40 Romantic Things To Say To Your Boyfriend



If you have been in a relationship before or probably you are still in one, it is an awesome experience. However, the truth of the matter is that communication is what keeps any relationship lively and going. However, the big question that has been a concern to many dating girls is what to tell their fiance. The good thing is that this article has 40 interesting love to quotes to tell your boyfriend.

  1. Even if I was given a chance to choose another boyfriend, I would still pick on you

Normally, relationships tend to start on a very high note. However, with time it is possible for either partner to begin feeling as if they are not good enough. Of course, as a girl you will keep meeting for handsome guys and probably begin crashing on them. But it is always good to keep assuring your boyfriend that you will keep choosing on him even if you have a thousand chances to select another.

2. You make me complete

Obviously, everyone looks complete including those that are single. However, telling your guy that he completes you makes him feel part of you and so intimate to you.

3. You are the best

Normally, girls tend to be complimented as beautiful by so many other guys in a day. There is nothing wrong with that. Unfortunately, there are little or no times when guys will be told that they are looking good by other girls other than their girlfriend. This is why you should keep giving your gut confidence; assuring him that he is the best for you. This prevents him from any chances of low self-esteem that may arise especially when he starts thinking that he is not good enough.

4. I want to spend the rest of my life with you

Clearly, there is no relationship that one can be sure about its longevity. Sometimes it may last for long, other times it may not go far. Nevertheless, that should not be the reason as to why you should not tell your boyfriend that you want to be with him forever. That makes him settle for the relationship with assurance that he does not need to look for a future wife material besides you. This will make your relationship more strong.

5. Boy you drive me insane!

Most people take the term insanity for a mental problem. However, the truth of the matter is that insanity in terms of love means that you are so much into your guy. It makes him feel super excited when he pictures the kind of emotions you have towards him. Therefore, he tends to get more attached to you than ever before.

  1. I’m into you

Naturally, guys are said to be chasers and they only consider resting once they catch. Therefore, it is good to let your boyfriend know that you are feeling him part of you.

  1. No matter what they say, am gonna be with you

Relationships tend to face so much opposition from people that are probably jealous of the couple for no good reason. It could be from a person with some special interest with you as a girl or even with your guy. It is hence not big deal to have people advising you to break up with your boyfriend. Assuring your boyfriend that irrespective of everything you will be there for him and will fight for your relationship strengthens your bond.

  1. I’ll never ask for more than you offer

Every guy would love it when their fiancé is feeling contented with the way he treats her. In case she feels like she deserve more than she gets, odds are that she can easily be stolen away. It’s therefore necessary to let him know that you are actually comfortable with the way he treats you. It’s just what it means.

  1. I love you to bits

Declaring that you love your boyfriend is not something obvious. Unfortunately, sometimes girls find it too common and unnecessary to keep saying it to your guy. It is an important phrase that keeps your relationship warm and thus should not be left out whatsoever.

  1. Nothing gonna change my love for you

Among the greatest fears in relationships is getting affected by situations around. It could be materialism, crashes around, pride and so on. This statement keeps the relationship burning.

  1. You are my world

This is an awesome quote that makes a guy feel that he is all you need. He will hence be there for you at all time so that he keeps feeling that he is your world.

  1. You are all I got

It is not a wonder that a girl may be dating several guys at a go, what is ideally called multi dating. Declaring that he is actually all you got assures him that you are settled for him and by no chance are you cheating on him.

  1. You make me feel like am the only girl in the world

Guys in most serious relationships want to hear that you feel like a queen just as they had intended. Telling this to your guy will make him even love you more. Many girls have wrongly thought that complaining at all times that they are not getting enough will help. The truth of the matter is that this causes the guy to feel as if you do not recognize his effort in making your relationship a success. Eventually, he may end up quitting for another relationship where he will feel appreciated. Do not make this mistake.

  1. You are the king of my happiness

The core aim of being in a relationship is to be happy. You need to let your guy know that he actually makes you happy. This will maintain your relationship burning.

  1. I have never felt for any other guy what i feel for you

You need to open up to your guy and let him know that it is not anyone you come across that you have feelings for. This will make him continue feeling secure and that your affection is only meant for him. This is an amazing quote that many girls in successful relationships have used on their lovers. It works super well.

  1. When i saw you i was afraid to meet u when i met u i was afraid to kiss u when i kissed u i was afraid to love you more now that i loved u more am afraid to lose you

This is a super affectionate love quote that will drive your fiancé crazy. It makes him feel part of you and will do anything to maintain your love forever.

  1. If loving you is a crime, am okay with a life imprisonment

Saying this to your guy tells him that you are convinced that he is the right guy for you. That way, he gets assured that you are not willing to decline for whatever reasons. After all, you are ready to be guilty as charged if anyone considers it a mistake.

