10 Signs He Wants A Relationship


It is hard to read someone’s mind apparently, but you can always look for signs to know what is really in their hearts. When it comes to love, it is not always easy to know what is in the mind of a guy. But that doesn’t mean that it is impossible. When a guy really likes a girl, he will start dropping hints to her unknowingly or knowing at times. Here are 10 signs that indicate he wants a relationship.


  • Tries to figure about your dream guy

If a guy asks you about your dream guy or about the qualities you want your man to have, it is a pretty obvious sign that he wants a relationship with you. It doesn’t mean that if he casually asks it, there is something. But if he intentionally brings this topic all the time and tries to know your mind, it is a clear sign. He simply wants to know what you like in a guy and what you don’t, and he will do this only if he is serious about you.

  • Not hesitant to be silly

When a so-called serious natured person behaves silly when he is with the girl whom he loves, that shows the kind of relationship he has with her. If the guy is acting silly all the time just to make you happy or to surprise you, you can take it as a clue. No girl wants to be with someone who rarely laughs and is serious all the time. That is pretty annoying. But every girl will like a man who knows exactly how to ease up the situation with his personality.

  • Wants you to involve in his things

Guys never include girls into their life unless they are ready to get committed. If your favorite guy tells you everything concerning him and he asks you to get involved in things some way or the other, he is really into you. He asks your opinion before taking a crucial decision, or he tells you the important things that are happening in his life.

  • Always updates you his activities

Does he always text you before going out with friends or to the football ground saying that he would be available after so and so time only? If yes, you need to be alarmed as this is a great sign that he is interested in you and want to be in a relationship with you. He always wants you to know what he is doing and where he is going.

  • Often calls you for no reason

Guys are not like girls; they do not telephone anybody without any reason. Most of them don’t really like to spend hours on the phone. If a guy calls you without any reason and goes on talking about random things, he might really like you. When you asked why he called you and if he has ever said “I just called to hear you,” then you can take it for granted that he likes you.

  • Often asks you out for dates.

A man who wants a relationship will surely invite you for casual dates because he wants to know you more. He will feel like talking more with you and also he wants to know whether you like him as much as he likes you. If you tell him that you are busy, and you can’t meet him, he might ask for 5 minutes at least, and this shows that he is desperate about spending some time with you. Or at times, he can appear in places where you go without any prior notice. He does all this just to see you.

  • Becomes protective

This is another great sign which indicates he wants a serious relationship with you. A man tends to become a superhero with the girl whom he loves. He might have been a gentleman always since you met him, but in the recent days if he has been a little more protective and that too with you only, then it is a sign. This is a perfect sign that a guy wants to ask you out. A man starts to treat a woman in the most valuable way when he is in love with her.

  • Signs of jealousy begins to get revealed

Guys always get jealous when some other guys try to get closer to you. This is a true relationship mark, and you can rely upon it 100%. When you talk to any guy often, he might feel it as challenging, and that is how the jealousy takes its shape. If a guy is crazy over you, he has already made you this in his mind, and he cannot tolerate someone else trying to get close to you the way how he does.

  • Pays attention to details

A guy who he is really interested in you will only pay attention to the minute details like your favorite perfume, the things you like, you hobbies, etc. So if he presents you a perfume which you mentioned him on your last date, be alerted because that is a sign. Generally, guys have a weak memory power and don’t care to pay attention to girly things, but if he does, that can be taken as a hint.

  • Tries to know more about you

This is a sign of interest at early stages in your relationship, but it can be a true indicator that he wants to be in a relationship with you. It doesn’t get limited to the knowledge of your favorite color, singer, hobbies, and food alone. He tries to know more about your personality, how you react to certain situations and more. He will always show a kind of eagerness in knowing you and unrevealing the mystery. This eagerness is a popular trait of love.

If you have ever noticed these signs in your favorite guy’s behavior, it could mean that he wants to be in a serious affair with you. Above all, if you also like him, never let him go. If you are unsure about a guy, don’t get involved with him too much. Know his true intentions before getting close to him.


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