50 Pick Up lines for Girls to use on Guys


This is a contemporary age unlike in the past when it was guaranteed that only a guy would propose to a lady. What if the guy does not take note of your interest in him? Will you just sit there as you watch another girl take him away? Probably not. Therefore, you need to equip yourself with the best germane Pick Up lines that you can employ whenever you want to tell him about your love. Are you devoid of these lines? Do not panic. You have probably made the appropriate decision by accessing this article. Simply pay attention to the following key 50 Pick Up lines.

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  1. You are not handsome but I love you

This is certainly not for every girl. It is however specific for those ladies who are a bit cheeky and they are fond of humor. You should say this with a characteristic tone that depicts that you are serious about the love you are declaring.

  1. You make my heart melt

This line specifically tells him that his presence attracts you towards him and therefore, you are in love with him.

  1. If I had the choice, I would spend the rest of my life with you

This is a good phrase to use when you want to inform the guy that you are comfortable if he marries you. He should cogitate and apprehend so that he can in turn propose to you.

  1. Hello, I like your personality

This will not even make him think twice but he will be certain that he has stolen your heart. It is his choice to say that he loves you back.

  1. I enjoyed watching you on TV

It is true that this might storm him a little bit but once you compare him to a popular gorgeous TV actor, he will for sure believe that you are interested in his love.

Pick Up lines for Girls to use on Guys

  1. You are not the only guy, but I am with you alone

This is a strong phrase for a guy. It makes him realize that you have made your mind to love him alone despite the presence of many other guys around.

  1. Am certain of a girl who is in love with you; I would only let you know when shyness fades

For sure, a cool guy does not have to cogitate twice on the mention of this. If he is wise enough, he will not ask you who she is but will simply know that the girl is automatically you.

  1. Do you feel anything at my sight?

If the guy has been experiencing strong feelings towards you but he had been initially shy to mention them, this will elicit him to do so as you would have created a serene environment for the same.

  1. God must have spent a little more time creating you.

The guy will be informed the he is cute at your sight and therefore, he would do anything to say he loves you. Try it today and you will be certain that it will work.

  1. Are you the most handsome guy on the planet?

Most men become carried away when ladies appreciate their physical appearance and therefore, you can employ this statement to make him realize how important he is to you.

  1. You are certainly hotter than the sun

In this context, the word “hotter” refers to handsomeness. The man will be moved by the mention of these words and would certain start coming closer to you.

  1. Were you not to purchase me my favorite drink?

This might appear uncertain but he forges ahead and buys the drink for you, then you should be certain that you have achieved your target.

  1. You look conversant. Tell me you are not a model!

Actually linking a guy to a known model will make him feel so great. He will understand and accept your appreciation.

Pick Up lines for Girls to use on Guys

  1. Can I hold you closer?

Although it may sound impractical, a girl can employ this when she has already fallen in love with the guy. It will make him feel awesome.

  1. Are you a thief? Because you stole my heart

Stealing a man’s heart simply implies to him that he is the very perfect for you and therefore, he can easily make the first move, a step which is easier with men than women.

  1. Guy, you are hot!

This informs the guy that he is cute and awesome. For instance, he has the best features that any woman would fall for.

  1. Man, you always run in my mind all the time

A guy will easily understand that you have been having sleepless nights all because of him. Therefore, he will as an upshot, attempt to speak it out.

  1. Please let me know how it looks like for being great

A man will quickly form the idea in his mind that you are madly in love with him and that is why you are probably referring to him as being great.

  1. Can we take a selfie together? I want to make my ex envious

This is certainly very touchy. It will make him comprehend that he is somehow hotter than your ex and therefore, it will be difficult for him to turn down the request. He might even be moved to take more pictures with you.

  1. Will I ever have time with you?

As a guy, you might not have realized that a certain girl is secretly in love with you. She can therefore utilize this statement to let you create time for her.

  1. I get confused whenever I see you man.

By confusing a girl, it certainly means that you have dominated her mind. If the man is quite keen, he will start coming closer to you.

Pick Up lines for Girls to use on Guys

  1. I was looking for the most gorgeous guy and am convinced I have just found one

This is quite tricky but it can make him formulate in his mind that he is the very guy you are talking about.

  1. I have read your palm (then?) I have seen that a girl loves you

When he asks what you have read from the palm, you can tell him that a girl loves him. He cannot think beyond you as you are certainly the girl.

  1. Can we have a date sooner?

Most guys apprehend that no girl would just request for a date without any valid reason. He will automatically commence questioning you regarding the request.

