10 Signs She’s Secretly In Love With You


It’s not always an easy task trying to figure out whether she is hiding feelings for you or not. Women are masters are disguising their emotions from you. However, there are 10 dead giveaway signs that she is secretly in love with you. Lucky for you, we have them listed here for you to rifle through to help you discover if true love is waiting or not.

Her Appearance

Women are dressed to kill usually, especially when they are trying to impress someone they like. You will rarely find her lounging around in ratty sweat pants, with no makeup and her hair undone. The first stages of wooing someone always consist of looking your best in girl world. This means she will dress up for you when you hang out. You may notice she reapplies her foundation or lipstick quite often during your hang out sessions. Obviously, in long term relationships you’ll notice the dressing up start to dissipate as you get more comfortable. But in new budding relationships, or in this case, relationships that haven’t happened yet, both of the parties will definitely be dressing to impress. This is sign number one.

The Way She Talks

When a girl develops feelings for someone she will change her entire attitude towards them. She may start to be more polite and she will also start using inflections in her voice. An inflection means she will start to raise her voice in certain parts of her sentences to appear more delicate and feminine. She will avoid being vulgar with you at all costs. You will also notice she will become more sultry with the way she talks to you. How to tell the difference in the way she talks to you if she loves you or if she is just talking to you as a friend? Listen to one of your friends talk to you and then listen to her, make comparisons yourself, then you’ll notice that she is no longer having discussions with you in the same tones as your friends do. There’s a difference! You just have to be on the lookout for it.

She Is Shy AND Confident

Okay, yes, we know this doesn’t make total sense. You’re probably wondering right now, ‘How can someone be shy AND confident at one time?’ Oh, it is totally possible. But, not all at once. There is a specific order. When you first meet, if she has an attraction towards you she will come off as very shy to you. But, the longer you bond and the more time you spend together, the more her shyness will transition into confidence. She will start to be more confident around you the more she falls in love with you. Why is this? Because at first when she has interest in you she will not want to scare you away with a bold personality, which means she will come off as shy. But the more she decides she wants to pursuit you, the stronger her confidence becomes. By being confident she will lure you in.

Her Attention Is Always On You

When someone secretly loves another person they may not be so obvious about it, hence why it’s considered secret, however there are a few things that make it obvious. One of those things that will help you identify where she stands in your relationship is whether or not she’s paying attention to you. Measure how often she takes her eyes off of you when you are together or the amount of time she spends chatting with other people. If you find her focus is mainly on you, there is a really good chance that she is harboring some deep feelings of care for you. When in love, a woman will not have eyes for anyone else, quite literally.

Her Body Language

This is one of the biggest things to keep your eye on when trying to decide if she is secretly in love with you or not. Why? Because body language is a dead giveaway of how someone is feeling and it is almost impossible to hide it. When a woman has feelings for someone you will notice the way she fidgets. She may twirl her hair quite often, braid it or flip it over her shoulder. These are signs she’s trying to appear feminine and attract you into her. Hair is one of the most used tools in the art of seduction. The next thing to keep your eyes peeled for is what she is doing with her chest. No, we don’t mean that you can creepily stare at her chest for long periods of time, but instead that you glimpse periodically to see whether or not she is puffing out her chest. Girls do this when they feel attracted to someone because breasts are one of their greatest assets in the game of love. She will push her chest out to appear more confident and also to make her chest appear bigger. The third thing to look out for is what she is doing with her hands when it comes to you. Do you find her brushing her arm against yours? Is she fairly bold when it comes to holding hands with you? Does she lean her head on your shoulder often? Do you find her hugging you when she needs comfort? All positive signs that she is really digging you.

She Wants To Be Part Of The Group

No sane girl will take the time out of their day to get to know your group of friends or family unless she actually has some passion for you. If you find her making the initiative to hang with you friends or invite them to do group activities with you, then she is really trying to establish a connection with your life outside of her. This is something girls only do when they really like or love someone. A bad sign would be that she hangs out with your friends and then flirts with them. This could mean that she isn’t romantically interested in only you and is looking for other options. Avoid those type of girls at all costs if you have any feelings for them. They are bad news.

She Gets Jealous

When a woman is secretly in love she may be good at hiding all of her feelings… Except one: Jealously. It is almost entirely impossible to hide jealously when you are in love with someone. It’s just human nature to be obvious about it. Do you find her getting upset or demanding your full attention when other girls are around or is she very nonchalant about it? A girl in love will not like competition taking her man’s attention away from her. If she doesn’t love you, she probably will not care much if you hang around other females.

She Is Making Plans

No, not as in she is making plans for tomorrow or next week. But if she is making plans for the long term future. That means she’s looking beyond the next few weeks and seeing into the next 6 months to a year with you. Did she recently invite you to a huge event? This event could be a concert, a wedding or something similar, but it is far out from right now. This is a grand gesture that she wants to spend a long amount of time with you and doesn’t see herself moving on anytime soon. If she is inviting you to Christmas with her family next year or invites you along to her next vacation in the summer, these are even better signs of her commitment to you.

She Doesn’t Entertain Other Offers

Have you started to notice that you are the only guy she has been hanging out with lately? Does she reject offers from other men who try to pursuit something more than friendship with her? Do you find her ignoring calls and texts from other guys? Does she spend all of her time with you? Good. That means she probably likes you very much. Girls tend to focus on one guy at a time when they like someone.  If she has feelings for you, she won’t want to share herself with anyone else but you. Just as she wants all of your attention off of other women and directly on her, she will do the same for you.

She’s Always Thinking Of You

Not in a way that you are always on her mind (although that’s a good sign, too, it’s much harder for you to know that) but in a way where she is constantly going out of her way to make your life easier for you. So if she’s at the grocery market and buys your favorite soda for you, this is a great sign that she has feelings for you. Does she always bring you her leftovers when she goes out to eat? Does she surprise you with tickets to your favorite concert? Does she encourage you to try the things she loves, because she specifically thinks you would really enjoy them? If she does those things for you often, there’s a high probability that she’s totally head over heels for you. There’s no way you would be on her mind so much or she would want to spend extra money on you, if she didn’t really care about you.



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