18 Signs She Likes You


The mind of a girl is a crazy thing. We may feel as though we’re being completely obvious with our feelings only to be left disappointed when a guy just doesn’t pick up on all our hints. Then we get frustrated and completely forget about him altogether.

If only there was a way for guys to pick up on each of these little hints and then be the one to pursue the relationship. If you had an inside peek into the mind of a girl and how to know if she likes you, wouldn’t you take it?

Well, there is good news for you, my friends. I’m about to give you a bunch of different signs that a girl likes you that you may not pick up on from just being around her. For her sake, take these hints and run with them because you should never waste an opportunity for a great relationship.


  1. You Catch Her Staring Often

This is something that’s a pretty obvious indicator that a girl likes a guy, but sometimes guys just never seem to pay much attention to this. If you look over and see a girl staring at you and then turning away so you don’t see, she obviously likes you. This is made even more obvious if she doesn’t turn away but instead smiles at you shyly. That’s a for sure sign she’s into you.

  1. She Gets Jealous

If you’re talking with other girls, does she always find her way to your side and then try to steal the conversation from another girl? Does she act really annoyed if you two are talking and another girl budges in? If so, it’s probably because she likes you and wants to get rid of all the other girls that you could potentially like. If she’s acting a little crazy whenever you’re with another girl, she likes you.

  1. She Always Look Amazing Around You

Newsflash, fellas: girls don’t get all dolled up for just anybody. If you notice that her hair always looks great, her makeup is done up really pretty, and she is dressed to impress, then it’s likely that you’re the one she’s trying to impress. You can tell the difference if you knew her before and it’s clear she’s dressing and looking better only when you’re around. Another way to tell with this is if you see her not looking as great and she announces she didn’t know you’d be there.


  1. Her Friends All Know Who You Are

If you’re a little weirded out by the fact that all her friends seem to know who you are even though you haven’t really met any of them, it’s because she likes you and has told all her friends about you. You may even notice that they have specific details about you that she would only know. If you’ve ever experienced this, it’s because she likes you.

  1. She Initiates the Conversation

When a girl likes a guy, she pretty much always wants to talk to him. If she’s the first to text, the first to walk up and talk to you, and really the first person to just initiate communication of any kind, she likes you. Girls don’t usually go through so much trouble as to be the first person to contact someone unless we have a specific reason for doing so. In this case, it’s usually because we really like someone.

  1. She Touches You Often

This isn’t in a dirty way at all. Obviously, if she’s touching any inappropriate part of you, then you probably already know she likes you. This is more casually or seemingly innocent touches. If she touches your shoulder when you’ve said something funny or brushes past you as she saunters by or even if she moves her thigh closer to yours on the couch, then she definitely likes you.

  1. She Seems to Always be Where You Are

If you’re out with groups of people and she seems to always run into all of you and then tags along, chances are she likes you – or someone else in the group. Her “accidental” appearances aren’t really accidents at all. She purposely found out where you’d be so she could pretend to be in the same place and then randomly join you guys. This is her attempt at being subtle and it’s often an overlooked sign that she likes you.


  1. She Leans in Close to Talk

If you’re having a conversation in a location that doesn’t require her to lean in close in order to hear what she’s saying, yet she does this anyways, it’s probably because she just wants to talk really close with you because she likes you. This also helps her accentuate her cleavage – another sign she likes you.

  1. She Asks Personal Questions

This is such an obvious sign a girl likes you that guys just seem to glance over without a second thought. Honestly, girls aren’t going to waste their time asking personal questions beyond the typical, “What’s your favorite food” if they don’t like you. If she’s asking about your life values, goals, and especially your family, she likes you.

  1. She Tries to Get to Know Your Friends

Girls know the secret to really getting to know who someone is, and that’s through their friends. If she knows who your best friends are and makes an effort to get to know them and be liked by them, she definitely likes you. This is most often a missed sign that she likes you because guys tend to think if a girl is talking to their friends that she likes them. But if you notice these other signs apply to her, it’s you she likes.

  1. She Laughs at All Your Jokes

You’re not funny all the time. Nobody tells jokes that are absolutely hilarious to everyone but if this girl is laughing at everything you say, it’s because she likes you. This is actually something she can’t even control. When someone likes another, they tend to find them funnier than they would think if they didn’t have feelings for them.


  1. She Remembers the Important Days

Does she text you on your birthday, wish you luck during any sport games you have, or even just send you a text during the holidays? If so, it’s because she really likes you. Girls are busy and we don’t have time to worry about every single one of our friend’s birthdays and such. If she remembers, she likes you.

  1. She Mirrors Your Body Language

This is another subconscious act she does if she likes you. When someone has feelings for a person, they tend to copy that person’s body language without even realizing it. So if you’re talking to her and notice she crosses her arms or legs slightly after you do, it’s safe to say that she likes you. Many people don’t really notice this as a sign because they’re just not looking for it. But if you make an effort to pay attention, you’ll see if she likes you or not.

  1. She Somehow Announces She’s Single

If she’s really slick about how she talks, she’ll probably somehow sneak into the conversation the fact that she’s single. She may say something about an ex-boyfriend or even mention that she can never hang out with her friends because they all go on double dates and she obviously can’t. If you notice her announce she’s single, she probably likes you.

  1. She Asks if You’re Single

This is one of the most obvious signs a girl likes you and yet guys pass over it like it’s normal conversation. It may be normal to you, but not to her. If she’s curious about your relationship status, she’s interested and you can’t overlook that.

  1. She Asks You For Advice

Girls don’t just take the opinion of anyone seriously. When a girl confides in you her problems and asks that you give her some advice about it, she likes you and values your opinion. Keep a lookout for anything as simple as an outfit choice to advice about a situation with her friends. They all mean she likes you.

  1. She Treats You Different Than Anyone Else

Girls can’t really help treating people they like differently from those that they’re just friendly with. When you’re in a group setting and you notice she treats you better or pays more attention to you than anyone else, it’s a pretty solid sign that she’s into you. She’ll talk with you more, look at you more, and even give you compliments without treating anyone else like that if she likes you.


  1. She Says So

If all else fails, some girls will be ballsy enough to actually tell a guy if she likes him. However, this isn’t always in a blatant way. Sometimes girls twist their words to basically say the same thing. Be on the lookout for any phrases like, “You’re not like other guys, I like that” or “Nobody makes me laugh like you do.” If she singles you out, she likes you.

Girls are pretty sneaky in the ways they show they like you while thinking they’re being super obvious. If you’re curious if a girl is into you, these signs should help you figure it out.


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