50 Questions to Ask Your Crush to See If They’re Right For You


So you’ve been crushin’ pretty hard on a certain someone lately and you’re finally ready to try to get things to the next level, but you may be a little bit hesitant. We know exactly why! Now is the time you find yourself asking, “Are they really the one for me?”

The hesitancy usually stems from your lack of knowledge on the compatibility between you and your crush. Just because you feel attracted towards them, doesn’t always mean their the golden choice for you. We know it can be tough to dive into a relationship with someone you only half-know. Before you fully commit to someone you should always find out if you two have certain things in common. Such as future goals, relationship boundaries, etc. To help you be absolutely, 100 percent, no-doubt-about it sure that they are your Mr. or Mrs. Right, we’ve put together an in depth list of important questions for you to ask them. We guarantee by the end of these following 50 questions to ask your crush to see if they’re right for you , you’ll know whether or not to pursuit the relationship further.

What is your idea of a perfect romantic getaway?

A great beginner question on your quest to see if you and your crush click in all the right ways.  You’ll want to make sure if they ever plan on surprising you with a vacation that they won’t take you somewhere you’ll be miserable.


What is the one thing you think is the most important to make a relationship successful?

You will always want to ensure that you both have the same ideas when it comes down to keeping a relationship at the ultimate grade-A level.

What is your stance on cheating?

Isn’t it obvious why this question should be asked? No one wants to end up with someone who is supportive of betrayal. It’s better to get a feeling on what their opinion is about cheaters. That way you’re not obliviously getting yourself into something with the potential for a negative outcome.

What’s your favorite way to spend Valentine’s Day?

Maybe Valentines isn’t very important to you. If not, you can ask about other holidays that you do enjoy. If you’re a huge Christmas fan and he hates it, it might cause conflict in the future if you do decide to date.

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

You may not picture yourself with an outgoing extrovert if you’re super introverted. And vice versa; If you’re an extrovert then you’re not going to don’t want to waste your time with someone who doesn’t like people or going out a lot. It’s actually a very important question to ask when you’re thinking about turning a crush into something more.

Are you someone who gets jealous easily?

Maybe you like it when your lover is overprotective, but a lot of people also find it annoying. It’s better to figure out how your crush will be when it comes to jealousy. If you ever take things to the next level, that is.

What are your political and religious views?

Discuss this at your own risk. Conversations on these topics can sometimes end a relationship before it has even started, but finding out is always crucial. You don’t want to be stuck with someone who doesn’t share any of the same beliefs as you.

What was your previous relationship like and how long did it last?

You may feel a little uncomfortable asking this. You’ll feel like you’re prying a little too much. But the whole point of these questions is to dig as deep as possible in search of compatibility, so ask away!

How do you celebrate an anniversary?

This might not seem important enough now, but it will be down the road if the relationship progresses, so it’s vital to know what you’re in for in the future.

Would you say that you’ve ever truly been in love?

Maybe you both have or haven’t. You want to make sure you and your potential partner have similar experience.


What’s your five year plan?

It may not be too cool if you’re in a committed relationship with someone who’s only goal in the next  5 years is, “to buy a new bike” or “see the world’s largest ball of yarn.” Sure, those are neat and all, but their not substantial. Unless you’re into that kind of [unambitious] thing, of course. Set your relationship up for success by finding someone who has real goals. Reach for someone who is finishing school for an awesome degree. You could aim for someone who’s trying to get a promotion or is even planning to buy their first home. Find someone that has dreams similar to yours and follow them together.

What’s your stance on being friends with exes?

We don’t want those pesky mistakes popping up again in the future, do we? Or maybe you don’t mind. That’s a preference. But that’s why it’s important to ask this! If you don’t you may have unannounced exes arriving on your doorstep because they, “Needed a place to crash.” Yikes.

How many people do you like to invite over for parties?

Maybe your definition of a party is 5 close friends and theirs is 25 friends and strangers. Or vice versa. You’ll never know unless you ask.

What’s more important to you : Love or money?

Because 10 years from now you don’t want them to pick money over the life you’ve built together, right?

What’s your definition of taking risks?

Some people are huge risk takers and others, well, others just aren’t. It’s never a bad idea to see if you and your crush have the same sense of adventure or if you’re on totally different levels.

What are your parents like?

Great to ask because you don’t want to be with someone with horrible parents. That would make things just a tad bit uncomfortable,  eh?

Where do you want to settle down and live permanently when the time is right?

