipment such as MRI or CT scan where it can be visually presented and your doctor will have the knowledge about the inflammation size. The microbiological test can also help by detecting the cause of infection and you would get the right antibiotic for bacterial infection or any other drug for viruses or fungal infections.

If the Pansinusitis is caused by some structural changes such as a nasal polyp or deviated nasal septum, the doctor may opt for surgery in order to correct the irregularity inside the nasal cavity which is causing the problem. This will help with drainage of the sinuses and prevent any further complications.

Home Remedies for Pansinusitis

Since most of the patients will opt for home remedies prior to going to the doctor’s office, here are some advice on how you can help yourself.

  • Inhalation. Inhaling the steam of the warm water with some inhalation oils and drops from your pharmacist can help you unclog the sinuses and help with the drainage.
  • Immune System. You should eat healthy food which will increase the level of your immune system such as fruit, vegetables, drink a lot of water and herbal teas. Everything rich in vitamins and healthy ingredients will help your body fight the infection.
  • Saline Water. Some say salt water is helpful for nasal flushing so you can make yourself some homemade saline water and try to reduce the congestion of the nose and flush all the bacteria with salt from the water.
  • Hydration. Like in any other infection, water is necessary for the organism to fight the microbes. Drink plenty of water and help your body stay healthy.
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