  1. Do you consider intimacy at the first sight? Or should I work a little harder?

He might not have noticed this. However, by touching on it, he will definitely notice that you are in love with him at the initial meeting

  1. You are exactly what I want for Valentine’s

Valentine’s is a special day known for couples and lovers. This phrase can touch him and he will easily tell that you need him.


  1. In case I had the choice to rearrange the alphabets, I would certainly put I and U together

Wow! This is just amazing to say to your guy or the man you love. His response will be astounding.

  1. I think I have some kind of eye problem because I am unable to take them off you

When you are attracted to a guy, it will be quite difficult to stop thinking or looking at him. You can therefore let him know by employing this line.

  1. Do you have a magnet? Because you attract me always

For any guy that quickly comprehends a girl’s language, he will not question you more about the magnet. The guy should apprehend that he has stolen your heart.

  1. If I had the chance, I would whisper only three words to you

He would want to know which words you are referring to. If you are courageous enough, you will not shy but tell him that you love him. Nonetheless, there are those that will quickly get to this conclusion without further explanation.

  1. Would you please come over for dinner today?

It is common knowledge that girls utilize uncommon language to pass their message to men. When she invites you for dinner, there are chances that she really wants you to start a conversation with her, either at the moment or during dinner time.

  1. I bought a rose flower for you

Rose flowers are associated with love. No woman would try to buy one for you without a specific reason which can probably reflect her love for you.

  1. You are all I want in life

This is so moving to any guy. He will get the hidden point that he is so meaningful to you and that is why you are choosing him.

  1. You must be an angel sent straight from heaven

Although this is most commonly used to appreciate women’s beauty, it can as well be told to a guy who looks cute in terms of physical build. If you want to get into his heart, this is one of the simpler ways.

Pick Up lines for Girls to use on Guys

  1. I always see you in my mind whenever it is dawn

With somebody seeing you in her mind every morning, it means that she is deeply in love with you. You do not again need to cogitate the second time. She loves you.

  1. What took you so long to say you love me?

This is one of the phrases any girl would use to tell a guy who has attempted to declare his love for her. It can also be used as a joke but with a deeper meaning.

  1. The love I have for you is deeper than the ocean depth

This is a true reflection of great love. It is therefore better employed for people who are already in love rather than those who are yet to make the first move.

  1. Hey, can you keep my heart for me?

This is a direct indication that the girl loves you and she trusts that you can love her without hurting her. When she uses this phrase, she means that she believes you can keep her heart safe without breaking it.

  1. Why did you steal my heart?

This is related to the one above. It can be used in a context where the girl has so much faith in the man she loves. The question is also rhetorical.

  1. You must be so good in bed

The guy will by all odds ask you why you think so. This will be a good chance for you to give him all the reasons to convince him.

  1. It has taken less than a second for me to fall in love with you

Love at the first sight is a common occurrence nowadays. A girl who cannot wait for the guy to make the first move can utilize this solution.

  1. I would be the happiest lady in the world if I could adopt your sir name

This is just incredible. He would want to know you really want to be referred by his sir name. This can be an opportune time for you to explain out yourself.

  1. If it was time, I could get married to you

This is best used by people who have already moved notches higher in their relationship affairs. By this, a man would know that the girl is more than ready to begin a new life with him.

  1. People say am crazy for being so close to you

Simply place the ball in his hand let it roll. He will have to think out and come to the point that you are already in love with him.

  1. I broke my bed yesterday. Can I have a night on yours?

Most guys would take this in as a joke. A few of them would believe so. However, they cannot easily deny you a chance. They will say yes.

light of my day

  1. You make my way bright

By this statement, the first thing to run through a cool guy’s mind would be the fact that his presence is lightening to the lady. He would by all means do his best to avail himself a couple of times.

  1. I bet it is dark outside because you have brought all the light here

This is to some degree related to the one above. The girl means that the man is simply her solemn every time he comes closer to her side

  1. Call me whenever you need me

This is not a sign of desperation but it is just an assurance to the guy that the girl is available for him. He is therefore left with a decision to make, that is, whether to make a move or not.


  1. I am available if you would ever miss your breakfast any day

This does not depict the literal meaning that the guy can eat the girl. It means that the girl would be there for the man whenever he feels he has nobody else to keep him company.

  1. If you were a plane, I would fly you everywhere

This one is somehow bromidic but it can really work out for the girl’s side. It has a direct meaning, that is, the guy is so groovy and the girl loves him.

If you are a girl therefore, you should make sure that you consider any of the above Pick Up to convince your guy that you really love him.


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