Maybe their idea of paradise is Idaho and yours is California. It would suck to fall for someone who doesn’t have the same future planned as you.

If you could change one physical thing and change one emotional thing about yourself, what would you change?

It’s always important to get a concept of what someone thinks of themselves. Self reflection gives away a lot about someone!

What’s your favorite memory of us so far?

Take a minute to then see how they view your relationship.

What is your biggest pet peeve?

Make sure to ask this one for sure! You don’t want to end up possessing a habit they despise!

What type of t.v shows and movies do you like to watch?

Because no one wants to fight over the remote everyday.


What are your thoughts on having children?

This way you can scope out if you have opposing stances on the subject or not. Many couples have gotten together only to realize that one does not want kids, while the other does. This complicates the relationship and often ends with a break up. Save yourself the heartbreak and just ask right away.

If someone hit on you and you were in a relationship, how would you handle it?

Hopefully they answer the right way on this one!

How would you describe me in one paragraph?

Before you can date someone, you must figure out how they view you.

What are your deepest, darkest fears?

That way you’ll know if you have anything in common in that area.

What do you dream of accomplishing in life? Your number 1 goal.

Yes, you’ve asked about the 5 year plans, but what’s their ultimate goal? Everyone has one!

Do you watch or play sports?

Only a truly pertinent question if you watch or play sports. But you might want to also ask if you hate to watch or play sports.

Do you forgive easily or do you tend to hold grudges?

Maybe you’re a forgive and they’re a grudge holder.  That just wouldn’t work.

What are your favorite quotes?

Finding out you crush’s fav sayings will give you some insight into how their mind works. Maybe you read the same books or maybe they don‘t even know what a quote is.

What music do you prefer to listen to?

Because if they like country and you like hip-hop you should probably know, right?

How do you feel about public displays of affection?

If you’re a huge hand holder or like being shown off in public you’ll want to find someone who likes that as well. If you absolutely can’t stand PDA you’ll want someone who feels the same way.


What are 3 of your current priorities?

It’s always a great idea to base compatibility off of someone’s future goals.

What are some red flags when dating someone?

Always a good thing to ask!

What do you think of my friends?

Do not get stuck in a relationship with someone who hates your friends! It’s not worth the battle.

What are some things in a relationship that are absolute “no-nos”?

To find out if your crush is right for you will want to see if you share a similar sense of boundaries when it comes to relationships.

How often do you like to have sex when dating someone?

Not everyone shares the same libido. Best to find out each other’s sooner rather than later.

What’s your wildest fantasy?

Because you don’t want to end up with someone who has a weird fetish that you overlooked, do you?

Would you consider yourself insecure?

You may find it easier to get along with someone if you know their sense of worth.

How would you stop me from making a bad decision?

This question will let you know if your crush could handle you in some of your worst moments.

What are your thoughts on technology?

If you’re a total tech-nerd, you’ll want to figure out if your crush shares the same passion.  

How do you feel about the subject of marriage?

Some people dig the holy matrimony and some do not.


What do you do when your partner is sick?

Everyone deserves to be pampered when they’re sick and you should know whether to expect it from your crush or not!

Do you have a fear of commitment?

Better to know the answer to this now than to find out one day down the road because you were left at the altar…

Would you say you have good decision making skills?

This lets you know if you can count on your crush to be responsible if you decide to be together.

Do you think you utilize your time well?

Another way to find out what level of responsibility they’re at.

Do you think it’s okay to keep secrets?

Obviously the answer is no, but see what they say.

Would you relocate yourself if your partner moved?

An important question to ask your potential partner to avoid those types of bumps in the road later on.

How do you handle your anger?

A lot of being perfect for someone comes from how you each handle yourselves in negative situations and how you choose to express those negative emotions.

Do you believe love can last “forever”?

Always ask this! No one wants to waste 5 years with someone who doesn’t believe in the “forever “ aspect of dating.

Would you be interested in pursuing a serious relationship in the near future?

Now that you have gotten through the previous 49 questions, here’s your last one. This is a great question to ask at the end, but only if you’ve decided that your crush is right for you. This way you can decide if they’re really even date-able at all.


By the end or these 50 Questions to Ask Your Crush to See If They’re Right For You you should have the answer of whether you are compatible with your crush or if you are not. If you’re still unsure about it by this point then the best thing for you to do is not think too hard about it, you’ll surely know just by pure instinct! Just ask yourself one final time, “Is this the one for me?” and after receiving the answers to these questions you’ll have an answer pop in your head without even trying. Trust your gut and good luck on your search for true love!


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