40 Personal Questions to Ask a Girl

One of the fastest ways of falling in love and building attraction is to get intimate. And one of the best ways of doing it is by asking questions whilst looking each other in the eye. Of course you also want to text each other, speak on the phone and so forth, but in person is always best. Add some exhilarating experiences that get your adrenaline flowing and you’ll fall in love faster than a cannon ball can fly…for better or worse.

1. What’s one really great memory from your childhood?

This will likely tell you a lot about what they like in life in general.

2. What’s one really awful memory from your childhood?

Might give you an insight into their scars.

3. What are ten things in life you really love?

From the beach to romantic men, this might reveal both the superficial and the deep.

4. Have you ever experienced something you’d label as supernatural?

Have she ever read minds (telepathy), seen ghosts, or had an out of body experience? Interesting topic as well because it might reveal some of her thoughts around spirituality and religion.

5. Would you consider yourself spiritual or religious in any way?

Number four may already touch upon this, but if not you likely want to find out if you have similar beliefs and values in life.

6. What are five things any man should do in a great relationship?

Take notes. And make sure they are things you’d consider giving, or call it a day sooner rather than later.

7. Do you have any heroes or people you truly admire?

Probably tells you what characteristics she’s looking for in the people she surrounds herself with, as well as who she strives to be herself.


8. Name a book or a movie that changed your life?

Sometimes things influence us in the most random of ways. Sometimes it also happens to be the most random books and movies!

9. What’s a really sexy thing a man can do for you?

Get the notepad out! And also check if you find the same things sexy. You have to match on all levels, or things will get boring sooner or later.

10. If you were to write an autobiography, what would be the title?

This will definitively reveal how they see their own life. Or would like to see their life. People aren’t always clear sighted when it comes to their view of themselves…

11. If we had a genie right now that’d grant us three wishes for the night and only for things regarding this night and our date, what would you wish for?

Reveal her wishes…

12. If we had 24 hours to do anything together and you knew we’d never meet again, what would we do, do you think?

Similar to no. 11, but can also help you come up with date nights and things to do for the future. Plus, people tend to go wild when they think there’s no tomorrow and some of those things should probably be done today anyway as we never know about tomorrow.

13. Have you ever done something you wish you could go back and do differently? If yes, what was it?

Do they have any regrets? Good to know…

14. If you could do a kind act for one of your friends, or a random stranger right now, what would it be?

What’s their charitable side like?

15. If you were rich, what charity would you support?

Again, reveals what matters to them as well as what their charitable side is like.

16. What was your first crush like?

Ah, don’t we all love those…or loathe them!

17. What’s the best place for a first kiss?

Now you get them thinking down the right path… If you’ve already kissed you might want to remove the “first.”

18. What’s your favorite coffee shop?

What atmosphere do they like?

19. Where in nature do you prefer to go? Beaches, mountains, snow, sunshine, forests, fields?

Good to see if you fancy the same places for hiking.

20. What’s your favorite season and holiday?

When people talk about what they love, they usually shine up and open up; so if you start with he simple and move to the more complex she will slowly open up to you.

21. Do you have any pet peeves?

Before you leave that toilet seat up…

22. What’s your favorite flower?

So you know what to put in the bouquets you buy her!

23. Do you believe in karma?

Maybe she doesn’t believe in it; she enforces it instead. In that case watch out because a woman scorned…

24. Do you believe in the law of attraction?

Is she airy fairy, logical, or a cross of the both?

25. What was your favorite fairy tale or movie growing up? I.e. your favorite stories?

If she had a favorite story, or stories, growing up chances are that’s how she’d like her life to be.

26. What’s the sexiest date you’ve ever been on, or dream of going on?

Now here’s a topic to get your creative juices flowing! And the romance too.

27. Would you consider doing something wild, like rather marry someone than never see them again?

Are they spontaneous and wild? Do they often end up in trouble or are their intuition spot on every time? Or do they prefer well calculated moves?


28. What’s your favorite kind of music?

Best to know before you decide on what music to play in the car/for dinner on your next date…

29. Do you think marriage sounds like a pain in the butt, a romantic idea, or something in between?

In short: hat does she think of marriage? You better find out before you get too involved!

30. Do you one day want kids? Or maybe the Brangelina version of having a family? Or do you prefer to only have yourself to look after?

Again, very good to know before you get serious. And as you are talking about the future it’s not like you’re asking her if she wants kids with you. I.e. there’ll be no reason for her to run for her life if you only just met…

31. What makes you feel safe?

She will feel you truly care if you care enough to find out and implement it.

32. What makes you feel loved?

Same as no. 31 basically.

33. Do you have any fears, rational or irrational?

People revealing their fears to each other is actually intimate.

34. What do you think about death?

Do you have similar beliefs?

35. Do you think white little lies are OK, or do you prefer brutal honesty? Brutal honesty delivered in the right way, of course!

Nothing worse than brutal honesty when the honesty is based on opinions rather than facts and delivered like a slap, but brutal honesty delivered with love when based on honest thoughts and feelings (so be it they’re still opinions, most things are, some are just more based in reality than others) can be beautiful.

36. Do you have some dreams that truly matter to you?

Most of us dream of riches and glamour, but some dreams are truly true to our heart. Find out what she’d love to create in her life and if it’s aligned with what you’d love to create. As they say: love is about finding someone looking in the same direction as you are.

37. Chocolate or vanilla?

This is just for fun, but of course you can lead the conversation on from vanilla…

38. What would you consider a sexy night?

Hint, hint, wink, wink.

39. What’s a really cool thing you’d love to do that you just haven’t gotten round to yet?

Some dreams are small, but they matter all the same. It’s the fabric of our lives. Those day-to-day dreams, like going to a salsa class, or going on a road trip.

40. If I were to buy you a gift, what would it be?

Dude, you wanna know this one before you forget Valentine’s Day and have to make up for it!

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