Pros and Cons of Weed


images (1)Marijuana is very popular in the United States of America and over 1 in 3 people there have inhaled this substance in some manner or the other. When you burn marijuana, the smoke has around 60 chemicals that are called cannabinoids. The most popular of these cannabinoids is THC. Marijuana is one substance that has been the subject of several controversies despite the fact that people have been smoking this weed for ages. Let us truly understand what the advantages and disadvantages of smoking weed are.

Pros Of Smoking Weed

There are many reasons why weed is considered good and these are:

Helps treat glaucoma

Glaucoma is a deadly eye disease that can lead to loss of sight as it increases the pressure in your eyeballs. Marijuana is helpful for those who suffer from glaucoma as it helps lessen this pressure and also helps slow down this disease.

Undoes the effects of tobacco

A 2012 study revealed that weed may help reverse the carcinogenic effects of tobacco as it helps improve lung capacity. Many researchers believe that this effect is due to the deep breaths that people take before inhaling marijuana.

Epileptic seizures

Marijuana also helps control epileptic seizures, according to a study in 2003, as the THC chemical in this weed helps relax brain cells. It binds itself to the brain cells that help handle excitability and keeps you relaxed.

Stops cancer

Cancer is known to spread in one’s body by duplicating the gene Id-1. Smoking weed has proven to be helpful in stopping this process altogether and prevents the cancer from spreading throughout your body. Some researchers have found that cannabis contains compounds that can completely kill off all the cancer cells in your body.

Decreases Anxiety

Smoking marijuana has helped many people reduce their pain levels, decrease their anxiety and improves your mood. Medical marijuana even helps suppress nausea and is often recommended to chemotherapy patients so that they can deal with the side effects. Medical marijuana helps sedate you but if you take it in higher doses, it could have a damaging effect.

Keeps you in shape

You might have found that many pot smokers are thinner than the average person and even have a higher metabolism. This is because pot reacts well to sugar and thus you don’t put on any weight when you smoke it.536fd5ea5f2fb.image

Increases Creativity

When you sue marijuana, the brain becomes more creatively inclined and is able to make better decisions. This is because marijuana helps release dopamine that does away with inhibitions and allows your brain to be more creative and think in a unique manner. It has a positive effect on your mind and helps keep it think of new things and activities.

Eliminates nightmares

If you have frequent nightmares because of posttraumatic stress disorder, then marijuana may help you reduce these night terrors. This is because smoking marijuana deals with the latter part of your REM sleep and does not allow your mind to enter the phase where you will have to deal with nightmares.

Other advantages of weed

Smoking weed also has several other advantages besides these like it helps reduce nausea, increases your appetite, helps you drink less, protects the brain when you have a stroke, helps deal with concussions and trauma and reduces their effects and is also useful for people dealing with Crohn’s disease.

Cons Of Smoking Weed

Here are some of the negative effects of smoking weed that you must know about:

Has a bad effect on your body in the short run

There will be many negative side-effects of smoking marijuana in the short term. These negative short-term effects include red eyes, dryness in the mouth, fatigue, psychosis, dizziness, and heightened heart rate.

Makes you get paranoid and anxious

Smoking weed has shown to affect that part of your brain that regulates fear. It affects this part negatively and thus you may experience several panic attacks and may suffer from severe anxiety and fear after smoking weed. Cannabis in fact is known to make people more paranoid and anxious.

Increases Depression

Pot can often cause depression and make you more low and sad about life that causing a high. It is not known as yet whether people smoke because they are depressed or do they become sad after having marijuana.

Impairs memory

Smoking marijuana is known to have a long-term effect on your mind where it reduces your IQ level. There is insufficient evidence on this matter and more studies need to be conducted in this regard. However it is widely believed that marijuana affects your cognitive function in a negative manner in the long run.

Creates problems in your respiratory system

Although there are other ways of inhaling it, most people tend to smoke marijuana and this creates a lot of problems in your respiratory system. Cannabis in fact makes you cough more and increases the phlegm content in your respiratory system.

Get addicted

Since this is a recreational drug, most marijuana users tend to become addicted to it. Around 9 per cent of those who smoke marijuana get addicted to this substance.

Some other disadvantages of smoking weed

Weed can also cause many more negative effects on your body like liver disease, diabetes and low blood pressure. When you use it in excess, it can damage your testosterone levels and thus reduce the number and quality of your sperm. Smoking pot is widely believed to increase mental issues like short-term psychosis, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and suicidal thoughts. Even if it does not cause any of these conditions in your body, smoking pot will definitely heighten any other conditions in your body and produce a much more damaging effect.


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