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Pimples on your scrotum can cause discomfort and worry, especially if they’re painful or won’t go away. Itchy scrotum pimples are even worse. Are the lumps on your scrotum actually pimples? What causes small or large, white or red pimples on the scrotum, shaft and around the anal area?

Bumps on the skin of your scrotum can be signs of sexually transmitted disease (STD), signs of cancer, or more than likely harmless. You won’t want to ignore bumps in the genital area, though, unless you know they’re benign.  Below you’ll find the meaning, symptoms and causes of pimple-like lumps on your scrotal skin.

article-3-pic-1   Pimples or bumps on the scrotum

A dot on the genital area may be red, black or white. Some cause discomfort and some are filled with pus. According to a ZocDoc physician, it’s possible to get pimples on your scrotum skin. But why do they occur there?

The reason for pimples on the scrotum is that this area is nearly always moist. Additionally, some clothing and friction from the thighs may cause irritation and pimple-like bumps. Shaving can cause ingrown hairs, which look like pimples or razor bumps under the scrotal skin.

Are these bumps dangerous or not?

You won’t know if your bumps are dangerous or benign unless you have your physician look at them, and give you a diagnosis. The pain or lack of it does not indicate whether a bump is dangerous or not. Speak to your physician, because these bumps could be caused by an STD, cancer or just ingrown hairs that you don’t need to worry about.

Causes of a Pimple on the Scrotum

To explain the causes, Buddy MD divides the bumps into two types – surface bumps and lumps inside your scrotum sack. These have different causes, which may or may not be serious.

Poor shaving techniques, herpes, STDs, cystic acne or skin cancer may cause these pimples. There are other factors, as well. Below we address how the various types are reported or identified. First we’ll talk about the causes.

  1. Pimples on the scrotum from herpes, STDs or warts

Pimples on your scrotum are not always caused by STDs, but they may indicate the development of an STD. Herpes is a major disease to look at when you have a pimple on the scrotum.

Warts may be related to scrotal pimples, too. Warts are usually hard lumps on the skin of the scrotum. They may appear flesh-like; then, as they develop, they resemble small zits or pimples. In the beginning, you may not be able to discern whether you have a pimple on the scrotum or a genital wart.

Genital warts and herpes are usually characterized by zits that are painful. They may look like they have fluid or pus in them. If you have herpes, the lesions will spread to the surrounding area.

  1. Pimples or shaving bumps after shaving or scrotal hair follicles

According to Buddy MD, some men worry about bumps on the scrotum when they are just the texture of the skin of their scrotal sack. These small bumps are part of your hair follicles and may look like raised bumps.

article-3-pic-2White or yellow scrotum bumps may be the result of folliculitis or shaving.

Poor shaving techniques may cause your genital hair to curve inward back toward your skin as they grow, forming ingrown hair. The bumps may appear like bumps or pimples in the scrotal or bikini area. To prevent these, or get rid of them, don’t use rough methods of skin removal, like tweezing, chemical removal and waxing. Those may cause pimples on your scrotal and anal area, and around your upper legs and inner thighs.

  1. Folliculitis – white pimples on the scrotum

When you have inflamed or infected hair follicles, it can cause folliculitis. This may occur on the area of the scrotum and cause white pimples. Some white bumps on the scrotum appear like whiteheads, but they are folliculitis.

To rid yourself of white pimples on the scrotal skin or sack, proper hygiene is important. In some cases, they may require treatment. Your physician may prescribe you an anti-inflammatory cream, which will relieve the itching.

  1. Cancer-related pimples on the scrotum

According to the American Cancer Society, men who develop pain, lumps or swelling in the scrotal or groin may worry about testicular cancer. A main symptom of testicular cancer is a hard-feeling, painless lump on your testicles or scrotum.

Don’t assume that a scrotal pimple means you have cancer. Other conditions can manifest themselves in the same way. If you visit your physician, this will determine whether you have a growth that is caused by cancer or not.

  1. Pimples on the scrotum that bleed

Blood blisters on the scrotum may also be called angiokeratomas. They may begin to bleed or start and not stop bleeding. Dr. Robert Bennett reports that these may result from dilated veins, which are benign.

  1. Painless bumps or Fordyce spots on the scrotum

Do you have a rash-like pimple on your scrotum or in the genital area? If your sebaceous glands are visible on your skin, they are Fordyce spots. They may appear as painless white bumps in other regions, too, like your legs, face and other areas. These are likely Fordyce spots.

  1. Hard pimples or sebaceous cysts on scrotal sack

Small, hard lumps or pimples on your scrotal sack may be bumps from ingrown hair. Otherwise, they may be benign sebaceous cysts, reports Dr. S. Samantha, MD, who is a microbiologist and pathologist.

article-3-pic-3Hard, large pimple-like bump filled with blood

  1. Jock itch or itchy pimples on the scrotum

According to WebMD, an itchy or painful rash on your scrotum, inner thighs, on the groin or around your buttocks may be symptomatic of jock itch. The bumps that result are brownish-red in color and usually cause discomfort.

