25 Romantic Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend


Believe it or not – asking the right questions can improve your relationship with someone. Knowing what someone loves when it comes to romance enables you to help make it happen. Deep romantic conversations are also, well, romantic. Intimacy is part of what makes couples feel happy.

8a8611be0e609e11cdf008f4fc462ca51. What makes you feel loved?feel-loved People are different. Not all women feel loved because they receive roses, nor do all women feel loved just because you take them out on dates. Love is a complicated thing in some ways – often we need everything from compliments and appreciation to special time together and gifts to feel that the other person really cares. And let’s not forget the random acts of kindness and treasuring and looking after the places you share together, like a car, or home.

2. What’s the most romantic trip you dream of going on?romantic-trip Don’t let her stop at a destination – have her tell you what she would want to happen at the destination. That way even if you can’t take her to Rome, maybe you can do similar activities in a nearby town, or even your own town!

3. If you’re sad, or upset, how would you most like someone to take care of you? In general what makes you feel cared for?take-care A great question. Not only will she know you care just by you asking the question, but also it will help you to know what to do when she is sad or upset about something. It’s only too easy to do the wrong thing by mistake.

4. What are some really romantic dates? And some sexy ones?sexy-date Here’s for the idea pile! It’s important to do things together that you both enjoy; by creating happy memories together, you will be happy together.

5. What’s really cool/sexy clothing for men to wear?cool-clothingWhilst you shouldn’t change your wardrobe for her (she’ll think you have no spine), including some outfits that drive her wild is a fabulous idea. Plus she might ask you what you love for her to wear and I’m sure you have some favorite outfits in mind…

6. What did you think of me when you first met me?first-time This obviously only works if you haven’t known each other for such a long time you can’t even remember how or where you met. It’s often quite funny to look back on when we first met someone though; often over time our image of a person changes completely.

7. When did you know you were falling for me? 

If it wasn’t love (or should I say: attraction – love takes a while) at first sight, then when did it happen?

8. Which is your favorite restaurant(s) for date nights? And what’s your favorite romantic meal to have at home?

Might not be the most romantic of dates, but at some stage you will want to take her to dinner. Great to know what restaurants and food she loves. Of course a dinner date at home can be as romantic as you make it out to be – sometimes you’ll likely watch Netflix and chill with a take-away, other times you will get the candles, the table decor, the perfectly cooked meal, the romantic music and so forth.

9. What do you think makes a great relationship great? 

There are so many different things that go into a great relationship, from feeling someone’s truly listening to you and caring for you to being able to forgive each other when there is an argument.

10. Do you believe in marriage? Or do you prefer committed relationships? 

For some marriage is a traumatic thing as their parents got divorced, for others it’s the only thing that makes sense as committed people tend to give it all and seek solutions instead of creating problems. This is a conversation you need to have at any rate if you stay together for some time. There’s nothing like finding out someone doesn’t believe in monogamy, but rather in open relationships after you’ve fallen madly in love with them and you are a believer in traditional marriages!

11. What gestures do you find truly romantic?

Get your notepad out now – from making her breakfast in bed to leaving her little love notes, you will find out how to keep her happy.

12. What movies do you find really romantic/sexy? 

Chances are you will find clues in the movies as to what she’s looking for in life as well. Though of course it might only be a certain part of the movie she’s truly drawn to.

13. Have I ever made you feel really special? 

If you have you will now know when so you can repeat it or do something similar. If you haven’t, it’s time to ask her what makes her feel special!

14. Do you have a favorite love poem? 

Not many people these days read poetry, but sticking a note with a romantic line or two into her notepad when she isn’t looking would be quite romantic, wouldn’t it?

15. What kind of music do you find romantic/sexy? 

For some people it’s jazz, for others it’s Marvin Gaye. Good to know next time she’s coming over!

16. What settings do you find romantic?

Maybe she thinks the beach is the most romantic place ever, maybe it’s skyscrapers in the city.

17. If we had only one weekend together before the end of the world and we were to spend it together, what do you think we’d do? 

Of course it would be really sad if it truly was the end of the world, but what’s cool with this line of thought is that most people lose all inhibition if it’s for one weekend only. That means those who are scared of commitment suddenly perform every romantic gesture under the sun, whilst those scared of revealing emotions can’t stop expressing them. So sometimes it’s good to find out what someone would truly long to do with you and then, maybe, do it! Pretend it’s the last weekend of the world!

18. When was the first time you had a crush on someone? 

Some remember their first crush in kindergarten, for others it was in high school. It’s often quite sweet stories though and can also bring you a good laugh if things didn’t go quite according to plan with the first crush.

19. Do you believe in soul mates?

Always useful to know!

20. What’s the best true love story you’ve ever heard? 

Talking about love is, after all, quite romantic!

21. What do you love the most about being in a relationship?

Everyone pretty much agrees that there are pros and cons to being single and being in a relationship. By focusing on the good stuff chances are she’ll realize just how happy she is with you! Sometimes we forget…

22. What kind of texts do you find romantic?

Get your phone out and start texting!

23. What’s one secret you can tell me?

Intimacy is romantic.

24. Who’s your favorite celebrity couple? 

Let’s face it: there are some cute couples out there to draw inspiration from!

25. What would be an ideal Valentine’s Day? 

Before V-Day it’s great to gather some inspiration.


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