20 signs that a guy likes you more than a friend


When you are attracted to a person around you and you are not sure of their feelings leaves in you in such a dilemma. You are not sure whether to move on and get in another relationship or wait for them to express their feelings. Telling whether a guy wants more than a friendship with you is very easy. This is simply because guys do not know how to pretend unlike ladies. While ladies have the capability to hide their feelings, men will show it out no matter how they try to keep it underground. This is how you can tell a man in into you.

  • He always gives you attention.attention

Fact is that most the guys will not pay full attention to a lady they are not interested in. It’s easy to know he is into you depending on the quality of attention you receive. They will listen keenly to anything you say without interrupting. He will show signs of agreement thought the conversation by nodding or simply saying yes. Something funny is that they will listen to you even when the rest of the congregation is not paying attention. Even if you are saying something that is not really important they won’t deny you the attention.

  • He will always be stealing a glance.stealing-a-glance

A guy who is interested in you will always sit in strategic position where they can once in a while admire you. This is not something bad since guys are attracted by sight. Once in a while your eyes will come in contact when he is ring to look at you. If you are in the same class, most of the time he will lose his concentration while trying to look at you. He will always be watching you as you pass by with your friends. These are just signs that he’s interested in you.

  • He is always nervous around you.nervous

Out of fear that he might mess in the presence of his crush, a guy will always be nervous in front of her. Notice behaviors like fidgeting when he is talking to you or hoarseness in the voice. Sometimes he may even lack words to say when you him a simple question. He is that guy if he behaves normal when around his friends or other girls but changes immediately when you appear. All you can do here is to make him feel relaxed that is if you are interested in him too.

  • He compliments everything you say.compliments

A guy who has fallen for you will always try to show that you are right in everything that you do or say. It is just a simple way of expressing to you that you are his perfect match. He will compliment even the smallest thing you say; even the one you felt did not deserve a compliment. They will say that you are right on any point. He will support any point you say. He is just trying to prove that you two are a match.

  • He is the guy who just calls to say hi.calls-to-say-hi

Most of the time he will call not with a very valid reason or any pressing need but just to know how you are faring on. It is sign that he has been thinking about and probably wanted to hear your voice. He will sometimes even pretend to be asking about an assignment you are sure he can handle by himself. All he wants is that feeling of talking to you. He will call even just at the rumor that you had fever and will want to know how if you are okay.

  • He laughs at all your jokes.signs a guy like you2

You will certainly realize a guy who was not a fun of jokes laughing at the slightest attempt of a joke you make. Finds everything you say funny even when your friends do not see the humor in it. All he wants is you to feel comfortable in his presence. He wants you to realize that he will always offer support even when the rest are away. He will laugh to every joke you post on social media even if he’s the only one.

  • He is always jealous.jealous

He is not very comfortable seeing you hang out with other guys. He might not tell you but you can tell he’s stressed by the fact that you went out with another guy. He is that guy who cannot imagine you with another person part from him. He will always try to trove to you that he is the better one among all guys you know so that you do not hang around with those others. This is the guy who will not relate very well with those guys who are close to you because he feels they are a potential threat.

  • He knows your likes and dislikes.likes-and-dislikes

He is the guys who is very aware your choosy behavior. Know your best dress probably the best color. He knows the kind of music you listen and even your best artists. He always does investigations on you by asking your friends or even reading your social media page. He buys a gift that you cannot resist because it perfectly matches you. You can tell that he is really interested in knowing more about you. On your birthday he will bring a gift with your favorite color and remind you that you always like that.

  • He always wants to make body contact.body-contact

When you crack a joke and pat his back gently, he will always respond by patting back gently or make any body contact. This is because body contact is one of the greatest ways to express emotions. He will always want to explain a point by touching you. Every time you meet he will come ready for a hug rather than just a normal greeting. He feels great when you gently rub his forearm and does not show any signs of hostility rather responds positively.

  • He is always imitating you.imitating

You will realize a sudden change in his behavior such that he starts liking what you like. He laughs at the same jokes you laugh at and even listens to the same music you listen to. He will always tell you what happened in the series you like watching. He is simply showing that you are his perfect match for him. He probably wears a shirt which has your best color so that you get to comment on it and he gets a chance to talk you.

  • He teases you gently.

This guy will always tease in a friendly or rather romantic manner just to show you that he is not always serious with life. He will crack jokes that will make you laugh and feel relaxed. He wants you to feel secure where you are. He identifies things that make you laugh and will revolve his teases around there to make you happy. He will send you funny jokes on social media or tease you on something you fear just to show that they are aware of your personality.

  • He is the guy who notices a change in you appearance first.

When you get a new dress he will be the first one to tell you that you look nice in the dress. He will comment on your new hairstyle in a positive manner and give a suggestion of even making it look more attractive. He is the guy who will ask what happened to you when you show up in class with a bandage on your hand. In short he has mastered your look and will notice the slightest change on you and becomes concerned.

  • He chats with you on social media.

This he guy who cannot see you online social media and miss to say hi. He will strike a conversation with your over the internet even when you are seated right with him. He will comment on your photos and tell they are cute. He cannot just get enough of talking to you. He chats with you at midnight even when you are sure he has an exam tomorrow early in the morning. He is willing to sacrifice his revision just to have that pleasure of talking to you.

  • Check his eye contact while you are having a conversion.

He wants you to know that he is concentrating on whatever you are saying so he will try as much as possible to maintain eye contact. However he is not so consistent with the eye contact because he is nervous at the same time. He looks at you direct to the eyes and shows signs of admiring you. When you talk to him when he is busy, he first stops what he is doing just to have that eye contact. You clearly have his all attention any time.

  • He treasures the gifts you give him.

He keeps s all the gifts you give him no matter how small and petty they are. He probably would never let anyone have the gift for the fear that it will get lost or tempered with. That gift is the only tangible feeling of your presence when you are not around. He will keep reminding you that he loves the gift you bought him. He will tell you how perfect the gift even though it is small. He is that guy who appreciates the smallest thing you do for him.

  • Check the change in his tone when he talks to you.

He does not talk to you with that tone he uses with his friends or other ladies. He changes into a softer and romantic voice when you talk to him. Consider his tone over the phone with you. He tries to sound as much as possible relaxed and composed. He sounds polite even if he is the type of guy who rarely does that in the normal setting. He simply is trying to show you that you are special.

  • He buys you gifts always.

He is the guy who is always looking for an avenue to make you happy. He will therefore do this by buying you even the smallest gift ever as long as he knows that you will love it. He will surprise you with something you like or secretly drop it in your bag. The gifts he buys are accurate according to your likes and dislikes and you probably love them. All he is interested is making you happy.

  • He is always a gentleman around you.

He always behaves a cool guy around you. He will pick your pen when it falls down even when you were the one closest to it than him. He is the guy who wants to help you with most of your things. He is willing to do your homework for you and even explain to you later. He wants you to realize that you will always be comfortable around him. He is the one who remind you that you were to attend a certain occasion even when you had not forgotten.

  • Goes through your profile always.

You can catch him looking at your profile picture on his phone or he has even probably downloaded it. He admires it late night always when he is fantasizing how beautiful you are. This is the guy who in into you. Admiring your picture is not something bad all guys do that. Guys are moved by sight even before touch.

  • He is that guy who wants to hear what other people say about you.

He is always interested on conversations that revolve around you not in negative way but just wants to hear what other guys say about you. He wants to know who is also attracted towards and see if they are a potential threat. He will probably ask his friends what they think about you. He is also in knowing more about including things that irritate you and those that make you happy.


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