Some scrotal pimples can be popped and some cannot.

Popping a genital pimple may be painful, since the skin is thin. If you don’t succeed in popping one, it may push the bacteria deeper, which makes it worse. This may lead to infection and pus.

Wait for pimples to become ripe before you try to pop them. It needs to be close to the surface of the skin in order for you to get rid of it.

Pimples on scrotum that won’t go away – weird, recurring whiteheads

Steady Health reports that bumps on the scrotum that won’t go away on your shaft, scrotum or anus are usually the result of razor bumps and ingrown hair. If you frequently use wax or razors to remove hair in this area, it may explain recurring bumps or pimples. If you don’t shave this area but still see these weird pimples, consult with your physician about what could be causing them.

Pimples on the scrotum of toddlers, babies and children

If your baby has a rash on his scrotum, or raised bumps that look similar to whiteheads, they are usually the result of diaper rash.

Diaper rash can appear as smallish, red rashes that may grow. They may form scales on the skin as they heal. If your male child has pimples on his scrotum, it may cause him much discomfort in the region, and cause him to cry often.

Here are the symptoms of diaper rash on a baby’s scrotum:

  • A bright red rash that grows and spreads in the groin area
  • Scaly, red areas on the scrotum and penis
  • Sores, large lumps, blisters and ulcers that may be pus-filled
  • Small red patches that spread
  • Your baby scratching when you remove his diaper

Zits that hurt – painful scrotal pimples

Pimples that are painful, red or white may be sebaceous cysts that have become irritated or inflamed. Painful pimples on testicles are often infected cysts.

This infection occurs when bacteria in the groin region enters cysts. Scratching the pimple or trying to pop it may cause it to become more painful.

  • Infected cysts are usually swollen
  • They will hurt when irritated or disturbed
  • They may begin oozing pus

Treating painful pimples on the scrotum and shaft often includes antibiotics. The pimples may need to be excised if they hurt or become larger.

Big pimples on scrotal area – growing scrotal pimples

Large bumps on the testicles may be cause for worry. Fordyce spots are normal in the area, but growing bumps or zits should be checked by your physician.

In infants, growing pimples on the testicles may be a problem, as well. Do not leave them untreated. Some zits or bumps clear up alone, but sometimes they won’t go away, and they grow larger. If they don’t subside in a week or so, or become harder, take him to his pediatrician. They may be benign, but they could be cancerous.

Treating a scrotal pimple – a cure for bumps on scrotum

How can you get rid of any scrotal pimples? Can they be quickly removed?

There are home remedies and treatments you can use to get rid of bumps on the scrotal sack. The treatment you choose is dependent largely on the cause of the pimple. Here are some different methods of getting rid of bumps in the genital and scrotal areas.

  1. Injections of corticosteroids for inflamed pimples

Sebaceous cysts are usually small and often do not cause problems. If you are experiencing discomfort, they are probably inflamed.

Your physician may prescribe specific injections for inflammation relief. According to Buddy MD, synthetic steroids like Triamcinolone acetonide are useful in reducing inflammation.

  1. Folliculitis treatment with antibiotics

Antibiotics are often administered to remove pimples if the infection is long-lasting and if good hygiene doesn’t clear up the problem. If the area is generally itchy and uncomfortable, use warm compresses for itch relief and to dry the area.

  1. Jock itch bump treatment with anti-fungal medications

If your pimples are the result of jock itch, you may need an anti-fungal medication. MedicineNet reports that keeping your groin area clean is one way to cure any pimples on the scrotum. It depends on the cause, though. Two types of medications are usually prescribed for the treatment of these bumps.

  • Zinc oxide ointments work well to treat excess moisture in the groin or scrotum, to stop the area from itching.
  • Anti-fungal creams applied for up to a month can help you get rid of jock itch caused by fungus.
  1. Surgery for removal of large scrotal pimples

Medium or large sized bumps may require surgery to remove. It is especially helpful if you have growing, hard bumps. Small incisions are usually done on the scrotal sack surface skin to remove sebum, pus or blood.

If this limited drainage doesn’t solve your problem, surgical removal of the bumps may be done to prevent them from recurring. Deep pimples on the skin surrounding the scrotum may require surgical removal, as well.

  1. Curing the problem naturally – Home remedies for pimples on the scrotum

Natural treatments are methods you can try yourself, to get rid of scrotal zits, acne and bumps. Here are some methods to get rid of those scrotal pimples in a natural way:

  • Clean the area and skin around the genital area with an antibacterial solution. This helps to rid the area of dead cells that might otherwise cause pimples and acne, from blocked pores.
  • Avoid underwear that fits tightly, as they increase your risk of contact dermatitis.
  • Consult with a dermatologist to have your case diagnosed and treated, if you have cystic pimples on the scrotal sack, anal area or shaft. This skin in these areas is especially sensitive, and strong DIY remedies may cause burning sensations or other adverse effects.

This is a helpful VIDEO about scrotal bumps and pimples.


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