Skin Peeling Between Toes – Causes, Treatments and More


Skin Peeling Between ToesSkin peeling between toes and fingers is a condition that is not only incredibly irritating, itchy and at times, very sore, but also can be very embarrassing. White flakes of skin left all around the place and there’s no way you can go swimming with that on your feet…

There are many reasons as to why your skin peeling between toes. For the most part, it is a relatively natural occurrence and one that is easily treated with a change of routine. At times however, it could be something that needs a little more treatment and will need to be combined with a visit with your doctor.

Causes of Skin Peeling Between Toes

An allergic reaction could cause a peeling of the skin between your toes and if you have recently been around a swimming pool, you may have found your answer. Even the ground can transfer allergens from one person to another and this is how both bacterial and viral infections can be picked up.

Laundry powders and detergents, shower gels, moisturizers and other products can also caused allergies which in turn can cause skin peeling between toes and fingers.

Dry skin can have the same effect on your skin as an allergic reaction so it could be that you just need to up your moisturizer game. The changes in the seasons can cause this dry skin, as can the change in the humidity in your house when you first turn the central heating systems on and off. You need to remember to moisturizer the area properly. You also need to make sure you dry the area properly after baths, showers and swimming. If you leave the area wet, you can cause a number of problems.

Psoriasis is a skin condition that is similar to eczema and often causes skin peeling particular between the toes and fingers. There is very little known about why or how this condition is caused by there have bene recent links between a weakened immune system and also problems the central nervous system.

Trench foot has perhaps gotten its name from the soldiers in damp, wet trenches who once suffered from it. As the name would suggest, you will get trench foot when your feet have been left in wet or damp conditions for a long time without drying.

Soldiers are likely to suffer with this condition but those who wear rubber boots are also known to suffer. Although primarily common in the cold, wintery and wet seasons, it can also happen during the warmer summer seasons when the feet are constantly sweating.

Cellulitis is a condition caused by bacteria that lives on the skin. When you damage your skin such as a graze, cut or scratch, the bacteria can then enter the body, wreaking havoc as it goes. There can be itching and peeling as well as inflammation, irritation and redness.

If you happen to get a cut, scratch or other injury in-between your toes, the bacteria could enter the body that way and cause similar symptoms – skin peeling between the toes with redness and irritation.

Athlete’s foot is a very common foot condition that causes a number of problems including skin peeling between toes, itching, redness, inflammation, flaky skin, soreness and more. Caused by a fungus rather than a bacteria or virus, hot and cold extreme weather conditions can often cause it as well as not drying properly after baths or showers, repeatedly wearing sweaty or wet boots for prolonged periods of time, and more.

Toe box dermatitis might sound like a completely made up condition but it is another that can cause skin peeling between the toes and this primarily happens when the feet are constantly in shoes or socks that do not allow air or breathing. The warm air causes the skin to shrivel, shrink and even peel.

Skin Peeling Between Toes – Preventing and Cure 

For the most part, prevention and cure of skin peeling between toes are the same thing. They come down to wearing the right kind of materials and shoes, making sure you keep your hygiene standards up to scratch and at times, using a topical treatment to cure viruses, bacteria and fungal infections.

Shoes and socks, for example, should be made with good materials that allow your skin to breathe such as cotton and wool.

You should avoid shoes made from materials such as vinyl, rubber and other plastics as these do not allow the feet to breathe and will also retain water. You should look for materials that allow for good ventilation, and make sure you’re not wearing the same shoes over and over again, or for too long.

When bathing and showering, always make sure that you clean between your toes (an area that many neglect) and once you’re done, make sure you dry your feet properly. Not drying your feet is the quickest way to get skin peeling between your toes as the dampness could lead to irritation.

When applying moisturizer, make sure that you don’t choose one with alcohol as this can dry the skin out further, and make sure you run it in well. You don’t want to leave a warm, damp environment for bugs to overgrow.

Olive and coconut oil can be massaged into the area as can things like tea tree oil and witch hazel which have natural antiseptic and anti fungal properties, and you could also consider using Aloe Vera gel to offer soothing benefits too. Mint juice and peppermint are well used in foot products, for their cooling properties but also for their cleansing properties, something your feet could probably benefit from.


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