Sharp Pain Under Right Breast


Pain under right breast may be a familiar incident, but it is important to acknowledge the causes of this pain so that it can be treated properly. In most of the cases, this discomfort is a source of some health issues in the gallbladder that can be painful but fairly simple to deal with. To fight this problem properly, it is crucial to figure out the related symptoms and the exact causes behind this pain. Commonly, an improper diet that are rich in fat and fried foods are main reasons behind this. You should be aware about all the symptoms of this problem and need to understand when to seek for a medical attention.

Possible Causes of Sharp Pain under Right Breast Pain

This part of the woman body is very crucial, and it consists of many vital organs and thus there are many possible reasons behind the sharp pain under the right breast. Ribs and muscle, parts of the lung and other organs are situated in this area. Some very common medical conditions that are associated with this kind of discomfort are:

  1. Rib Injury

The rib cage is a critical part of the body which protects the chest organs. These organs are also supported by sternum that is a plate-like structure. Any injuries in ribs or sternum can cause some damages to the chest organs and thus it may cause the pain of the right breast pain. This pain may get injected by a sneeze, cough and regular deep breathing. If you feel any of these problems, then you should seek a medical attention as soon as possible.

  1. Pleurisy

It is a disease that is caused by the inflammation of the chest cavity due to pneumonia, access to excessive toxic substances and trauma. It effects the lubricating functions and causes severe pain while breathing. Pleurisy is characterised by chest pain that may get worse while you a cough, take a deep breath, quick movement etc.

  1. Costochondritis

This is a very typical incident, and it occurs due to the inflammation of the cartilage that are attached to the ribs. This kind of health problems occurs due to trauma, infection, rigorous coughing, etc. This may cause severe chest pain, and it get worse when you sneeze regularly or cough or do quick movements.

  1. Pancreatitis

The pancreas is a large gland which is situated behind the stomach and next to the small intestine. It releases digestive enzymes and also insulin hormone and glucagon hormone.  Inflammation of the pancreas organ can cause chronic pain, and that can affect the other part of the body and also can cause the sharp pain under right breast. This Pancreatitis may occur from the blockage of ducts, excessive consumption of alcohol, gallbladder stone, etc.

  1. Gallbladder Disease

The gallbladder stores and releases bile a digestive juice produced by our liver and when there are excessive cholesterol, pigments and salts, they crystallize and creates stone in the gallbladder. This may cause infection and inflammation and that in result causes sharp pain under right breast.

  1. Kidney Stones

Stones in kidney form when acidic salts and minerals crystallized in the urine. Small stones are not a matter of huge health concern but when it forms in a bigger stone, then the problem starts. It may cause severe pain on the side of the affected kidney. This pain eventually radiates to the rib cages of a human body and thus it may cause sharp pain under right breast. There are other symptoms like nausea, fever, frequent urination, vomiting, etc.

  1. Hiatal Hernia

This problem occurs very rarely. It happens when the stomach protrudes through a fragile area of the diaphragm and causes opening in the chest cavity. This condition of the health causes in the shortness of the breath, heartburn, chest pain etc. These adverse conditions mostly result in the pain under the right breast.

Diagnosing Sharp Pain under Right Breast

For the first timers, it is advised to acknowledge the pain at the earliest and ask for a medical attention to prevent any adverse condition of the health. Do not try to ignore this pain and think of living with it as this may endanger your health. To start an immediate treatment, it is better to have a full assessment of your health from the physician and follow the instructions.

The treatment always includes the close observation of the affected area of the body. Diagnosis can be done using several ways including ultrasound or radiology followed by a detailed consideration of any inside issues and problems. The combination of both of this method results in a very clear diagnosis and helps the physician to prescribe the specific medicines to cure this problem.

This problem is not a life-threatening problem, and thus, you should not have to get alarmed hugely by this problem. It can be a consequence of the current situation or the stresses that you are experiencing in your life. Stresses due to various circumstances in your life cause a lot of health problems and thus it is advised to follow the instructions given by the physician and relax and follow a healthy diet and do regular exercises.


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