12 Signs Someone Has A Crush On You


Most times, people usually think that they are just in the friends’ zone when in real sense, this boundary has been crossed. It is quite difficult to tell if someone, whether a male or female, has a crush on you. Sometimes, people find it arduous to say their feelings out when in real sense, they are uncomfortable with their feelings. You therefore, need to equip yourself with these 12 signs that can easily reveal to you anyone who might be secretly in love with you. You will in turn be aware of the best action to take and at what time. Pay focus on each of the signs elaborated below.

text you

  1. He or she will frequently text you

One of the most common signs that reveal someone is secretly in love with you is when they text you after a short while. For instance, they will always want to know how you are faring on. Moreover, they will even feel for you when you tell them that you are not okay. You do not need to get to a professional personnel in order to tell you who is in love with you. This is something you can denote give that you can keep an eye on the texting frequent. They will also employ sweet words whenever they text you because they care about your happiness.


  1. Facial expressions

As a matter of fact, there are people who find it quite difficult to express their feelings through words or any other physical way. They will utilize their facial expressions to show that they love you. This is more conspicuous when you are in a serious conversation with them. They will feel even bad when you stop talking to them because they want you to be around them every time. Therefore, you need to be keen on the body language so that it comes out acquit to you.

compliment you

  1. Frequently complements you

Complements are among the most important essentials in a healthy relationship. They will ensure that they add a complement in everything you try to say even when it does not deserve it. Moreover, they will also be keen on your physical appearance especially your outfit. When it is impressing, they will be the first on the line to give a positive comment. These complements will keep flooding on you as long as you are closer.

  1. He or she will love your family

It is very rare to find that, your soulmate loves you alone but hates your family. They will instead try to familiarize with your relatives so that they are known. Although this can be tricky, it is one way that guys can prove if a girl loves them. She will always move closer to his family and friends. Most of the time, the other better half will try to talk to people who are closer to you including friends.

plan for date

  1. Plans for dates

This does not mean that it is only the guys who plan for dates. Girls are also experience in this. Any girl or a guy who feels affectionate about you will definitely want to have time with you and hence, will ask you for a date on a specific date. In the event of these dates, they will try to bring you unequaled gifts in order to make you happy. They would also react negatively in case the people they are presenting to deny the gifts.


  1. Gives you presents

One of the following that people do for their loved ones is to give them presents on various occasions such as during public holidays and when they merit in a given activity. Apart from conditional gifts, they can as well purchase gifts when nothing special has been done. In this case, the type of the gift they provide to you is usually suggestive of their love. You therefore need to be conscious when someone you suspect loves you gives you a gift.

  1. Feel irritated in case of a problem

None of the people who are seriously in love with you will comfortably smile when you get any given problem. They will do their best, even to extend beyond their limits to support you in these difficulties so that you are okay. At most times, they will be on the front line to provide a shoulder to lean to. You should at least appreciate them so that they get motivated. In case another person disturbs you, they will be keen to defend you so that you feel projected.

  1. You get to hear from other parties

It is not a guarantee that only the people who have the crush on you will at some point face you to let you know about them. It is possible to hear about this from other people who might either be closer or further from you. You need to be keen when you come across such propaganda as some might only be out to make you happy.

close distance

  1. The close distance

You can tell from the way she wants to be next to you every time. In case of reference, she will always refer people to you as her main guy. It is therefore upon you to read between the lines and tell whether it is still at the friendship level or whether it has gone beyond that. If he is a guy, he would call you to have a walk with him around the school in lone and lovely places. You will be drawn in by the flow of events.

  1. Vigilance

In case she is a lady, you might want to know the person who frequently calls her and how she reacts in the course of the conversation. If it goes beyond their expectations, they always call you and try to tell you but some of them might fail to develop the courage. They will also keenly observe all the people you interact with and have clear clues whether they are just friends or whether love dominates. Moreover, some girls might even get irritated when another lady gets too close to you. They will be very concerned to the point that they might even try to tell you.

  1. Some might openly reveal it to you

This is mostly practical with most guys than ladies. The latter will find it quite difficult to let you know that they are in love with you. They will however, employ other means of taking you close to the fact that they are in love with you. With men, most of them might not hesitate. They will gather their courage and reveal the way they love you. Moreover, they will not give up on the first meeting in case they tell you but your reaction turns otherwise.


  1. Talk positively about you before other

When they are with their friends or in any other crowd, they would try to protect you by all means. They will only talk about your positive side and even defend you whenever there is a problem. All you need to do is to read all the above signs and familiarize with them so that you are certain of someone’s intention towards you. If it means reacting back, you will be in a better position to do so because you will be sure of the right time.


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