  1. I would not get the meaning of life without you

This is a great love quote that tells your guy how much he means to you. He feels part and parcel of having made your life meaningful.

  1. You are my gemstone

Gemstones are known to be super precious stones that people treasure. Hence, this love quote assures a guy that you surely treasure him. Of course, no one will let go something that they treasure.

  1. Though we fight and quarrel, that does not change the intensity of the love I had for you when we met first

Storms are due to occur from time to time in any relationship. Since this is normal, it assures your fiancé that even arguing will not change a thing where loving him is concerned.

  1. I feel obsessed to you

It is so hard for a person to give up on something or someone that they are obsessed too. Similarly, declaring this builds some confidence in your love knowing that you are actually into him. Therefore, there are no reasons for him not to do more than he is doing to make your relationship tighter.

  1. If love was a novel, I would have met you on the first page

This simply means that you actually would not think twice if you were to meet your fiancé now. You would simply go for him now that you feel and know that he is the one for you.

  1. Any time I think of you, I just want to be with you

This is an indicator that you feel too attached to him that you just want to feel close to him. It makes him feel that you always miss him in his absence. Hence, he will feel the need to keep coming close to you or simply just spending quality time with him. This really makes a relationship tight.

  1. My heart bleeds for you anytime you are away

This is an affectionate quote of expressing how much you miss your fiancé. It has proven to be so touching that a guy will just want to be with you always to make you comfortable.

  1. Every day I love you more than I loved you yesterday

It is common for many relationships to start on a very high note where love seems to be at its peak. However, for reasons such as one’s trust being shaken for insecurity reasons or other reasons, the intensity of this love may not get far. Keep telling your fiancé that you love him more each new day. This will keep your relationship strong.

  1. I don’t say that I love you out of a routine, I say it as a reminder

The terms “I love you “tend to sound too obvious and many do not take them seriously. Saying that you tell your fiancé that you love him as a way of reminding him that you really do love him is so unique. It makes him know that you do not tell him you love him simply because that is what every other girl is telling their boyfriend.

  1. I love you just the way you are, you don’t have to change a thing

The reason for which most relationships break is when one partner thinks that they are not good enough for one reason or the other. Unfortunately, guys tend to be more affected and this may greatly lower their self-esteem. Let your fiancé know that you love him just as he is. This will build confidence in him such that he can never suffer from inferiority complex and feel like quitting.

  1. I wish that you will hold me tight in your arms forever, just as you did when we met first

This is an expression that you desire for the love to remain tight and consistent forever. It is a moving statement that will keep haunting him in case he feels like something has changed with time. Therefore, he will feel obliged to keep giving more in your relationship all the days of your life. This is now a happy relationship.

  1. If forever exists, I want to spend it with you

Logically, no one knows if forever really exists. In case it does, declare that you just want to spend it with him. This makes your statement sound a bit real and worth believing.

  1. No words in the dictionary can totally express what I feel for you

Clearly, love is a feeling that can only be best expressed by actions; mere words would not do it justice. Hence, there is nothing wrong with telling this to your boyfriend. It is the whole truth of the matter.

  1. There is just three things to do, three words to say “I love you”

This is a unique way of saying how much you love him. It sounds new thus breaking the monotony of what he is used to.

  1. I find every moment that I spend with you as a beautiful dream come true

This is an expression of how much you treasure each moment that you spend with him. It makes him want to spend more moments with you.

  1. In the entire world, I haven’t found any other heart for me but only yours

This is an amazing expression that you actually find him as the only perfect match for you. This will give him more confidence in your relationship.

  1. Every new day, I feel something new for you that I haven’t felt before

This is an affectionate expression that your love and feelings for him are new each day. This prompts more intimacy in your relationship.

  1. If i were to count stars, I would start with you, because that is what you are in my life

A star is a champion in the literal interpretation. This statement makes your fiancé feel that you are surely proud of him.

  1. You are literally part of my heart because without you i don’t think if it can even pump blood

This is an expression that you actually cannot live with your fiancé. This makes him feel that he plays a irreplaceable role in your life.

  1. My heart just yearns for you, its thirsty for you and it can’t get enough of you

This just means that you need more and more of him each moment. You can never get fed up of him.

  1. Just a thought of you makes me feel like I have wings that I can fly, in fact today i thought of you and found myself flapping my arms thinking that I have wings, it seems like you just take me to a different world

This makes him feel that he is your world completes your joy and that you just want to be with him. It is an affectionate quote that is moving to many.

  1. My love for you is like copied assignment, I can’t just explain it

This is a statement showing that you can’t fully express what you feel for your fiancé. It’s a really moving love quote that ideally drives the point home.

  1. I only discovered that love exists once I met you

This is an expression to show a guy that you have indeed found love where it’s found, just with him. It is indeed an affectionate declaration.


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