Pulled Abdominal Muscles


Muscle pull can happen anytime, especially when your body is very weak, and your living area has the lack of clean air.  Muscle pulls also can happen to any part of your muscle even on your abdomen muscles, and it is called as Pulled Abdomen Muscles.  The pulled abdomen muscle situation occurs if the abdomen area is injured and if you put too much pressure on that area. The muscle pulls will experience in the form of mild or severe or moderate tear or pain. If it recurs then, that may be a reason for muscle fiber strain or even a severe tear pain.

The gravity of pain or tear can fluctuate between severe or mild or moderate.  Sometimes, the muscle pulls start with a mild pain and keeps on increasing to its optimum level and after a short period, it will get subsidized by itself.  In some rare incidents, people are reported having an umbilical hernia due to the pull abdominal muscles.

Is there any defensive therapy to resist pulled abdominal muscle situation?  Or is there any therapies that can control or reduce the effect of pulled abdominal muscle pain? Luckily people are using some home remedies that are said to very effective to control the after effect of pulled abdominal muscle pain.

What are the symptoms of Pulled Abdominal Muscles?

Pulled Abdominal Muscles situation can happen anytime, especially when your body is very weak and lack of oxygen intake. It can happen to anybody irrespective of the nature of activities people are involved.  Sometimes it could happen when you try to lift something in a wrong position or if the object is too heavy to lift.  These symptoms won’t be a prolonged experience. It may get subsidized after few minutes.  Whether you take some first aid or simply relax the pain or strain will be over in few moments time.

There are different types of strains such as mild strain, moderate strain, and acute strain.  Let us check it step by step.

  1. Mild strain: Typically very low-density pain develops on abdominal muscles are classified as the mild strain.  Sometimes there will light swelling on the abdomen portion, and the pain won’t affect your body movement.   You can have immediate relief by taking some OTC medicine.  The mild may continue for two three consecutive days.
  1. Moderate strain: Between mild and acute strain stands the moderate strain classification.  The patient will face severe pain when compared to the mild pain and to rid of the bad experience; the patient must take leave from the regular activities till the pain is subsidized.  The patient must struggle to twist or move the body due to the abdominal muscle pain.  In most of the case, the patient is required to take doctors advice and need to support the area with a special bandage that help to give some relief.
  2. Acute strain: Strong piercing pain is the symptom of acute strain that hold you back from engaging any normal body movement activities. The patient required seeking immediate medication from a qualified medical professional. However, the gravity of the pain symptom and the treatment will vary from person to person.  Sometimes the abdomen muscles will show cramps and even bruises in addition to muscle spasms.  A complete body rest is very essential for a complete recovery.

Suggested treatment  and home remedies that are commonly in practice.

  1. Rest

As part of the home remedy to treat Pulled Abdomen Muscles, the first and foremost recommended practice is to take complete rest.  Taking rest will help the muscle relax and recoup.  Suppose if you nature of job or activities involves a lot of abdominal twists and turning,  especially where you have to sit, stand and lifting materials it would be difficult to give complete rest to the abdominal area.  If the pain is not too much and you feel the discomfort, it would better to consult your local pharmacy and get some bandages, or wraps that can control aggressive muscle movements.  For a better and quick relief, it is better to take complete body rest until the strain is over.

  1. Use warm compress and Ice pack

Using warm compress can help you to reduce the pain.  Also keeping an ice pack on the area where the inflammations are seen can reduce the level inflammation.  The heat wraps can relieve the abdomen muscles and can keep the area soft.  If you can use both techniques altogether, there will be a good relief from the strain.

  1. Over The Counter Medicines

OTC medicines that can reduce the pain and inflammation are good to get quick relief. Ask for any anti-inflammatory and pain killer capsules or pills that can do the trick.

The best treatments and diagnosis


As part of the diagnosis to estimate the nature of the Pulled Abdomen Muscles it is imperative to do a physical checking of the abdomen area.  The area, while infected with the muscle strain seemingly with small inflammation and will be a bit tender in appearance.  In some case, it could be seen that the muscles in the area are loose in nature.  The best way to diagnosis the infection is by palpation as even an X-ray won’t be able to give any details.  There won’t be any muscle ruptures or any visible complication detectable by X-ray screening.  In the event if the doctor suspects the possibility of a hernia then that could be confirmed by MRI, Ultrasound or CT scanning.

How to confirm if it is a hernia

For patients who are suffering acute strain, they will experience heavy, unbearable pain that could not be controlled by home remedies.  In such cases, without wasting your time, it is better to meet a physician.   After through palpation examination he may advise for MRI or ultrasound or CT to confirm the nature of strain and whether the patient is suffering a hernia.  If the damages are severe and are confirmed by the clinical report a dose of corticosteroid injection shall be given directly to the strain muscle area.  This will give you immediate relieve. For the small type of strained muscles, pain reliever medicines will be prescribed.  In both cases, the patient will be advised to take complete rest for few days.

Chronic cases

There are chronic cases where patients will have a recurring attack of Pulled Abdomen Muscles and such cases the patient may be advised for surgery that can prevent recurring incidents and damage the muscles lead to further complications.  If no surgery is advised, then treatment will be carried out by physical therapy and normal medications.  Whatever be the type of treatment resting the abdomen area is very important to get a quick relief.


    • For pulled abdominal muscles? Generally, no. Pulled abdominal muscles are generally caused by overextertion or some type of injury, so they are generally not treated with antibiotics like a bacteria would be.


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