10 Signs Your Crush Likes You Back


It is possible to have a rush on someone but at the end, he or she does not love you back. This can be very hurting because the ultimate expectation everyone has is that they want to get the love back in return. You might definitely feel hurt when you learn later that they really did not love you back and hence, it was a waste of your valuable time. You do not have to be at sea again. If this has happened to you before, it is time that you get the best solutions that can enable you tell if he or she is really in love with you. Here are the 10 significant signs to focus at.

around you

  1. Hanging around you

One sign that can show if someone loves you back is when they respond accordingly when you hang around them. They will find time to make sure that they are close to you whenever you get near them. You do not have to waste such a chance but instead, make maximum use of it. If you do not, there is a possibility that you might lose them and regret at the end.

text you first

  1. Calling and texting you often

This might seem obvious but it is one of the vital signs that can be employed in this question. If you are crushing on someone, he or she can respond by calling you back. For instance, when you call them but your airtime gets depleted, they will not sit back and relax for you to call back the second time. Instead, they will utilize their own airtime to call you since they will be interested to know what exactly you want to tell them. Therefore, be on the look-out and if he or she does not depict any of these signs as they are illustrated, you might definitely be fighting a losing battle.

  1. Get jealous for you

This is especially depicted among women. When she discovers that a guy has been giving her his attention, she will respond back by getting mentally affected when another lady approaches him. For the sake of guys, most of them might get irritated when they see another guy showing interest in you. You do not have to hurt them. If they do this, it is your initiative to take the best decision so that you sustain the person you are I love with.

help you

  1. They help you out in case of a problem

No sane person would just watch someone they are in love with suffer with a problem when they can get them out. They will try every means to try and find them a way out so that they feel at ease. Moreover, if they cannot manage to do so, they can show through their mood change as they will revel sad faces.

  1. They can reveal it to you

This can be well used by guys and ladies who are quite brave. They have the confidence to tell you about their love for you. In most cases, they do not care the feedback they might get from you. All they care is to let you know that they are in love with you. You need to take them serious because if you fail to show seriousness and appreciation to their love, they might think you are only joking and not serious with them.

  1. People can be a source of information

People are different. There are those that can be quite when they learn that the person you have a crush on loves you back. However, a majority of them do not think twice. They will come to you and tell you straight in the eyes that the person you have been yearning for is complying accordingly. However, you do not have to believe every word they tell you. All you need to do is to listen but later confirm it personally before you make any other step.

take you out

  1. Take you out for dates

Dates are part of friendship and love essentials. Most people who want to have time together would prefer dates. If a guy loves you back for example, he would frequently ask you out for dates to some of the posh and expensive places. The key reason why they prefer that however is simply because they want to be next to you. These dates are however extra-ordinarily many because they will not feel satisfied with only a handful of them. This calls for physical and mental preparation for the dates so that you do not disappoint them.

crazy thing with you

  1. Do crazy things with you

Some of the things they might engage themselves with you might be very crazy. For instance, they might want to play with you kid games and even joke around with you. Most of them would also want to tease you without expecting any negative reaction from you. This therefore means that you should be well conversant with a tease from someone who loves you and one from a person who is in love with you so that you are in a position to make a clear distinction.

  1. Complementing you

These people would be very focused on everything you do. For example, they would be very happy when you do something interesting. They would shower you with all kinds of complements so that you feel great and appreciated. Try therefore as much as possible to note people who complement you almost on everything you do. It might be a sure way of saying that they love you back.


  1. Support what you do

In most cases, you will find that even if both parties have been having quite opposite beliefs in something, they will try their best to commence loving each other’s beliefs. They will start appreciating what they initially were against. You should take note of such. If you are unable to complete a given task, they would try every possible method to make sure that you compete it on time. They will sacrifice their time and cash just for your sake. This should not be neglected. The best thing you can do is to love them even more.



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