10 Signs She Is Deeply In Love With You


Falling in love is such a strange thing. It’s like falling asleep… It happens very slowly at first, then very suddenly all at once. During the process of falling head over heels in love with your dream girl, you may start to lose track of reality. This can make it extremely difficult for you to see whether or not your love is being reciprocated by her at all. Some women are really good at hiding how they feel about someone, but there are always a few telltale signs that giveaway how she is really feeling. All you have to do is keep an eye out for them! It’s really that simple. Crazy, right? There are 10 for sure tells that will give away her true emotions for you in a heartbeat. So, what should you be mindful of when you are on this intense search for answers? These 10 following signs she is deeply in love with you:

  1. She’s Considerate Of You

You might be asking, “Well, how do I know if she’s considerate of me. What does that mean?” Don’t worry, we are here keep it simply understandable for you. Being considerate of someone means that you’re mindful of their wants and needs when you do things. In example: You haven’t been feeling top-notch lately, because you caught that virus that’s going around. Instead of being upset that you can’t go to that cool party later that day, she’ll bring you soup, your favorite genre of movies and she’ll stay there to take care of you. Another example: Whenever she goes to the grocery store/gas station she picks you up your favorite soda or candy when she buys herself some. Her consideration for you could even reach deeper into more heartfelt and well thought out gifts. In conclusion, it just means she’s always thinking of whenever she does something and also means that she takes your feelings into thought before proceeding with any plans.  If you find that she never does that and doesn’t take time out of her day just for you, she may not be the one. Who wants an inconsiderate girlfriend anyways?

  1. She’s Always With You

A great way to tell if a girl is truly digging you is to start measuring how much time she is choosing to spend with you now. Is she spending time with you every single day? Are you guys alone a lot of the time that you hang out? It’s a good sign that she is in love with you if she does either of those things. A woman who is interested will devote a lot of her time to man she is interested in. She will also want that time with you to be private and more intimate- Hence the reason for her not inviting her friends around when you have your chill sessions together.

  1. You Make Her Nervous

It may not be as easy as it seems to identify just how nervous you make her, but it isn’t impossible. You just have to know the right things to lookout for when you’re observing her. When a girl has a crush on someone she will act a certain way until a relationship is established. Do you notice if she fidgets when she’s around you? This could mean she is twirling her hair around her fingers or braiding it at random times. Have you caught her messing up her words? Does she stutter when she is chatting with you or does she seem to forget a word every once in awhile? When you make eye contact with her do you see her eyes flit back and forth? Is it hard to keep her gaze for more than a minute? These are all signs that she is in love with you or cares about you deeply. They also mean you might make her incredibly nervous- But in a good way!

  1. She’s Making Future Plans With You

No, we don’t mean making plans like setting up dinner with you in a couple of days from now. We mean more like she has been asking you to take her to the zoo in the summer, but it’s only the beginning of winter! Another example would be she is inviting you to a family member or a friends wedding that is set out for 6 months from when she brought it up. If she asks you on a date that is set up for way in the future, then there is a good chance she plans on keeping you around and has no intention of taking anyone else on these dates. That’s commitment in itself and that type of commitment isn’t usually made by someone who wants to be ‘just friends’.

  1. She Flirts With You

A girl who really likes you won’t wait around for you to always hit on her, she will start taking the initiative to do it herself. She will start using pickup lines, even corny ones. Keep an ear open to see if you can catch her dropping a lot of heavy compliments on you or is constantly trying to build up your confidence. I.E: “Wow, have you been working out lately? You look good.” Or even, “Hey can you carry this box for me, you are so strong!” Girls don’t like to waste time building up just any man’s ego, they will truly be invested in them if they start doing so.

  1. She Always Looks Her Best

There’s no way she’d be caught dead in sweats and slippers around you just yet. If she has a crush on you, that is. Girls like to appear at their best when they are trying to woo someone. She will always be dressed up, fresh faced and have her hair done for you before you even hang out! She wants to seduce you by seeming perfect for you.

  1. Her Body Language Is Apparent

Girls have strong body language when they are projecting their feelings for someone they consider special to them. If she is falling deeply in love with you, you will notice by the way she uses her hands from now on. You will find she is touching you more often and a lot more intimately. Not just with subtle pats on the back or a small handshake. No, she will be full on holding your hand when she gets the chance. You may also find her placing her hand on areas like the small of your back, the back of your neck or even on your hips when she is standing in front of you. If she likes you she will definitely eventually play with your hair or trace her fingers up and down your arm. These are all great giveaways to tell you if she is into you.

  1. She Talks To You First

This means she initiates the first contact when it comes to any form of communication. Does she text you first in the mornings? When you meet up is she the first one to say hi? If you talk about calling each other, who is this first one to dial, is it her? When a girl has feelings for someone she won’t shy away from making the first moves when it comes down to communication.

  1. She Doesn’t Waste Time With Other Guys

Her exclusivity with you could be the thing you need to show you just how much she cares for you. Have you started to notice that you are the only guy she hangs out with? Good. That may mean she’s developed some pretty deep feelings for you after all. Does she ignore men when they hit on her in public? Does she swipe away the texts she receives from random guys? Have you noticed she’s deleted the dating apps off of her phone or doesn’t seem to use them anymore? Most of the time when a girl falls in love with you, she won’t continue to give her attention to anyone else. She will start to slowly become more dedicated to you and only you.

  1. She Gets To Know You

When a girl isn’t into you, she won’t waste her time trying to get to know you any more than she has to. There’s just no point on her end. Women don’t like to lead men on by showing fake interest in them. So if she is taking a lot of time out her day to really get to know you, there is a 95% chance that she has feelings for you. She will ask you personal questions. These usually pertain to your childhood, family, friends or preferences for things you do or like. She will show strong involvement in your life and become active in it. This means she will vouch to do favors for you, bring you stuff when she knows you need it or all around just starts helping you make your life easier. When she likes you she’ll start bring over your favorite movies or snacks and soon she’ll start talking about your memories as if she was there.


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